Friday, February 11, 2022

Don't be Complicit in Mass Murder

By using any product that was tested or produced with an aborted fetal cell line, you are not only benefiting from one abortion.

You are effectively complicit in all 1,559 aborted fetal cell lines developed and used to date.

You are unwittingly being complicit in the hundreds of thousands -- if not millions -- of abortions committed for the sake of developing those cell lines in the past sixty years.

You are complicit in the untold millions of abortions that will be committed -- and are being committed daily worldwide -- for the research and development of future aborted human cell lines.

Your participation in this atrocity is not “remote.” You are a direct beneficiary of the slain — and possibly live-dissected — sentient human being. You are paying toward these subhuman acts, and effectively compensating the murders for the murders committed, both in the past and in the future.[1]

You are partnering with mass murderers.

You are complicit in human sacrifice.

Please stop the cycle of violence by getting off the vaccine train now. Wean yourself off all pharmaceuticals (and food, beverage, and cosmetic products) that make use of aborted humans.

Don't be party to this ongoing atrocity. Stop supporting mass murder.

Stand up in defense of innocent human life.

Be a decent human being and stand up for humanity.

You can do it.

God believes in you. Even before He formed you in the womb, He knew thee. Even before you had emerged from the womb, He appointed thee.[2]

You were appointed by God to deliver His words to the nations at this crucial time:“Send not your hand against the child.[3] God does NOT desire child sacrifice.

“Your hands are filled with blood.”[4]

"Whoever sheds the blood of a human being inside another human being shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God He made each human being."[5]

“Touch not my anointed. Harm not my prophets.”[6]


[1] Such a transaction renders the payer fully accountable in the Heavenly court for the murders committed. See Maimonides’ Mishne Torah, Laws of Murder 2:1.

[2] Jeremiah 1:5.

[3] Genesis 22:12.

[4] Isaiah 1:15.

[5] Genesis 9:6.

[6] Psalms 105:15.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Beware the Evil of "Necessary Evils"

Why does scripture tell us to “deviate” from evil?


Lots of folks think that by doing something bad for the "greater good,” they're somehow doing something good.

They're not. They're doing something bad.

In fact, doing something bad for a "greater good" agenda isn’t just bad. It’s very, VERY bad. Worse than those well-meaning folks could ever imagine.

A "necessary evil" is still evil. The “necessary” modifier doesn’t make it any less evil. In fact, it's far worse than regular "unnecessary" evil.

The very notion of “necessary” evil means that its perpetrator is indifferent to regret, compunction, and healthy human conscience. Instead of being just a garden-variety wrongdoer, s/he is now behaving as an incorrigible and irredeemable evil doer.[1]

Evil perpetrated under the veneer of supposed moral duty is in fact the darkest form of evil.[2]

The most egregious and barbaric crimes against humanity in history were all committed under the pretense of “necessary evil.”

To my liberal friends, those who still accept the “morality” of vaccine mandates:

You surely concede that forced medical procedures without informed consent are morally troubling. However, when “public health” is a stake, you reason, then compulsory vaccination is a “necessary evil.” Please understand that “necessary evil” is still objective evil. Evil is evil however you slice it.

Please heed the Psalmist’s earnest warning: “סור מרע – Stray from evil.” [3]

You might wonder: why does scripture need to caution us repeatedly to stray evil? Isn’t that obvious? Hasn’t the Torah already admonished us to choose good and reject evil?

Furthermore, why does the verse employ the term “stray from evil” (and not “desist from evil” or “depart from evil”)? “Stray” is an odd word to use, since it means to deviate or veer off a median (and hence ideal) trodden path. Why the negative connation? What could possibly have been ideal or middle ground about evil?


Scripture is exhorting us: if something is evil, eschew it at all costs. Even if it appears to be for a greater-good purpose. Even if the middle-road mainstream endorses its necessity.  Even if the evil act is purported to be for the victim’s own benefit.

Even if you’ve been selflessly devoted to promoting public well-being all your life and sincerely believe that this evil act will further your idealistic cause for the alleged good of humanity, STRAY from this path of perceived necessity. Veer away from evil policies that claim to be virtuous and/or necessary. Evil is evil. There can be NO justification for evil. Not EVER.

Friends, please heed my urgent plea.:

Compulsory vaccination is evil. It’s morally repugnant to force, pressure, blackmail an individual to submit to any medical procedure, especially one that carries well-documented, formidable risks, even if it’s allegedly to protect them from some other statistical risk.

I understand that society has indoctrinated you to perceive medical freedom as deviant. That’s okay. It’s precisely in such a scenario of moral opacity that scripture enjoins you to deviate from evil.

My friend, please wake up. You are teetering perilously on the precipice of colossal moral failure. Yes, the Holocaust is a legitimate comparison. In Mengele’s mind, it was appropriate (and even altruistic) to sacrifice a minority for the greater good. Experimenting on children yielded benefit for humankind, he reasoned. He undoubtedly viewed torturing his non-consenting child subject as a necessary evil.

Humanity has suffered enough from the scourge of “necessary evil” and its perverse rationale.

Evil is never necessary. Stray from this perceived necessity. Stray from evil in all its forms.

At a time of widespread evil, complacence and compliance are tantamount to complicity.

Don’t be an evil doer. And don’t be complicit with evil.

The only thing that’s truly necessary now is noncompliance.

In our current moral crisis of epic proportions, defiance is a moral obligation.

[1] While the former may be described as an incomplete rasha (wicked person), the latter is akin to the rasha gamur, a completely wicked person. See Likutei Amarin Tanya, end of chapter 11.

[2] Called “קליפת עמלק,” or Amalekite evil. The wickedness of Haman the Agagite.

[3] Psalms 34:15, 37:27; Proverbs 16:6,17.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Time to Atone for the Holocaust


Are we presently experiencing a historic opportunity to atone for the Holocaust?

Amazing news:

Awesome historic opportunity for humankind!

After all these years, humanity can finally atone for the Holocaust... by NOT allowing it to be repeated. [1]

Don't repeat the colossal moral failures of the vast majority of Germans, Poles, et al, of the 1930s.

Do NOT walk in lockstep with government, even if they claim it's for the 'greater good.'

Do NOT comply with policies that marginalize and ban a supposedly 'biologically inferior' minority.

Do NOT comply with tyrants that justify forced human experimentation without informed consent.

Do NOT stand by idly when a new minority is getting persecuted and shunned from the public. Don't remain silent and complicit while children are being banned from school, while millions are being fired from their jobs, prevented from entering stores, traveling, earning a living, buying food. Don't turn a blind eye when millions are being condemned to poverty, illiteracy, and isolation.

Business owners! Do NOT be complicit like German storekeepers were. Disobey. It is your solemn moral duty.

Police! Disobey unjust orders. Object. You took an oath to defend justice, not to impose injustice.

Jews! Don't repeat the fatal error of blindly heeding your capo betrayers and walking obsequiously like sheep to the slaughter. Wake up NOW from your normalcy bias and false sense of security.

It's time to return to G-d at once and repudiate all human overlords. Reject fake-science propaganda that condones apartheid and discrimination. Insist on individual rights, informed consent, and inviolable human dignity.

Flaunt their horrific cruelty and injustices by increasing in indiscriminate acts of GOODNESS and KINDNESS toward your fellow human being, irrespective of injections or lack thereof.

Tell everyone around you that you will NOT comply with evil and urge them all to do the same. Challenge groupthink. Oppose censorship. Dare to speak the truth and disobey tyranny at all costs.

Don't worry if you are a solitary voice at first. At the very least, you are extricating yourself and your family from the historic shame of Holocaust complicity. You are demonstrating that you would not have complied then, nor will you comply now either.

But please don't suffice with being a solitary voice. Join forces with other conscientious objectors. Create a critical mass of righteous individuals who will NOT bow before tyranny. Form a movement of fearless heroes who dare to speak truth to power, and who are selflessly prepared to stand up in defense of their fellow human beings no matter what.

We must ALL defy all these Holocaust policies NOW. The very survival of humanity depends on it.

The stakes are high, but a truly unprecedented and awesome opportunity lies before us... to correct the wrongs of history and redeem humanity once and for all, simply by asserting the TRUTH. For now and forever.


[1] See Maimonides' Laws of Repentence, chapter 2:

[Who has reached] complete Teshuvah? A person who confronts the same situation in which he sinned when he has the potential to commit [the sin again], and, nevertheless, abstains and does not commit it because of his Teshuvah alone and not because of fear or a lack of strength. 
For example, a person engaged in illicit sexual relations with a woman. Afterwards, they met in privacy, in the same country, while his love for her and physical power still persisted, and nevertheless, he abstained and did not transgress. 
This is a complete Baal-Teshuvah. This was implied by King Solomon in his statement [Ecclesiastes 12:1] 'Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, [before the bad days come and the years draw near when you will say: `I have no desire for them.'"]


Sunday, December 19, 2021

War on Words, part V

"Keep distant from false words -- מדבר שקר תרחק"

Exodus 23:7

Let's stop using their fabricated terminologies that lend credence to their fake narrative. I’ve addressed this disturbing phenomenon years ago with regards to media bias [1], but sadly failed to identify it for the past two years of intense state/media/medical-establishment indoctrination. The words they use – and that we subsequently adopt in casual speech – are subliminally affirming their carefully-spun web of lies, deception, and incitement. Our language has been assaulted and hijacked. It's time to take back the narrative.

For example, every time we say "COVID," we unwittingly acknowledge the existence of a "Corona Virus Disease," that this dreaded medical condition is actually caused by a corona virus.

Likewise, whenever we say "SARS CoV2," we acknowledge that a novel “corona virus” causes a "severe acute respiratory syndrome."

This claim is unsubstantiated and un-scientific, as no empirical evidence exists that a so-called corona virus causes any disease or syndrome altogether.

Instead, we might refer to the alleged pathogen of their alleged pandemic (since "pandemic" is likewise an arbitrary claim that is not corroborated by facts).

Actually, the notion that any "virus" is pathogenic is just a theory, not a fact. The very existence of "viruses" (by their definition) is unsubstantiated.

"Immunization" is likewise a myth, as no lasting immunity is conferred by any vaccine. Speaking of which, "vaccine" is a nebulous term that should be avoided as well, since it's confusing semantics that dubiously equates this novel gene therapy with traditional "vaccines" of the past.

Stop referring to people as “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated” for the same reason. Moreover, the latter term is disparaging and suggests that a person who wisely declined this dubious injection is somehow missing something. Worst of all, these toxic terms are part of the establishment’s dangerously divisive rhetoric that create apartheid divisions in our population separating between the “have’s” and “have-not’s.”

Avoid the term "booster" as well. Where is the science that this injection "boosts" anything? It's actually quite the opposite: evidence suggests that it suppresses the immune system.

Stop calling it a PCR test. It doesn’t “test” anything and was never intended to be diagnostic. It’s good for purely speculative genetic research.

Please don’t say “safe social distancing.” Where is the evidence that distancing makes anyone safe? If anything, it makes people less safe and more vulnerable to loneliness, hunger, apathy, and tyranny.

And the most absurd term of all is "Public Health Policy" LOL. Since when did any of their policies make anyone healthy? If anything, these policies have sickened the public, causing autoimmunity, injury, paralysis, sterility, and death. “Public Unhealth” is more accurate.

It's high time we avoid their agenda-driven, deliberately misleading terminology and insist on semantic accuracy. 

In summary, here are the dubious terms to avoid:

Sunday, December 5, 2021

A \/accine Indeed

Yes! It's a \/accine!
By Rabbi Michoel Green [1]

Some scientists argue that calling the covid shot a "vaksine" is an insult to vaksines everywhere.
They maintain that it’s NOT a vaksene but a gene experiment and device implant. The only reason it’s being referred to as a vakseen is to mislead the unsuspecting public and whitewash the significant risks of this high-tech medical procedure. To them, this new injection is a “vakscene in name only.”
With all due respect, I humbly disagree.
If the CDC insists on calling it a vaqscene, then so be it. A vackseen it is.
In fact, this vacqscene now sheds light on all other vakksines from which it derives.
Our sages taught:
"Anything which was subsumed in a general category, and came out from that category to teach (something) — not in order to teach about itself did it come out, but in order to teach about the entire category did it emerge.” [2]
In our case, the lesson is quite obvious. If their definitions are correct, then this pharmaceutical product was once subsumed in the general category of CDC-recommended vaccines, but has distinctly emerged from that category in a most salient and dramatic way:
1. It is now the deadliest quacksine in history, approximately sixty times deadlier than all quackseens in the past 22 years combined [3]. Unprecedented numbers of injuries are being reported as well, including blood clot, paralysis, tremors, seizures, tinnitus, still birth, miscarriage, etc.
2. This vaqsine has been made possible by widespread deception of state, media, and the medical mainstream. Dissenting views of expert scientists have been suppressed and censored. Risks of this experimental product have been hidden from the public.
3. State and corporate enforcement of this whackscene represents a remarkably unprecedented violation of HIPAA laws, Nuremberg Code, and individual rights.
4. Remarkably, this quackedscene is being pushed on individuals for whom the actual disease poses virtually zero risk. Parents are being urged to jeopardize their child's life and health ONLY for the sake of some alleged societal benefit.
5. People everywhere are waking up to the reality that a covid whackseen mandate is unjust. Unprecedented numbers of Americans are now identifying as "waxscene hesitant."
Employing the above-cited hermeneutic principle, we may conclude that this product has not emerged from the general category of whacksines “only in order to teach about itself” but rather to teach about the ENTIRE category from whence it so derives:
1. All quackscenes involve significant risk of death and lifelong injury.
2. All whackscenes have been made possible by deception, suppression, and censorship.
3. All whackseen mandates are inherently unjust, unconstitutional, unethical, morally reprehensible, and intolerable in a free society. Quackscene mandates are obscene.
4. NO vackscene was ever necessary your child. It was always about satisfying some dubious state agenda.
5. It's okay to decline the covid waxcine, and likewise it's PERFECTLY reasonable to decline ANY waxscene. In fact, it's just common sense.
Many thanks to the CDC for calling this injection what it truly is, a quackscene much like all other quackscenes, and making this all so abundantly clear. Well done.

[1] This article was originally posted to my alter-ego blog -- -- back on May 24, 2021, after Blogger started censoring my posts. Please pardon the deliberate misspellings... I was trying to stay under the censorship radar.

[2] Sifra, Beraita of Rabbi Yishmael, number eight of the thirteen exegetic principles through which the Torah is expounded: “כל דבר שהיה בכלל ויצא מן הכלל ללמד, לא ללמד על עצמו יצא, אלא ללמד על הכלל כולו יצא”. According to tradition, this teaching is recited daily before the morning liturgy.
[3] Based on VAERS reports of 4,571 deaths after vacksines throughout 22 years, from January 1st, 1999 until November 30th, 2020, i.e. 56 deaths per day on average, versus 4,647 deaths after the covid vaqseens from December 14, 2020 through May 17, 2021, averaging 30 deaths per day. This is roughly a 60:1 ratio. Given the extraordinary state and corporate efforts to cover up the lethality of this injection, is reasonable to assume that deaths following the covid vakkscenes are highly under-reported, more so than VAERS reports of the past 22 years.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Don't Miss the Maccabean Message

Alerting all Maccabees!

History has just sent us an ominous message from the ancient past.

A sling stone [1] was recently discovered near Hebron. It bears the name of a Seleucid tyrant, Diodotus Tryphon [2], who tyrannized our Judean ancestors and executed Judah Maccabee's brother and successor, Yonatan the High Priest. It also bears an idolatrous symbol of Zeus, "king" of the Greek deities.

Just in time for Chanukah, which just so happens to marks the 2,160th anniversary of the miraculous victory [3] of the Maccabees over their Seleucid oppressors after the latter had despotically trampled religious freedom in attempt to impose their pagan public policies.

It was this very tyrant who reigned during the vicious persecution, bloody battles, wondrous liberation of Jerusalem, and the epic miracle of the Temple’s rededication.

The irony of this timely discovery cannot be overstated.

Is history pelting us with the same deadly projectile that was hurled at our Maccabean ancestors in their struggle for freedom?

Is it a wake-up call? Are the Ancients trying to warn us that we are under attack by depraved tyrants once again who wish to destroy our precious religious liberties and subjugate us to their pagan “public-health” agenda?

Is it beckoning us to rise up like Mattathias and his sons who boldly flaunted the tyrant’s public policies and fought back fearlessly in defense of their religious freedom?

Is this little sling stone reminding us that freedom is a value worth fighting for?

Is it urging us to heed the call of Judah Maccabee and his brothers who cherished liberty as a value that transcends life itself?

Are we heeding the call?

Have we complacently forgotten the timeless message of Chanukah, that religious freedom, individual rights, and essential human liberties, must be prioritized before all else, including (alleged) public health?

Isn’t it high-time for all modern-day Maccabees to mobilize and end the tyranny?

Can we muster the moral fortitude and selfless courage of our ancestors and reassert our sacrosanct freedoms?

Isn’t it time to liberate the Sanctuary and rekindle the lights of freedom?

Let’s act NOW. G-d is on our side. History is on our side, and so is the future.

Together, you and I, we will be part of the new unfolding Chanukah miracle in the making. בימים ההם בזמן הזה – in those days and in THIS time.




[1] See image below.

[2] Diotodus Tryphon was an ancient Greek king who reigned over the Seleucid Empire between 142 and 138 BC.

[3] In the year 139 BCE.

The 3cm. lead projectile discovered at a South Hebron Hills archaeological site

The historic projectile was discovered at Zif, an archaeological site in South Hebron Hills

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Defying Mainstream Tyranny


All Hebrew baby boys had to be 'mainstreamed' into Nile-policy compliance without exception. No exemptions were granted. [1]

Nearly all parents submitted... they were in deNile.
One brave mother dared to defy the mainstream trend.

She cited religious exemption and kept her child home for as long as possible. Then she built him an ark so he'd survive, just like Noah survived the surging mainstream trends of his day. She preferred to surrender him to nature (i.e. Divine providence) before subjecting him to mainstream submersion. [2]

This child grew up to be a conscientious objector to slavery and took bold action to stop authoritarian abuse of human rights, at great personal sacrifice. [3]

He and his brother were not afraid of speaking truth to power. Citing their G-d-given right to religious freedom, they challenged the mightiest tyrant on earth and liberated their people for all time.

Together with his brother and sister, he led his people though the wilderness to freedom.

All because their mother would not submit to the dominant mainstream narrative.

And in our turbulent times, the heroic Yocheveds among us are fearlessly building their arks, prepared to sacrifice everything to protect their young.

But what can be done to save all the other children from mainstream a-Nile-ation?

Who will stand up in defense of the children?

Who will insist on defending our religious liberties that hang perilously in the balance?

Who will speak truth to power and liberate our enslaved people from the grips of tyranny, an authoritarian assault that has no precedent nor parallel in all annals of history?

Who will be today’s Moses’ and Aarons’ if not we?

[1] Exodus 1:22
[2] Ibid 2:2-3
[3] Ibid 2:12