Monday, December 17, 2018

The Colors of Hate

Hate comes in many colors.

It can wear Yellow Vests1, Purple or Green Robes2, and has even been seen sporting Pink Hats3 and Blue Berets4!

Yes, hate has a vast, colorful wardrobe indeed.

Traditionally, it's been known to dress in Brown Shirts5 and Black Shirts6, but has also worn Blue Shirts7 and Silver Shirts8 too. Most recently, it seems to prefer multi-colored BDS shirts9.

It thrives under Red Flags10, Green Flags11, and even Rainbow flags12.

It’s alive and well in Blue States and Red States, all across the Red, White and Blue.

It’s been seen partying in both Red and Blue parties13, Black Parties14 and especially Green Parties15.

It festers under Red Crosses16 and Red Crescents17 (but never tolerates a red six-point-star unless inconspicuously inside a Red Crystal18).

It bears arms in White Armies19, but is welcomed with open arms by Red Armies20 too.

It reigns supreme under White Supremacy banners, but also ranks among highest-ranking Black Supremacy groups21.

It often rears its head in Black-and-White-checkered keffiyehs, and has even been spotted wearing Black skullcaps and White stockings22!

And hate’s not just Black and White. It can be Brown too23.

Not just Latino Brown, but Asian Brown as well24.

Hate is not confined to one particular hue, tone or pigment. 

Yes, hate is a chameleon indeed. It can blend into any color virtually undetected. It finds its way into every color, race and ethnicity.

It can be fair as an Aryan blonde with Blue eyes, or as dark as a brunet vying for seventy Dark-eyed virgins.

In truth, hate doesn’t have a color.

It is the colorless glue that binds Red, Green, and Brown to form a Red-Green-Brown Alliance25!

It is difficult to wash out, since it tends to brainwash its unsuspecting host. In fact, once one’s vision is stained by hate, the hater can ironically accuse his hated of Whitewashing or Pinkwashing26, while failing to see his own blatant hypocrisy!

Hate can pose as Blue Smurfs27, Green Frog28, or Red Elmo29.

Hate comes in Orange30, Neon Pink31, Emerald Green32 and even in the Color Purple33!

Don’t be fooled by its camouflage. Don’t let it color your vision.

Don’t attempt to whitewash, blackwash, brown-wash, red-wash, blue-wash, yellow-wash, orange-wash, or pinkwash it.

Don’t forge alliances with it, even if you think it benefits an underprivileged color.

There can be no intersection with hate.

There’s nothing to like (or love) about hate.

Don’t fall for its color.

Call it what it is.


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