Monday, June 22, 2020

Rules and Exceptions

Do you know the "rules" and "exceptions" of contemporary groupthink?

Shut all houses of worship and schools. That's the rule.
Blue angel spectators? No problem. That's an exception.

AA meetings banned. That's the rule.
Liquor stores open. That's the exception.

Small local businesses are strictly closed. That's the rule.
Major multinational corporations open. That's an exception.

Family funerals are strictly prohibited. That's the rule.
G. Floyd's funeral with thousands in attendance? That's an exception.

Communal prayer in the streets? Intolerable! That's the rule.
"Peaceful protests" in the streets? Of course. That's an exception.

American flags and seeds for planting? Non-essential! That's the rule.
Coffee and ice cream? Exception!

Children in the park or beach? No way! That's the rule.
Thousands looting and pillaging? Understandable. That's an exception.

No mask in the street? Horrendous! That's the rule!
Rioters with no masks? Look the other way. That's an exception.

Flag burning? Free speech -- that's the rule!
Censorship on social media? Turn a blind eye. That's an exception.

We must worry about the minority immunocompromised! That's the rule.
Died of hypoxia from wearing a face mask? Par for the course. That's an exception. It's only a tiny minority.

We must social-distance in order to protect the elderly! That's the rule.
Elderly left to die of neglect or abuse in hospitals? Nothing we can do about that. Exception.

Elective surgeries: non-essential. They must wait. That's the rule.
Abortion clinics open for business. That's an exception.

Speaking of which:

Abortion: My body, my choice!
Vaccines and masks? You don't have a choice!

Super-size cokes? No problem. Land of the Free.
Cannabis? No way. That's too dangerous.

Hydroxychloroquine and zinc? Not enough testing. Ban it.
Covid vaccine? Expedite it! No testing necessary!

Disproportionate number of blacks arrested? Racism.
Disproportionate number of blacks died of covid? Unavoidably tragic.

Glyphosate? Can't ban it. Capitalism.
Free medicine for all. Socialism!

Discriminate against a person's skin color? Racism.
Discriminate against "whites?" Understandable rage. Exception.

Attack someone because of their religion or ethnic identity? Hate crime.
Attack a Jew? No big deal. Just protesting 'apartheid occupations.'

Don't dare add "all lives matter" when someone declares "Black Lives Matter."
Want to protest antisemitism? Make sure to lump it together amorphously with all other oppressed minorities.

Are you confused yet?
If not, you're just not paying attention.

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