Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Most Important Election Ever...

This is undoubtedly the most consequential vote you will ever cast.

For whom will you vote?

Your fate, the fate of your family, community, nation, and the entire world, literally hangs in the balance! The fate of Israel too, believe it or not, will be forever affected by the outcome of this crucial election.

Here are your choices:

One candidate embodies selfless virtue and sacrifice toward a greater cause. The other candidate stands for greed, self-aggrandizement and narcissism.

One candidate promotes love, truth and respect of one’s fellow, irrespective of our differences.

The opponent promotes hate and party politics, pits you against your own family members just because they’re different from you or have differing opinions.

One candidate inspires moral courage and fortitude, while the opponent is a fear-monger, trying to make you feel unsafe and vulnerable. These insidious tactics often incite reactionary aggression from among this candidate’s followers, who get easily sucked into their candidate’s angry rhetoric.

One candidate insists on honesty, integrity and accuracy, and does not tolerate any untruths. The contender’s campaign is fraught with lies and falsehoods. Every single statement uttered by this devious candidate needs to be thoroughly fact-checked. In fact, based on past performance, it’s reasonable to assume that every one of this candidate’s arguments are a thinly-veiled attempt at misleading gullible listeners and misrepresenting the facts.

In addition, this candidate likes to bring attention on the other’s flaws or shortcomings while conveniently ignoring his own. This candidate encourages others to spread malicious reports just to breed resentment and ill will.

This candidate teaches adherents to rant and rave, often shouting vulgarities or intimidating others, whereas the other candidate require that her adherents speak firmly but respectfully at all times.

This candidate believes that the entire Land of Israel belongs to Jews, and encourages every Jew to take possession of what is rightfully his/hers. The other candidate feels that Jewish homes are “unhelpful,” and that Jews ought to kowtow to world opinion and secular agendas. This candidate might claim to support Jewish causes, but only to further the sinister agenda that ultimately calls for the dismantling of everything Jewish, G-d forbid!

Needless to say, this candidate is NOT good for the Jews, but shockingly, a vast number of Jews (including Orthodox Jews) are enamored by the false assurances and empty promises that this candidate continues to offer.

One candidate exemplifies compassion and empathy, but prioritizes that compassion on victims, not the victimizers. According to the other candidate, however, victims ought to be blamed and their victimizers pardoned and enabled to continue preying on others.

One candidate bears no secrets but just says it as it is, while her opponent has secret pacts with the Dark Side, taking bribes, clandestine funding and phony donations. Suspicious individuals with ties to organized crime have been found to have numerous dealings with this candidate. That’s why the candidate’s platform promotes an agenda that ultimately will lead to violence, misogyny, misandry, lawlessness and a complete breakdown of society. And that’s the real agenda, to take away your freedom.

Indeed, that’s why this candidate has so many crooked and disreputable supporters, while there are so few people who are brave enough to speak out in favor of other far more virtuous candidate.

It is deplorable, but there is overwhelming media and celebrity bias in favor of the compromised candidate, because they are influenced by the same debased powers that be. Naturally, they also endorse this candidate’s dissolute and irreverent policies.
It’s amazing that although this candidate has such a scandalous history, people are still fooled by her self-professed innocence.

This candidate repeatedly sought to evade justice by denying past misdeeds and shady dealings, and even attempted to delete evidence after being ordered by Court to bring it forward. Of course, this is rather foolhardy, because in truth, EVERY single message, speech or deed does its damage and gets recorded forever, somewhere out there in cyberspace or elsewhere. It’s only a matter of time before it will all be public knowledge, and ultimately justice will be served. Do you wish to vote for a candidate who will be under investigation and ultimate indictment for breaking laws!? Do you wish to submit to such defective leadership?

One candidate is committed to defending your rights but also holds you to your obligations, thereby preserving your dignity and self-esteem. The opponent beguiles the electorate to become freeloaders and shirk all sense of personal responsibility. Of course, this is an attractive option to lazy people who would rather get free lunch than exert effort.

This candidate gloats over evading one's civic and communal duties, stiffs workers, and defrauds unsuspecting investors. While the opposing candidate personifies humility and responsibility, this candidate never acknowledges any guilt whatsoever.

This candidate claims to have more seniority and lots of worldly wealth, and consequently deserves to call the shots. However, it is no secret that the candidate has declared bankruptcy on more than one occasion, and is in fact morally bankrupt. The opposing candidate, however, may be younger in years and with far fewer worldly assets, but is rich in wisdom and moral values.

The older candidate claims to have lots of experience, but in fact is just maintaining status quo to keep the same corrupt villainous forces in power. However, if you vote for the younger candidate and grant her executive powers, the glass ceiling will be broken wide open and we will soar to unprecedented heights!

For whom will you cast your vote?

Don’t think that your vote doesn’t matter. It does!

In fact, your vote will literally decide who will be the next commander-in-chief! It is your vote that confers that awesome power!

So please vote. And vote wisely.

Location and time for voting is right here and right now.

No, I haven’t been discussing the Novermber 8th US presidential elections. My apologies if you were confused.

The two candidates I’m referring to are the Yetzer Tov and the Yetzer Hara. Your G-dly soul and your animal soul. Yup, the two are vying for executive power inside of you. It is you who casts the only vote, with every decision you make. Whose voice do you heed?

Hope you elect the right candidate!

G-d forbid, if you made the wrong choice and voted for the wrong candidate, don’t worry! You can demand a recall and vote again.

It is never too late to turn back the clock and do teshuva!

And when you elect the right candidate, that will empower others around you to correctly elect their own winning candidate, and together, we break the glass ceiling of exile and usher in the glorious Redemption and the coming of Moshiach!

PS: the Animal Soul claims seniority as it was in you since the day you were born. The G-dly Soul, your higher self, isn’t completely manifest in you until you became bar or bat mitzva.

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