Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More about oranges

Some of you may have missed an important comment from my cousin Haya on a previous post.

Here's the relevant quote:

"Wonderful thoughts cousin Michoel...
"I wanted to share a tag to your memory of the orange story. I think she said they were imported from south america, and so very expensive. She would take the orange that her father gave her, and go out into the neighborhood to meet her friends, who would gather around her in a circle to view this special delicacy.

"Grandma said that her friends would watch and wait in excited anticipation as she peeled her orange, and then she would give each friend one slice and they would savor it. She said that even though she wanted to eat the whole orange for herself, the one slice tasted sweeter for sharing the whole. They each ate their one slice slowly and appreciated it!" (click here to read her entire comment)

My comment:

Thanks Haya for sharing that. I don't recall that version, but I do rememer Grandma saying that food tastes better when we share it with others.

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