Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Take It Off

Masks are only appropriate for the wicked.

Our sages taught: "It's forbidden to gaze at the face of a wicked man" [1]. By wearing a mask, the wicked man prevents others from seeing his face thereby sparing them from transgression.

The Torah bids us: "Don't make gods of 'masecha' for yourselves." [2]

While 'masecha' here refers to molten statues, the word also literally means 'mask.'

The Torah here is hinting:

Do not practice idolatry thereby making yourselves into idolatrous images with masks, since it would now be forbidden to gaze at your faces. [3]

This verse conveys a dire message for our current times.

Do not idolize public health policy and blindly accept their dictates. This grave error will cause you to be wicked with your face covered.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to repent and vindicate yourself. Simply stop worshiping covid policy and take off the mask.

By doing so, you are demonstrating your pure and righteous face, having repudiated idolatry just like our ancestor Avraham.

Good for you!


[1] Megila 28a based on Kings II 3:14
[2] Leviticus 19:4
[3] Ohr Hachayim (ibid) by Rabbi Chaim ibn Atar

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