Sunday, September 8, 2019

End of the "Golden Age" for Jews in America?

The "golden age" for Jews in America is now over.

A Jewish child can no longer get a Jewish education in NY State unless s/he submits to the unjust demands of government that violate his/her bodily autonomy. I'm afraid MA will soon follow suit.

This is the death knell for religious freedom in the U.S.A., once known as "Land of the Free" (but sadly no longer).

Is it now time to return to the Promised Land?*

Is G-d calling us home?

* Our sages explained that it was called the "land flowing with milk and honey" since Torah knowledge was freely available to all there. The Torah is compared to nourishing milk and sweet honey ("חלב ודבש תחת לשונך -- milk and honey under your tongue" -- Shir Hashirim 4:11). Sadly and tragically, Torah education is no longer available to all children in Galuth America. Time to return to the "Land flowing with Milk and Honey"?

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