Monday, February 1, 2021

Hast thou Murdered and Inherited!?

A perfectly healthy man just took the covid jab. Shortly thereafter, he developed severe symptoms and died.

It was cynically reported as a "covid death."

This reminds me of a recent tragedy in our community. A woman, who had been suffering from anorexia for many years, was in critical condition due to her perilously low body weight. Her family (dear friends of mine) called to notify her doctor, who grimly replied that due to covid, she would NOT be admitted to the local hospital, since the spaces were reserved for covid patients only. Instead, the doctor advised her family to try to hydrate her with drops of sugar water.The family called 911 but were told the same thing by the operator. In desperation, they reached out to me. I called several nurses I know, but none were able to help.

The woman died in her home due to dehydration and malnutrition shortly thereafter. 

Her life could have been saved by a simple IV, but she was condemned to die by covid policy.

Shockingly, the family was dismayed to learn that her demise was dubbed a covid death, and that's how it was recorded on her death certificate.

Of course, this utter fabrication was good for covid policy, since it boosted the number of covid mortalities. It presumably benefitted the doctor's office, hospital, and state too, since generous funding was awarded per every "covid death."

My friends, do you grasp the enormity of the falsehood being propagated here?

This woman did NOT die from covid, yet her untimely death is being exploited to benefit that same criminal covid policy that actually caused her untimely death.

Same with regards to the man mentioned above. His demise was construed as a covid death when in fact he was killed by an experimental injection whose emergency use authorization is justified by covid deaths like "his." Truly revolting.

There is a Biblical precedent. King Ahab allowed his wicked queen Jezebel to arrange for his cousin Navot to be falsely accused of a serious crime by royal henchmen and executed in court, so that he'd inherit Navot's vineyard he had so coveted.

Shortly thereafter, Elijah the Prophet appeared before Ahab in Samaria with an ominous admonition:

So said the Lord, "הֲרָצַחְתָּ וְגַם־יָרָשְׁתָּ -- Hast thou murdered and also inherited?" [1]

Public health policy is guilty of the same. Have you murdered and also inherited!? You ruthlessly condemned my friend's mother to her death, and hundreds of others to untimely deaths due to your experimental and risky injection, and then you impudently claim their deaths as "covid mortalities" to justify your depraved deeds!

"In a place where there are no men," I have no option to remain silent. As a modern-day spokesperson for my ancestor Elijah, I must gravely inform you of the subsequent verses:

And Ahab said to Elijah, "Have you found me, my enemy?" 

And he said, "I have found you because you have sold yourself to do what is bad in the eyes of the Lord. I will bring disaster upon you and I will expunge after you..." [2]

Indeed, you and all your collaborators -- so-called "public health policy" ideologues and those enforce it -- have sold yourself to do what is bad in the eyes of G-d.

There is nothing worse than complicity to evil for personal gain:

But there was none like Ahab who had sold himself to do bad in the eyes of the Lord, that Jezebel his wife instigated him. [3]

This is the sorry state of our contemporary "health care," which might more appropriately be called "death care" instead.

I refer here to not to health care workers themselves, but to policy makers.

To health care workers, I beseech you: do not heed unjust orders or implement lethal covid policies.

"I was merely following orders" was not a valid excuse at the Nuremburg Trials and it won't stand up to scrutiny in the Heavenly court either.

"Righteousness, righteousness you shall pursue." [4]
"Do what is right in G-d's eyes." [5]
"Stand not over thy brother's blood." [6]

Save lives and promote life. Protect your patients and cause them no harm.

G-d is watching your actions and your decisions.

Choose wisely.

Choose life. [7]


[1] Kings I 21:19

[2] Ibid verse 20-21.

[3] Ibid verse 25.

[4] Deuteronomy 16:20

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[6] Leviticus 19:16

[7] Deuteronomy 30:19


  1. Rabbi,

    Yasher Koach.

    I didn't know about you before but I read in the lying media about your firing from Chabad and immediately searched your blog. Those who stand on truth in a world gone mad with lies are truly strong of heart. I know what it's like. G-d bless you and your loved ones.


  2. Dear Rabbi,

    I am sorry to hear that you were expelled from Chabad, but it is better to stand alone in truth then in error with a mob. Do you know what happened to Rabbi Yeshoishopot Oliver? He is a truth-seeker like yourself and was permanently banned from Youtube. I wonder if he is still affiliated with Chabad. Rabbi Oliver is from Australia, and lived in Texas until recently, and now resides in Germany. Thank you for standing up for the truth. John in Israel