Friday, March 20, 2020

A Novel Idea!

The disease which holds the world in its grips isn't just any corona virus. It's a "NOVEL" corona virus.

This is precisely why it's so feared. 
The virus is novel. Our immune systems have never encountered it before. And that's what makes it so potentially hazardous and unpredictable. We have nothing to compare it with and no way to anticipate how dire consequences might be.

Everything in the physical world reflects a spiritual reality. The key here is novel. The perceived reality features a novelty that causes fear and uncertainty, but perhaps there is something much deeper at play in the true reality.

Something truly novel and unprecedented in the works, and it's not a virus:

Scriptures state: "Torah will emerge from me"[1], and our Sages interpret it to mean: "A new Torah will emerge from me," meaning that new and unprecedented insights into the Torah will be revealed at the time of the Redemption.[2]

This Shabbos we shall read Parshas Hachodesh in which G-d commanded Moses the mitzva to sanctify the NEW moon. Indeed, the new moon of Nissan 2448 ushered in a novel idea, redemption, as the Exodus from Egypt took place on the full moon of that month.

Fast forward over three millennia later, and here we are today, at the cusp of a new era, ready to usher in the new month of Nissan.

Don't be frightened by something novel. Be encouraged that something truly novel is here ready to materialize...

The dawn of a new era, the Era of Redemption.

Nu, are you ready for renewal? Not just 're'-newal, but total innovation 

Let's reinvent ourselves and and proceed into the Era of Moshiach.

Happy Shabbat Hachodesh!

[1] Isaiah 51:4
[2] Yayikra Raba 13:3

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