Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Horn of the Ox = Corona Vax

Under Seleucid-Greek tyranny, Jews were ordered:

“Write on the horn of an ox that you have no share in the G‑d of Israel.”[1]

I've always wondered about that. Why an ox? And why its horn?

Perhaps it's a coded message for our times:

An ox might represent vaccination, since "vacca" means cow in Latin. [2]

The vaccine industry is indeed a mighty ox, the pharmaceutical industry's bull that drives our economy and funds government.

Horn is קרן qeren in Hebrew, which is a cognate of corona. [3]

The corona virus is so called due to it's horn-like projections, akin to spikes of a crown. The corona vaccine aims to create antibodies for its "spike" proteins.

The "horn of the ox" can semantically mean the "corona vaccine."

Much like Antiochus of old, modern-day tyrants order us to sign on to their corona vaccine agenda and effectively disavow our portion in the G-d of Israel.

How so?

Simple. By being pressured into taking this vaccine as some sort of moral obligation, one is accepting the moral authority of "public health policy" as omniscient, omnipotent, and all-transcendent. Indeed, it transcends reason, safety, and all other considerations. Even though this vaccine is a novel, modified-RNA technology never used by the public, and has been expedited at warp speed bypassing animal trials, yet the person still trusts the vaccine implicitly and signs off his health to this dubious product, this is an act of total submission.

Such a person has no portion in the G-d of Israel, since Israel denotes ascendancy over all other influences, human and angelic. [4]

The G-d of Israel empowered us a system of absolute values which preclude this dubious pharmaceutical product and the secularist agenda that's behind it.

By buying into the "morality" of this covid vaccine and pressuring others to take it, one is verily rejecting the G-d of the Bible.


[1] Jerusalem Talmud, Chagiga 2:2.
[2] from the first smallpox vaccine that allegedly derived from cowpox.
[3] see my blogpost on the etymology of Corona.
[4] Gen 32:29

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