Monday, January 25, 2021

Homeland No Longer?

Is the State of Israel a failed experiment? [*see note]

For the past 73 years, it's been touted as a vitally-necessary homeland for Jews, a people who were victimized, beleaguered and persecuted by hostile nations since time-immemorial.

The State of Israel's existence was deemed a dire imperative for Jewish survival. If Jews were ever to be in danger anywhere on earth, there was supposedly one safe haven that awaited them, and in some cases would come to their aid. The so-called "Right of Return" was invoked to assert the State of Israel's status as an unwavering and dependable homeland for Jews everywhere.

Sadly, recent events have discredited this theory in its entirety.

Jews are no longer safe in the "Jewish State," if they ever truly were in the first place. Their government has recently offered them up as guinea pigs for an experimental drug whose side effects include lifelong injury, infertility, and death. Israel's regime has begun to apply undue pressure on all segments of the population to submit to this invasive medical procedure, a grave violation of the Nuremberg Code.

In a shockingly unprecedented move, the State of Israel just announced that it's closing its borders to all, including Jews from abroad seeking to emigrate to Israel. Jews are now banned from returning to the land of our ancestors. Jews en route to aliyah have been turned away at the border. No more 'right to return,' due to Israel's policy of medical tyranny.

No longer a safe haven, Israel is now a police state that uses brute force to impose unjust lockdowns, synagogue raids, coerced experimental procedures and sterilization, and other unspeakable abuses against our people that would make any antisemite envious.

Tragically, Israel is poised to be the first country on earth to introduce "vaccination passports" that will effectively create an apartheid society of have's and have-not's. Jews will not be permitted to travel, enter state-owned venues, or engage in numerous businesses, without submitting to an experimental medical procedure without informed consent. 

Ultimately, a Jew will no longer be able to attend school or participate in society without submitting to the jab -- or "jabs," since these two injections are just the beginning in what seems likely to be an endless of slew of injections for an ever-mutating "covid" pathogen. Marginalized, beleaguered, victimized by their own state (!!), where will these hapless Jews turn to? The USA? Tanzania? Madagascar?

Hence my sorrowful question above. Is the "State of Israel" an abortive experiment? Has it proven itself to be a miserable failure?

The only option at this point is a bloodless revolution. Unworthy to lead, Bibi and every other compromised politician should step down at once.

The People of Israel deserve better. We haven't survived millennia of persecution, expulsions, exile, and genocide, etc, to now be persecuted, banned, experimented on... by our own government!

We didn't go free from Egyptian slavery 3,333 years ago just to be enslaved to technocrat taskmasters in our own land.

Israel deserves a government that is by the people, of the people, and FOR the people, not a mafia of unscrupulous elites who do the bidding of pharmaceutical overlords.

[And so does the USA, while we're at it.]

Let us declare once and for all:

This state has no right to call itself Israel unless it serves as a true and reliable homeland for all Jews, an unwavering beacon of truth and freedom for all of mankind. If it bows to medical Marxism and depraved tyranny, it is nothing more than a rogue state. It has NO business being called Israel.

G-d called our ancestor Jacob's name Israel because "you have struggled with humans and angels and prevailed."

"Who is like Your people Israel, one nation on earth."

Am Yisrael Chai.

Praying for freedom, life, and a return to sanity in the Holy Land.  A homeland that always and unconditionally welcomes her children home.


This post is not intended to delegitimize Israel in any way. I love the people of Israel and the Land of Israel, but am deeply aggrieved over its rogue government. At this perilous juncture, it appears that the tyrannical State of Israel desperately needs a regime change. In general, my position on ideological "Zionism" is nuanced, and I'd rather not elaborate on it at this time. 


The Kingdom said...

I want to restore the house of Judah between the Dead sea and the Mediterranean sea. A New Jerusalem 72km square shall be built and the third temple in the wilderness of Ezekiel's vision shall be built near Herodion where Herald the great moved the cut down mt Zion and moved it's remains to Herodion. This will become god's mountain. This is the kingdom of the south. The kingdom of the north is the house of israel that worship the flag. The kingdom of house of Judah doesn't follow the world beast system of commerce ,land ownership and hiring of murdering or armies. In the Kingdom all is shared with each other, no land ownership because will be returned to god as in time of the garden of eden to water and make abundance in food even in the dessert. Everyone will have a home and live in unwalled communities in peace. No more armies hired to murder for you as god will destroy the enermies of his children.
To make this happen need donation to buy land in judea to return to god for the lost sheep ( tribes of Israel) can come out of exile and return to his kingdom.

GP said...

R’ Sholom Dovber Schneersohn, the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe (1860-1920)

Should–Heaven forbid–the Zionists succeed in obtaining a country as they hope, they will defile and desecrate it with their abominations and their evil deeds and thus prolong–Heaven forbid–the length of the Exile.

Brethren, consider the matter well. Does the Lord delight in these matters and will the salvation of Israel be brought about by their hands? No. We will not accept it under any circumstances.

Even the benefit to be derived from these men will we cast before them. Not in this benefit do we delight but in the good granted us by the Lord through the fulfilment of the Torah and the Commandments as it is written ‘If you walk in My statues … then I will give your rains in their time.’ In this do we delight and for this is our hope.