Sunday, May 23, 2021

Reject Religious Rona Radicalism

The US and Iran are both theocracies.

Both force a significant portion of the population to cover their face.

Both discriminate against a significant portion of the population.

Both are dominated by religious fanaticism and ruled by Supreme Leaders (like Ayatollah Fauci) whose fatwa pronouncements may not be challenged, irrespective of how illogical and unsubstantiated they might be.

Both issue dictates that must be obeyed by all or expect to “pay the price” (Biden’s words).

In both countries, academia, medicine, and houses of worship all walk in lockstep with government. The vast majority obeys the state narrative unquestioningly.

In both countries, the population is held hostage in the grips of a fear-mongering state media.

In both countries, the data is massaged to conform with state narrative.

Both regimes came to power through a bloody revolution. In the Rona revolution, the killings were carried out by hospitals. The Rona regime assisted in the carnage by banning life-saving therapies like HCQ and ivermectin.

Both revolutions required taking hostages. The Rona revolution condemned the sick and elderly to die in solitude.

Both are guilty of significant human rights violations, especially against defenseless women and children.

Both are guilty of crimes against humanity. Iran aims to commit genocide by proxy – Hamas’ rockets and other Arab projectiles projected upon a civilian population. The US aims to commit democide by proxy – with a different type of זריקה” – injections injected into its unsuspecting population.

Both censor “apostasy.”

Both reward their citizens for obedience. The US doles out free donuts and french fries.

Both penalize heretics. Iran jails the Islam-hesitant. The US fires the vaccine-hesitant.

Iran: no hijab, no job.
US: no jab, no job.

Welcome to the Rona Republic of America, a Regime Ruled by Radical Rona Religiosity.

Time for a reckoning and counter-revolution.

Refuse Risky RNA and Recombinants.
Resist Repressive Restrictions.
Reject Rona Radicalism.


BeRational said...

Hear, hear!

BeRational said...

Hear, hear! I have now been made aware of adverse reactions-including a death of a friend's father-from these experimental gene therapies. The fact that these are being pushed the way that they are should surely raise the hair on the nape of your neck. Something is wrong. Very wrong.

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suzanneu said...

I love the messages on your blog. Well said, Patriot!