Thursday, February 25, 2021

Cast Your Lot

Purim is the "Festival of Lots!"

Indeed, it's all about those lots... with lots of timely lessons to consider:

Everyone bowed before Haman by royal decree. There was lots to be scared of! He was the world's wealthiest and most powerful elite. He owned lots of assets and lots of power.

No wonder everyone bowed before him. There was even a state policy enforcing it!

Actually, not quite everyone. Almost everyone.

Mordechai the Jew would not kneel or bow.

An existential threat loomed over the world's Jewish population.

Lots were cast and the nefarious plot was set into motion. State-sponsored genocide seemed all but inevitable. Not just in one city or state, but worldwide. The world media enthusiastically complied: the propaganda was promptly translated into all languages and was broadcasted everywhere. Virtually every nation on earth adopted this policy. The Jews' fate appeared to be sealed.

Mordechai, the single individual who would not bow nor kneel, inspired his cousin Esther to risk her life to speak up for the truth.

The stakes were high, and she had lots to lose. Not only was she at risk of being censored, she risked becoming the victim of character assassination in the empire's prevalent cancel culture. She risked losing her career, her home, and even her life.

She could have easily remained silent and sought refuge in her privileged economic status. It's not easy standing up to Haman, the world's wealthiest man, and the world's most powerful government, and she honestly didn't know if she had it in her.

Nevertheless, against all odds, Esther rose to the challenge. She put her name, career, and life on the line in a valiant effort to insist on her rights and the rights of her people.

She correctly realized that her silence would amount to a colossal moral failure, since it would be interpreted as tacit approval of Haman and the unjust royal policy of horrific human rights abuses against her people.

She bravely chose to cast her lot with Mordechai, and not with Haman. It took lots of courage.

Her odds didn't seem favorable, but she realized that she had no choice but to speak out in the name of truth.

In a stroke of providence, she found her opportunity to demand justice. Her earnest demands were heard!

In a stunning reversal, the nefarious public policy ideologue Haman was deposed and replaced with Mordechai the Jew!

However, the Jews' predicament was still precarious. Haman's original policy had already been set into motion and could not be revoked.

Instead, Mordechai and Esther issued a bold new decree asserting the Jews' right to defend themselves against unjust government policies such as Haman's that pose serious mortal risk to themselves and their children.

For eleven months, the fate of the Jews hung in the balance. Would they capitulate to Haman's posthumous policy of extermination and denounce their Jewishness in an attempt to avoid life-threatening confrontation? Or would they cast their lots with Mordechai and Esther, the only two Jews who would not bow nor kneel to fear and intimidation?

Miracle of miracles! Millions of Jews worldwide were inspired by Esther and Mordechai's fearless devotion for truth. Not one single Jew jumped ship to attrition or fear. They all courageously chose to cast their lots with the daring duo, the two cousins would would not bow.

And not just Jews... millions of truth-loving individuals from all faiths and backgrounds were likewise inspired to rise up and join Mordechai in his fight for freedom. They all summoned the moral fortitude to cast their lots with the side of truth, and not with the side of tyranny, falsehood, censorship, and depravity, even if the latter had been widely accepted by the masses due to indoctrination and propaganda.

They were no longer afraid to stand up to depraved elites. They would no longer be intimidated by Hamanic billionaires and their drones of faceless henchmen.

Finally the fateful day arrived. Wonder of wonders! The side of good prevailed. The tyrants were toppled. Freedom reigned supreme!

My friends, today is Purim, the Festival of Lots.

On this auspicious day at such a crucial juncture in history, you are being given a choice.

With whom will you cast your lot?

Will you side with truth, justice, the First Amendment, and the Nuremburg Code?

Or will you cast your lot with Haman, with tyranny, censorship, forced experimental injections without informed consent, unconstitutional lockdowns, and medical apartheid?

I'm afraid that neutrality is no longer an option.

Your silence and inaction will be interpreted as tacit approval and complicity. You will be as inconsequential as the millions of Europeans who did nothing in the face of of mass genocide of the 1940s. In the history books that will someday be written about the 2020s, you will be entirely irrelevant. Just another one of those faceless drones who eagerly did the elites' depraved bidding, or as the faceless masses who stood by idly while the tyrannical world governments trampled the last vestiges of human rights without compunction.

So what will it be for you?

Blessed Mordechai or Accursed Haman?

Will you cast your lot with Mordechai the Jew who won't bow? Or will you cast it with Haman the Tyrant?

Choose wisely. There's lots at stake.

Wishing you lots of luck and lots of love.

Happy Festival of Lots!

Rabbi Michoel Green

PS if read until the every end, thanks a LOT! :)


Anonymous said...

Rabbi thank you for your article I am using this one at the Shabbos table, have a great Shabbos and Happy Purim. As a Jew from the former Soviet Union, I totally get what you are saying...

JoanD said...

THANK you !

JoanD said...

THANK you !