Monday, November 2, 2020

Satan's Final Act

We are presently witnessing the last stand of evil.

We are literally poised on the threshold of the Era of Redemption, at which time Satan will be slaughtered. Evil will cease to exist as evil, but will be eternally transformed to good.

Satan's entire function is to impose a metaphoric mask that obscures our Divine essence.

Satan's mask serves as an artificial division between a human soul and G-d, and between one human and another.

In the End of Days, the Satan's only fighting chance is to perpetuate this mask. To do so, a surreal crisis has been designed from Above in which nations of the world fanatically enforce a mask policy out of panic and dread.

The good people of the world are confronted with an extraordinary moral challenge.

In a brilliant twist of fate, Satan's old mask trick is no longer perceived as evil, but quite the contrary. It is now touted as an epic and unparalleled virtue.

We are told that wearing a mask is an act of selfless altruism, benevolence and concern for others. They even acknowledge that the science is sketchy, but nevertheless urge us wear one if only for the slight chance that it might prevent just one death!

We submit, partly out of fear and partly out of a sense of moral obligation.

We agree to shut down our houses of worship and schools. We obediently comply with policies that seem counterintuitive, like abandoning our elders to solitude and loneliness, depriving our young of Torah education, neglecting the sick to languish in hospitals alone, neglecting the mourners, forsaking the hungry and lonely, failing to escort the bride and groom, ignoring our duty to pay respects to the departed.

We do all this in an earnest effort to fulfill our supposed moral duty toward those who are allegedly vulnerable to this virus. We learn that the virus has a survival rate of 99.9%, but that doesn't matter.

We learn that asymptomatic transmission isn't a factor, but only "pre-symptomatic transmission." We are told that children are hardly ever symptomatic (and therefore are hardly ever pre-symptomatic). But it doesn't matter. The infinitesimally small chance that a child can become a dreaded so-called "super spreader" throws us into a tailspin. We force masks onto our two-year-olds and force five-year-olds into isolation.

We indoctrinate kids that wearing the mask is heroic and virtuous. We react in rage and holy indignation when others dare flaunt or question these virtuous precautions.

We hide our fear and vulnerability behind the mask.

We hide our naked faces like Adam and Eve sought to do in the Garden of Eden after tasting the forbidden fruit.

The mask allays our panic. The concealment give us a sense of artificial purpose, by obscuring our true purpose.

Our purpose is to build relationships with speech, face to face.

The mask imposes concealment.

That's it!

The Satan's final act is an attempt to sanctify concealment. A cosmic endeavor to legitimize and objectify the "mask."

"Be a mentsh and mask yourself," Satan orders us, appealing to our moral conscience. "Be holy and virtuous and conceal your face."

Detachment is no longer a vice. Darkness is in vogue. Concealment is fetishized and glorified.

Concealment is touted as life, and revelation is regarded as death. Darkness is light, and light is benighted. Or so we are told.

And who is most naïve to fall for this satanic maneuver?

The most selfless and caring individuals. It is their altruism that is cynically exploited in Satan's desperate measures to perpetuate his concealment.

It is his final death throes, because the Satan is about to be unmasked... for good.

You see, the Satan is not a "fallen angel" or a "prince of darkness" as you may have been led to believe.

The Satan is just that [satan means adversary], i.e. an adversary to humankind. A prosecutorial angel who has been appointed by our Creator to challenge, discredit, and indict us in the heavenly court.

Satan is not evil. Evil as we know it is created by human beings when they fall prey to Satan's incessant machinations, when they perpetuate the big lie of duality.

Satan's job to exploit our weaknesses and hold us accountable. In Jewish mystical thought, this is called gevurah or din, Divine justice.[1]

The only way to accomplish this is by masking the Divine nature of reality. Otherwise, if we were permitted to see the truth, we'd see every challenge as an awesome opportunity with infinite potential. Every weakness as potential strength, and each descent as a means to ascend.

Consequently, the true reality -- G-d's all-embracing loving kindness, chessed in Hebrew -- is obscured by Satan's mask.

That's why masks figured prominently in polytheistic worship, especially in Satanic worship.

The mask epitomizes idolatry, duality, and estrangement from G-d

Throughout history, this mask has been embodied by selfishness, greed, cruelty, lust, violence, apathy... all expressions of harsh judgment, gevurah, antagonism.

Now, at the End of Days, Satan resorts to a last ditch effort to keep his job and stay relevant. A mask of alleged chessed, kindness and selflessness. Satan is now the celebrated protagonist. It's 'kind' and 'heroic' to wear a mask.

A clever ruse indeed.

My friends, please don't be fooled. It's the same old Satan at it again. He just had a facelift.

It's a glamorous mask, but it is a mask that effectively distorts and conceals the G-dly light that is reflected on every human face.

It's time to deliver to the Satan his coup de grâce.

We must say NO to concealment in all its iterations. We have had enough concealment for the past few millennia. Now it's time for revelation.

No more masks.

Stop concealing the beautiful faces of your children.

Stop hiding your expression from your fellow man.

Show your empathy. Reveal your smile.

Stop being distant from your loved ones. Now it's a time for closeness.

The kindness that mask proponents invoke is unholy and, in fact, sinful. "Kindness of the nations is sin." [2]

The intentions of public health ideologues are dubious at best. Masks are inherently unholy.

We are not permitted to pray to G-d in a mask, nor to read the Torah in mask. Similarly, it is forbidden to study or teach Torah wearing a mask.

A mask obscures your tselem Elokim, the Divine image in Whose form your face was fashioned.

The "kindness" that these masks claim to promote is an egregious distortion thereof. Clearly a nefarious strategy to dehumanize us all, covid precautions seek to strip us of our individuality and individual rights. Covid policy has declared religion non-essential. Prayer, in which humans communicate with G-d, has been deemed non-essential and a "public health" risk.

Liquor, abortion clinics, rioting, looting, and lawlessness, are all essential by covid definition. In contrast, visiting our elders, communal worship, teaching Torah to our children, etc., are all non-essential. It is painfully evident that this entire policy is unholy. Don't be fooled by its appeal of kindness.

It is utterly Satanic. Unambiguous concealment. Cruelty in the guise of kindness.

It's time for the Satan to be slaughtered... not because he's evil, but because he's obsolete. The final vestiges of manmade evil that still exist in the world are about to be exposed and rectified for all times.

We are ready for Redemption. There is no longer any redeeming quality in concealment.

Satan will soon be unmasked and retired for good. Division and duality will cease and all will be One.

Stop cooperating with policies of concealment. That's such an outdated anachronism in our times, the Era of Revelation.

Take off the mask and end the concealment now.

Join a group and learn about Moshiach from authentic Torah sources... without the mask and sans artificial barriers.

See the inherent good in your neighbor. Increase in acts of goodness and kindness... with a smile.

Open your eyes and behold an unmasked G-dly reality. See Divinity in every blade of grass. Find infinite meaning in every breath of life. In every human face.

"And the glory of G-d shall be revealed, and all flesh together shall see that the mouth of G-d speaks." [3]


[1] Gevurah is G-d's left side, while chessed is His right, as it were. That's why Satan's proper name is Samael, which has virtually the same letters as s'mol, left. "Satan" just describes his job, the "antagonist."

[2] Proverbs 14:34

[3] Isaiah 40:5

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