Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Great Corona Divide

By now you have likely learned of the shocking neglect and abuse that is allegedly occurring in NYC hospitals.[1]

It amazes me to hear two opposite reactions from my social media friends when presented with the horrific nightmare that is unfolding in New York.

Some feel growing distrust for the health care system. They fear that the public medical policy is flawed and compromised. They suspect that some health care workers might not have the best interest of the individual patient in mind, but care more about a societal status quo or bottom line, or worse. This crisis has seriously weakened their trust in "public health policy."

Other people react by affirming their total faith in the medical system and doubling down on it. "See why we need to practice social-distancing? The hospitals are overwhelmed... We know it's imperfect but it's all we have," they maintain. This group would never suspect the establishment of foul play, negligence or incompetence.

This latter group ("B") is praying for "public health policy" to save us from the virus by providing a vaccine, and the sooner the better. They want it expedited. Risk of vaccine injury concerns them less than the uncertainty of the virus and the helplessness of having no other precautionary policy other than societal shut-down, which they wholeheartedly embrace since that's the "public health policy" which they will justify and defend at all costs.

Group A is growing leery of an expedited vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter from the same WHO & CDC that mishandled cv to begin with. They are growing tired of what they see as inept policies that don't seem to be saving lives, but perhaps the opposite. They view the 80%-90% mortality rate of patients on ventilators as appalling and unacceptable. They question what "flattening the curve" has accomplished. So that there be more available ventilators to kill more patients (while saving a paltry few)? So that there be more available beds in NYC hospitals where more people can be left to die with no nutrition or hydration? They want to know why the death rate is so bizarrely higher in NYC than in, say, Tokyo, where there was no social distancing? They are asking tough questions and sadly expect no honest or objective answers from a system they see as corrupt and self-righteous.

Instead of hoping for a WHO-endorsed vaccine (if there will ever be one), Group A is searching for any alternative therapies that have yielded results. They want to hear about vitamin C, zinc, and essential oils too. They want to hear about homeopathy and herbs, and general nutrition too. They are growing tired of surrendering their health to CDC-recommendations that aren't working.

Group B, on the other hand, is adverse to hearing anything that isn't sanctioned by the CDC. Anything that questions the status quo makes them feel uncomfortable, and it doesn't bother them at all when YouTube censors videos that offer such alternative therapies or treatments.

Group A sees such censorship as a grave assault on freedom of opinions and alternative views, and Group B chides them for being so upset, claiming that such opinions are illegitimate anyway since it's not endorsed by the all-knowing WHO & CDC. In fact, Group B accuses Group A of being "anti-science," since in their opinion, "science" means unwavering belief in the opinion of some experts over that of others if the former has been accepted by the mainstream.

Group B also accuses Group A of having "blood on their hands" for minimizing the need to submit to enforced social distancing and for (sic) not caring about the elderly and the immuno-compromised.

Group A accuses Group B of being thought police trying to suppress freedom of opinion. They also accuse them of obsequiously supporting govt overreach and unprecedented violation of the First Amendment, and of being cruelly indifferent to the plight of those suffering from poverty, mental illness or domestic abuse, all compounded under unjust govt shutdown that sequesters and isolates people by force.

Group A looks askance at rabbis who ban porch minyanim and  insist their communities be more strict than state requirement. They don't wish to be ordered to comply, as if they are not mature or intelligent enough to make safe decisions for themselves. Group B applauds such strict rabbis for their vigilance and for reigning in those rebellious yokels.

Group A's reaction to covid-19 is growing distrust in the medical establishment and its supporters.
Group B's reaction is growing reliance on the medical establishment and its supporters.

Group A wants to take ownership of their own well-being. They insist on medical freedom and the right to make their own health decisions.
Group B wants government to tighten its grip on all citizens, to make everyone conform to its cautious policies that profess to keep the population safe, if it will save one extra life.

Group A sees the novel corona virus as a turning point that calls for a novel and unprecedented approach to health and individual empowerment, one that sidelines the outdated and failed public health agenda.

Group B sees the novel corona virus as a time for unprecedented and extraordinary measures to enforce public safety, but beyond that, they yearn to return to same old public health policy in which the government safeguards our society's health.

Of course, these are two extremes, and most people might land somewhere in the middle.

I realize that many of you will identify with one of these two groups. I certainly lean towards one.

Let's hope that this polarity in world views won't succeed in isolating us from one another. We can have opposite views but not be polarized. We can learn how to respectfully agree to disagree in spite of our significant differences of opinion.

When we've reached the point that we cannot hear another view and hope it gets censored, then we are in big trouble.

Everyone's voice is important. It's vital we learn to listen to each other. That's the only way our nation will survive and prevail.

Praying for health, healing, and peace for all.

[1] I've heard numerous eye-witness accounts. The only videos I can currently provide are a) an interview with a son of a victim and survivor; and b) a grueling account of a NYC nurse. There are more, sadly, and I'll post them when I can locate them.

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