Wednesday, January 4, 2017

UN Hypocrisy and US Collusion

Does the "United Nations" have any credibility?

I’ve long struggled to understand how any rational
person takes the United Nations seriously.

And how citizens of the Free World tolerate their governments participating in this deplorable body.

Sadly, the so-called United Nations represents the very worst of humankind, the dregs of humanity if you would. Hypocrisy at it’s very ugliest.

Here we have a gang of despicable self-righteous thugs of nations that include the most incorrigibly compromised rogue states on earth, like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others, who themselves are guilty of  the most heinous abuses and crimes against humanity. Whether state-sponsored or just overlooked, horrific crimes are regularly committed in many of these dictatorship police states, like executions, stonings, beheadings, honor killings, subjugation of women, slave labor, corporal punishment that includes flogging, amputation and torture, just to name a few. Forget about freedom of press or freedom or religion. The concept of freedom doesn’t exist in countries like these.

And yet, the so-called enlightened Western Nations sit together in assemblies and councils with representatives from these rogue states, in a body called the United Nations, and have the unmitigated gall to shamelessly target Israel, one of the tiniest states on Earth and freest state in the entire Middle East, to placate the villainous goons that they have shamefully “united” with.

It is almost laughable that China, a nation that sits as a permanent member of the so-called United Nations Security Council, is in fact an authoritarian state, one that systematically curtails a wide range of fundamental human rights, including freedom of expression, association, assembly, and religion. A government that regularly imprisons and beats human rights lawyers or dissenting reporters, that compromised government has a permanent right to weigh in on what’s right and wrong for the rest of the world?

Who else sits on the UN Security Council? Egypt? A country where over 90% of women are victims of female genital mutilation, over 82% of which were perpetrated my state-recognized health-care professionals!? A country where gang rapes have been encouraged by the government to stop women from demonstrating in protest against corrupt government policies!? A state where political prisoners are regularly stripped and beaten to obtain forced confessions, where children are kidnapped and tortured by the government’s own security forces?

This very nation drafts a bill condemning Israel for building homes for its women and children on land their ancestors lived on for millennia!? And then 14 out of 15 members vote for it? And one abstention? This, coming from nations who claim moral and ethical clarity and superiority, yet in fact are morally bankrupt, or are in cahoots with nations who are morally bankrupt?

Can someone pinch me? Am I in the Twilight Zone, because that’s sure what it feels like.

Nations who are guilty of mass murdering their own civilians with weapons of mass destruction, who proudly sit in this Assembly… their heinous crimes get barely a mention, or at most, a symbolic slap on the wrist. But Israel alone is singled out for condemnation after condemnation.

Out of all 23 resolutions that the United Nations adopted in 2016, a whopping twenty resolutions condemned Israel, and only three for other nations. One for Syria, a regime that has murdered more than 200,000 of its own people, one for Iran and one for North Korea, both rogue police states that sponsor international terrorism.

Fascinatingly, these latter three resolutions passed with far fewer votes than the twenty lambasting Israel that passed with vast and sweeping majorities. In fact, there was even a resolution ordering Israel to cede the Golan Heights to Syria, the mass-murderous regime where over half a million are dead in the past few years!


Is anyone paying attention to this appalling hypocrisy?

Shame on the United States and all other Western Nations that sit on this lame assembly!

Is that whom you wish to be united with? Syria, Iran, North Korea, and their ilk?

Even worse, is this our outgoing president’s legacy? To collude with this villainous organization that has nothing else to do in the world than attack Israel, a nation surrounded by hostile enemies who wish to destroy her?

"Return to pre-1967 borders" is their mantra.

Does anyone bother remembering that in ’67, hostile Arab nations were announcing their plans to obliterate Israel in the same style of the Mongolian hordes who laid waste to complete cities in the Middle Ages? These militarized Arab states were planning for mass graves in every Israeli city they dreamed of conquering, in which to dump the bodies of all the Jewish men women and children they planned to slaughter and mass murder. Does anyone bother remembering the great existential threat that Israel found itself in then, and still does today?

Does anyone find it ironic or cynical that the very nations who perpetrated horrific atrocities against the Jewish people in recent history, whether fascist or communist, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or Muslim, sit there self-righteously at 1st Ave and condemn Israel for defending itself against contemporary mass-murderous fascists and bloodthirsty fanatics? Nations who persecuted, dispossessed and banished Jews for millennia, dare lecture the descendants of their Jewish victims to not build homes for their babies in the Jewish People’s own ancestral homeland? Nations who are guilty of unspeakable historical crimes against humanity preach to the descendants of their victims about maintaining unsustainable “historic status quos?” Does anyone find this ironic?

No, of course not. Because it’s always Israel-Bashing season all the time in the UN. That’s the only agenda the Nations of the UN seem to be United on. I cannot think of a single organization on earth that has done more to discredit itself than the UN.

*                      *                      *

Words are important, and so are letters.

In fact, acronyms are meaningful too.

With regard to the U.N., the acrostic says it all.

That’s why they call themselves the UN, get it? Because “un” means “not,” or the opposite of.

For example, the UN Human Rights Council means “un-human rights.” It’s obvious that that's the case, since the 2017 UN Human Rights Council includes an all-star team of such notoriously egregious human-rights violators such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Iraq, Burundi, Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates.

The UN Human Rights Council claims that their mission is the “promoting and protecting of all human rights around the globe.”

Huh? Did I miss something?

Are we now considering these scoundrels world experts and champions of human rights!? Have we put the wolf in charge of the hen house?

But now, it all makes sense. You just have to read it with the “un.” Their mission is really to un-promote and un-protect human rights around the globe.

For example, when UNESCO ridiculously rejects any historical Jewish ties to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, ignoring millennia of indisputable historical and archeological evidence, we can now understand why they’re called UNESCO. It’s not the “United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.” It’s the un-educational, un-scientific and un-cultural organization. Clearly, they’re anti-education, science and culture.

The UN Security Council is really the un-security council, because they are clearly set on further destabilizing an already deteriorating security situation in the Middle East and the world.

UN Peacekeeping is really about keeping the un-peace. That explains their appalling record, and why they hire criminals to be so-called “peace-keepers,” as was recently discovered in Burundi, for example. And that explains how Hezbollah terrorists could dress in UN uniforms and use a UN vehicle to kidnap and murder Israeli soldiers, and how the UN denied having a secret videotape of the kidnapping for many months.

UNRWA is an un-relief and un-working agency for the so-called Palestinian un-refugees, who are actually  un-Palestinian too. In fact, the UN’s cause celebre, the entire notion of Palestinianism has no sense of positive self-identity. It just means that one wishes Israel to not exist, and then to ethnically-cleanse the Levant of all Jews. There’s no positive pride in being Palestinian other than wishing to purge Jews and have an exclusively Islamic police state, like Hamastan (Gaza), Qatar, Saudia Arabia, and all the others. So in essence, Palestinianism is an “un-identity,” that is, a nationalist identity only toward the end of negating Jewish statehood, or any Jewish presence period.

That’s why it’s the UN’s most important project. Or should I say, their un-project?

Of course, that’s why incitement and demonization of Jews goes on unabated at UNRWA schools for Arab children. It’s not about relieving the so-called Palestinian’s plight. It’s about un-relief, and perpetuating their grief.

It’s all in the “un.”

Indeed, the UN’s record of accomplishing anything around the world is rather unimpressive.

UN Ethics Office is about un-ethics, because there are few organizations as unethical, un-balanced and untruthful as the United Nations.

That’s why the unstable “peace” they promote is unachievable, unfair, unreasonable and unsustainable.

That’s why their unhinged resolutions don’t resolve anything, but only ensure that things will remain unresolved, or worse.

Their efforts to help are unhelpful, and as peacekeepers they are unsuited, unqualified, unfit, unreliable, uninformed, untrustworthy and unproductive.

Not unsurprisingly, the UN’s sense of justice is unjust and unrepentant. Their skewed view of reality is unreal. Their unrelenting audacity is unthinkable, unimaginable and continues to go on unabated. The UN’s unceasing hypocrisy is truly unbearable, and the fact that the Western World has continues to support this is simply unbelievable, unjustifiable and unforgivable.

Our only consolation is that the Guardian of Israel, G-d Almighty, neither slumbers nor sleeps.

We hope and pray that Israel remains unabashedly undaunted, undeterred, unafraid, unintimidated, and most of all, unaffected by this nonsense. Indeed, the bond between G-d and Israel is unbreakable and unassailable.

The UN is undeniably an unambiguous reminder that the world is still unredeemed. We need to understand just how badly the world needs Moshiach.

But enough talking about them and how un-acceptable they are. Let’s talk about us

That’s right, the United States, the US, that spells us! Collusion with the UN is so un-American and so unbecoming for us. We stand higher. What has happened to us!? The US, us, colluding with the lowly UN? It’s so UNlike US!

The UN might go under, but Israel will surely prevail.

To all my fellow Americans, it’s time for us to undo the damage and hold our outgoing president accountable. Time for us to be on the right side of history.

G-d bless America. We stand with Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai. Peace!

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