Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Stating the Truth about Deadly Shots

A holy man died yesterday in Crown Heights after taking the c.v. jab. This man was the paradigm of selfless devotion to his fellow human being.

Shockingly, an online tabloid posted fake news that he died of c o v i d, without stating the truth that he had been steadily healing from c o v i d and only started to regress abruptly after taking the p f i z e r injection, resulting in neck-down paralysis worse than anything he'd experienced due to the previous year of c o v i d.

And now, as if that's not bad enough, v a x-pushers in CH are also misrepresenting this tragedy as a "c o v i d death." They are brazenly exploiting this holy man's untimely demise in their fear-mongering tactics and citing it as a reason that people should take the v a c c i n e, rachmana litzlan.

This utter and insolent falsehood is yet another example of "הרצחת וגם ירשת -- Has thou murdered and also inherited!?", ominously stated by Elijah the Prophet after King Ahab had his paternal cousin Navot murdered so that he could inherit the victim's vineyard. Click here to read more about this Biblical narrative and its shocking modern-day recurrence.

This man was very dear to me, and served as my mashpia (spiritual mentor) for over 30 years.

I will not remain silent while his memory is desecrated and cruelly exploited as an excuse to cause more mortal harm to others.

In his memory and to defend his honor, I PROTEST.

This holy yid did NOT die from a disease called c o v i d. He died from a lethal injection called a "v a c c i n e."

Beware this lethal injection.

Honor his memory by warning others and cautioning them to decline this toxic shot at all costs.

Protect your children, your elders, and all your loved ones. Do it in the memory of this holy Jew.

May his memory be for a blessing. A blessing for each and every resident of Crown Heights. A blessing for Klal Yisroel, prat Yisroel, and a blessing for all of humanity.

To dispel popular misconceptions, I'll briefly explain what happened to the saintly individual I'm referring to above: he had suffered significant neurological c o v i d symptoms last year and had been hospitalized and intubated for a long time. Then he was miraculously getting better, after nearly an entire year. He kept steadily improving, was able to speak, eat, walk, etc. He was still in rehab, but was almost well-enough to go home. And then one day recently he was pressured by his doctor and medical staff at the rehab that he MUST be jabbed and that it's the policy of the rehab. So we was jabbed (p f i z e r). After first shot he immediately started to suffer paralysis in his hand and then entire arm. Then they pressured him to get the second shot, after which he became entirely paralyzed from neck-down. And then he passed away. His family knows that he was killed by the c o v i d v a x but they were warned sternly by the doctor not to speak to the public about it. I know this because I heard directly it from a family member under condition of anonymity.


Anonymous said...

What's the name of the deceased?

Brian Trappler said...

Any physician who vaccinates a patient convalescing from that very illness is guilty of Medical Malpractice. Whether the infected patient survives depends on the body's innate imminity prevailing over the pathogen. innoculation results in exacerbating the inflammatory response at a point where the immune system needs rest or support; hence the use of Interferon or Monoclonal Antibodies. Both such interventions have shown to increase survival by using extrinsic adjuncts that boost immunity immediately. In contras, mRNA increases the spike-protein mediated inflammatory assault on a wide array of tissues vulnerable to autoimmune attack. This includes clotting-factors, placental tissue, and the myelin sheath of neurones in the brain and peripheral nerves. Hence the occurence of stroke, miscarriage, and a variety of autoimmune neurological disorders including paralysis. This outcome was predictable and avoidable. I also question whether, at the time of receiving this experimental gene-therapy the Rabbi's "consent" would meet normal legal requirements of consent.

Dovid Chaim said...


Dovid Grunblatt said...

Yasser Joachim dearest rabbi. We need more, many more, leaders, rabbis and influences to scream out the truth. Thank you for your Devine devotion to protest the truth out loud no matter the cost. And I KNOW you paid a heavy price. Hashemi bless you and protect you. Thank you!

Unknown said...

They are criminals, where is the faith in g-d, where's your belief, so much praying and talking for what??? So at the end the only belief is the fake poison jab??

Wheres people power and intuition???

Thank you for protesting

יפית said...

לא הבנתי מה שמו של הנפטר ז"ל?משתתפת בצערכם❣

יפית said...

לא הבנתי מה שמו של הנפטר ז"ל?משתתפת בצערכם❣

Mig said...

Is the Rabbi referring to Rabbi Pinye Korf who past away this week?

Tom Rome said...

HaShem bless you for what you're doing Rabbi! You are in my prayers. I'm VERY proud to see you standing up. Too many rabbis in our communities are bending to pressure or even being paid to tell their people to take the lethal injection. The vacs is 100% against the Halacha and directly opposes the words of אֱלֹהִים. I've warned rabbis repeatedly on YouTube like Rabbi Mizrachi and they simply block me.

Anonymous said...


Brooke said...

Rabbi: I would like to know more about your offer to provide religious exemption for this "vaccine". How do I contact you?

DS said...

Kol Hakavod, Rabbi. So sad and sorry about the Tzaddik's passing and about your loss. Hashem Yikom Damo.

You might want to contact Rav Chananya Weissman in Israel. He is also a truth teller; Baruch Hashem we have rabbis who dare open their mouth and tell it like it is. Rav Asharov is very good too, and so is Rav Alon Anava. Maybe all of you together should start a rabbinical project for truth?? Just a thought.

Yasher Koach.

from the author of ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES - check it out!!!

Marlene said...

Hydroxychloriquin, or Ivermectin. Those are the things people should be using as prophylaxis once a week as well as if beginning to feel ill, take more often.
G-d gave us the greatest cheapest medicine known to man - Ivermectin. Go to The Who website and look up ivermectin.
A researcher won a NOBEL PRIZE for discovering Ivermectin cured a rare illness in Asia "River Blindness". This is a miracle drug.

Go to FrontLineDoctor Dr. Stella Immanuel - fill out a form, pay $90.00 they will call you back and you will speak to a nurse and she will provide you with a prescription of either one. Find a local compounding pharmacy that will fill it. DO NOT GO TO WALGREENS OR CVS, they will not fill it.

Or go on line to a Feed store for livestock and buy the Ivermectin as an "injectable" 1% solution. buy some 18 gauge syringes. Fill the syringe to 1mL for 110 pound person. So 1.5 if you are 150 lbs etc. Put it in a shot glass add some lime juice and drink. Do this once a week if you are around a lot of people all the time.

If you are unaware of the value of Ivermectin watch this presentation. Dr. Kory testified in front of Congress then the YouTube of him doing that was censored.
Here is his presentation

Here is the website to order HCQ or Ivermenctn
Dr. Stella Immanuel is one of America's Front Line Doctors. She has gotten a license in every state to write the perscriptions.

I am not a doctor or a nurse. All I know is what I have done for myself and my husband. I could not convince my kids not to get the jab
apparently even Dr. Simone Gold could not convince her parents.

May Hashem Bless the soul of this righteous person and forgive those who caused this death as they were ignorant. THEY WERE FOLLOWING ORDERS. I wonder if Hashem forgave the Nazis who were just following orders.