Thursday, July 9, 2020

17 of Tamuz revisited?

Today we mourn the cataclysmic event when the walls of Jerusalem were breached. 

Sadly, lots of contemporary rabbis haven't learned much from 1,950 years of exile.

They still support policies that cater to their Kamtza's and marginalize their Bar Kamtza's.

They stand by silently while the walls of freedom and yahadus are breached. 

They nodded in tacit approval when thousands of children were cruelly ousted from school this past year Bar-Kamtza-style, and when all other children were banned from school this year, all for no just cause.  

["Jerusalem was destroyed only because they interrupted the studies of school children from their classrooms." Shabbos 119b]

And if you protest these grave injustices,  they'll attempt to marginalize and silence you. How dare you disturb their comfortable status quo?

Gentlemen,  your walls have been breached.  Your temple is burning. You have become compromised and complicit. Wake up from your reverie.

Kaiser juden indeed. 

*            *            *

Upon further reflection, there is more contemporary correlation with the 17th of Tammuz than meets the eye.

A total of five tragic events occurred on this same date in history:

1)  As mentioned, the walls of Jerusalem were breached in 69 CE.

2) Moses broke the Tablets during the sin of the Golden Calf, circa 1313 BCE.

3)  The daily Temple service was discontinued in 423 BCE.

4)  Roman general Apostomus burned the Torah and

5)  An idol was placed in the Holy Temple.
Tragically, in our times we are reliving these disastrous experiences, one by one:

1)  Education of our children has been breached and violated.

2)  The laws of our holy Torah have been broken as a result of a most blatant form of modern-day idolatry, worship of so-called "public health policy." Undoubtedly the "golden calf" of contemporary times, public health policy rules by divine right which no one may question. This much-revered idol was fashioned out of gold, i.e. rich profit margins of pharmaceutical companies and their robber-baron executives. Everyone bows down to this golden calf, even many rabbis. Everyone is on its payroll, especially government.

3)  Our close-knit communal service has been disrupted and discontinued by the dictates of pandemic hysteria and the political ideologues who enforce it.

4)  The Torah has been burned, neglected, scorned. Authentic Torah learning no longer matters, nor do any of its precepts, like visiting the sick, escorting the dead, etc.

5)  An idol has been placed in our sanctuaries. The idol is the lie, the mask with which its wearer pledges allegiance to the almighty deity of 'public health' who dictated it. All who don't comply are ousted from synagogue, reported to the police, dragged away from park benches. This deity rules by "might makes right" like all other forms of classical paganism. It doesn't matter if you're healthy. You must comply or else.

Alas, we are indeed reliving the calamities of the 17th of Tamuz in real time.

Question is: will we wake up to the truth before it's too late?


Miriam MD said...

Thank you Rabbi Green for the on target analysis of our situation as a nation at this period of history. May we use the opportunity of the three weeks for repentance and making ourselves worthy of Hashem's revelation speedily in our time.

in the vanguard said...

Rabbi Green, why the harsh outlook?
Lay back and enjoy a while as we approach Geulah.