Sunday, May 9, 2021

Urgent Shiduch Advice

We are facing a shiduch crisis of epic proportions

Attention all orthodox Jewish parents, both quaxxers and anti-quaxxers:

Please heed my urgent call for a return to sanity!

The current covid quax crisis has deteriorated to an unprecedented nadir.

Fueled by heavy funding from government and corporate interests, pro-quaxxers have unleashed a witch-hunt unparalleled in history. They seek to alienate all unquaxxed and banish them from communal Jewish life. The un and under-quaxxed children will be banned from school, yeshivos and seminaries. Unquaxxed adults will soon be banned from the workplace and from stores.

Non-quaxcinating families are becoming increasingly marginalized and regarded as pariahs. Many unquaxinated boys and girls are already getting rejected for shiduchim purposes as social outcasts.

However, there is a much more serious problem that no one could have anticipated.

Numerous medical experts are warning that by allowing your child to get quacksed, you may well be exposing him/her to significant reproductive risks.

A prominent OB GYN just cautioned the unquacksinated to avoid dating and marrying a quacksinated person if you wish to have children (!)

A leading rabbinic authority recently advised his student not to date a girl who had the quacksine due to concerns about its impact on fertility (!).

As revolting as it sounds, he does have a valid point. Would you choose a person who had survived chemotherapy for matrimony if there are other eligible individuals to choose from?

This is getting very serious. We cannot allow Klal Yisroel to be rent asunder into two camps, the quacxed and the unquacxed.

Please. Let's rethink this whole thing. We teetering perilously at the precipice of unfathomable estrangement from one another. We cannot allow this quacksine to drive such an irreparable wedge between our people.

Let’s remember the dictum “שב ואל תעשה – sit and don’t act.” You can always quax later, but you cannot un-quax.

Would you consider exposing your child to chemotherapy or radiation treatment if s/he didn’t have cancer, but just ‘for the sake of the herd,’ or so that she be able to attend a seminary?

This is not about whether you think concern over the experimental injection’s risk to fertility is valid or not. When shiduchim are concerned, it’s not about what you think, but about what OTHERS think. And it's not about what others think NOW, but what people may think in the future. Who knows what future research will reveal about this brand-new technology that manipulates every single cell in your child's body to produce an artificial spike protein ad infinitum, for the rest of his life? Who knows what the long-term future holds for children exposed to an unnatural spike protein that no human body in history has ever encountered?

Why would you wish to expose him to a procedure that might very well be a serious liability for him with regards to shiduchim for the rest of his life?

What’s the rush? Let’s delay this until long-term risk can be properly assessed.

Don't rush to quax. Just relax.

“Sit and don’t act” – keep our unity intact.

Letter to Trader Joe's

May 7, 2021

Dear Trader Joe's Corporate Office,

I am a long-time customer of Trader Joe's stores for many years. At present, I usually shop at your store In Shrewsbury, MA, but have shopped at many others nationwide, and even remember one of your very first stores in Sherman Oaks, CA in the 1970s. I am a pretty decent customer, spending hundreds of dollars in groceries each week. In addition, some of your employees are close personal friends of mine.

This past week, I was shocked to hear allegations that an employee of one of your stores in Washington State was fired because he declined the experimental covid injection.

Please confirm whether this story is accurate, and whether this move met with the approval of your corporate office.

This is extremely important information for me to know. You see, if Trader Joe's corporate policy allows branch managers to pressure employees into submitting to any medical procedure without informed consent, let alone an experimental one, I will no longer feel comfortable to patronize any Trader Joe's stores anywhere.

As much as I may have enjoyed the Trader Joe's shopping experience in the past, the Nuremburg Code is FAR more important to me. Bodily autonomy is sacrosanct, an essential human right. Every human being is entitled to decline any vaccine. Furthermore, the First Amendment protects our cherished religious freedoms. Terminating an employee due to his or her deeply-held personal convictions – for any moral, ethical, or philosophical reason – is a grave violation of the Constitution. Even if corrupt state officials overlook it, such a policy is inherently unjust and morally detestable.

It is simply unconscionable for me shop at a store whose corporate policy endorses medical tyranny and apartheid.

Moreover, if this is indeed the case, I will publicize this letter widely and ask everyone I know to demand an explanation. We cannot tolerate such blatant discrimination and egregious violation of individual rights.

Sadly, I will have no choice but to ask others to join me in calling for a nationwide boycott of your chain.

This is no small matter, but one of grave concern that we cannot afford to ignore. The very fate of our nation hangs in the balance.

While I have been delighted in recent years to see Trader Joe's growing list of kosher products, I must sadly inform you that such a policy is inherently unkosher. I cannot possibly shop with good conscience at such a morally-compromised establishment that has such utter disregard for human rights.

Once we’re on the subject, kindly clarify your plans with regards to “vaccination passports.” Do you foresee – at any time in the future – only allowing fully-vaccinated customers into your stores?

Please spell out your position with regards to your store policies looking forward.

If Trader Joe's will possibly become a “vaccinated-only” store in the future, all your customers deserve to know about it now. Full disclosure and honesty are always the best policy.

I have no interest in shopping at a store that is planning to ban me from entry at some point in the future. My coreligionists (and some other 'genetically-inferior' minorities) already experienced that in Germany of the 1930s and it didn’t turn out very well for them. If Trader Joe's would consider adopting a discriminatory policy that bans people who simply declined a medical procedure, this is a serious matter that the public deserves to know about NOW.

We deserve to know whether Trader Joe's stands for cherished American values such as freedom, individual liberties, tolerance, and informed consent, or whether it will cast its lot with authoritarianism, intolerance, and medical Marxism.

Please respond as soon as possible. Time is of essence. My next move – as well as my next shopping trip – is pending your kind response.

Thank you.


Rabbi Michoel Green
Westborough, Massachusetts

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Dear Doctor...

April 29, 2021

Dear Dr. ____,

Thank you for recent correspondence in which you eagerly invited me to receive the COVID-19 Dose 1 vaccine at your clinic.

You wrote: “COVID-19 vaccination is safe, effective, and is our path to controlling the pandemic.”

Kindly provide documentation (that I may share with my lawyer) certifying that you take full fiscal responsibility for any injury resulting from your “safe” vaccination.

If you cannot take any actual responsibility for its safety, I’ll disregard your invitation and will caution my entire community to do the same.

Moreover, I will advise them that you are parroting specious rhetoric that this injection is “safe and effective” but are unwilling to back up your claims. We’ll all realize that by refusing to accept liability for a product which YOU are actively promoting, you’re effectively conceding that it is neither “safe” nor “effective.”

Lastly, your enthusiasm to expose me to a product that you cannot even vouch for will indicate that you do not truly care about my health as your individual patient, but rather that your loyalties lie with state policies and your own profit margin that’s apparently dependent on the number of “covid-vaccine” doses you administer.

Your lack of response to this letter will expose you as a politically-motivated businessman who marches in lockstep with government, and who cares little about the individual health of his patients, rather than the kind and caring family doctor you always purported to be.

Thank you in advance for making this so painfully evident.

While I wish you success in your endeavors and personal life, I can no longer subject myself or my family to the risk of having you as their doctor. In fact, I wouldn’t even want you as an auto mechanic. (Have you considered a new career as a used-car salesman?)

Anyway, thank you again for your kind correspondence.

Have a wonderful day. And please stay safe out there from all the upcoming malpractice lawsuits and impending Nuremberg Trial indictments.


Rabbi Michoel Green

Monday, April 26, 2021

At the Cusp of Redemption

Dilemma at the Dawn of Deliverance

Thirty years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe declared unambiguously that we stand poised on the threshold of Redemption.

The defining feature of the Era of Redemption versus the present era is emancipation from our subjugation to gentile kingdoms (“שעבוד מלכיות”).

Accordingly, the Rebbe’s identifying current times as the beginning of the Era of Redemption signals the end of millennia-long persecution of our people

Indeed, just over three decades ago, the USSR and other communist regimes were dismantled in miraculously bloodless revolution. The Rebbe referenced the wondrous changes in the world at that time, and saw them as unmistakable signposts of our unique era 

However, here we are all these years later and we are now experiencing unprecedented tyranny, the likes of which we have NEVER witnessed before in HISTORY.

Of course, the medical tyranny of current times that borders on dystopian nightmare is a rather bizarre anachronism for the era that the Rebbe emphatically described as the beginning of the Days of Moshiach.

This disparity cannot be overstated.

Is this the dawn of a glorious epoch of freedom and good will, or is it the darkest hour in history, an unparalleled nadir in which Jews turn on Jews in a morass of depraved authoritarian suppression?

How can we make sense of it all?

Perhaps there is a precedent.

The Children of Israel had marched forth from Egypt and were now free, or so they thought.

Barely a week later, Pharaoh was in hot pursuit, determined to subjugate his erstwhile slaves once more. Even worse, the Egyptian war machine was unleashed against them, ready to kill, plunder, impoverish and re-enslave the survivors.

When Israel became aware of this impending reality, they were extremely frightened and cried out to G-d.

The Midrash tells us that Israel was divided into four camps at that perilous juncture.

There were those who said, “Let us throw ourselves into the sea.”

A second group said, “Let us return to Egypt.”

A third faction argued, “Let us wage war against the Egyptians.”

Finally, a fourth camp advocated, “Let us pray to G‑d.”

These four camps were each addressed in Moses’ response to the people:

“Fear not; stand by and see the salvation of G‑d which He will show you today. For as you have seen Egypt this day, you shall not see them ever again. G‑d shall fight for you, and you shall be silent.”

Moses effectively rejected all four options:

1. “Fear not; stand by and see the salvation of G‑d which He will show you today” – don’t escape by plunging into the sea.

2. “For as you have seen Egypt this day, you shall not see them ever again” – don’t surrender and return to Egypt.

3. “G‑d shall fight for you” – do not wage war with Egypt

4. “…and you shall be silent” – there’s a time and place for prayer, but not now. 

Instead, what were they to do? Simply go forward.

G‑d said to Moses: “Why do you cry out to Me? Speak to the children of Israel, that they should go forward.”  (Exodus 14:13–15)

The Rebbe explained that “go forward” means keep your eyes focused on the objective, our onward march toward Mount Sinai to receive the Torah.

When we move forward toward our destiny, insurmountable barriers will yield and ominous threats will fade away. G-d will split the sea before us, exposing the submerged reality allowing us to cross it on dry land.

Between the rock and a hard place

The parallels between the dilemma at the banks of the Red Sea and our current times cannot be ignored.

We too thought that we had long seen the end of oppressive regimes and totalitarian subjugation. WWII and the Cold War are long gone, and besides for a few exceptions (like Iran), Jews have largely enjoyed unprecedented freedoms in recent years.

Moreover, the Rebbe predicted that the Redemption is at hand, the wonders of which are said to far exceed those of the Exodus from Egypt. We are now free to serve G-d like at no other time before in history!

Yet lo and behold… here we are in 5781, the year acrostic for “I will show them wonders – תהא שנת פלאות אראנו,” and tyranny rears its ugly head once again, and this time to an incomparably worse degree.

Tyrannical governments of the world are tightening the noose to enslave us all once again and reduce us to mere possession of the state, forced to become guinea pigs in the most extraordinarily perilous human experiment ever. No rights to assemble or travel. Free speech, freedom of opinion, body autonomy, and right of informed consent, are all things of the past.

How are we to react?

Fight or flight? Surrender or pray?

Much like for our ancestors at the Red Sea, there seems to be four prevalent approaches.

1) Escape into the sea:

Retreat from tyranny until you drown. Keep on trying to “stay under their radar” for as long as possible, i.e. don’t speak out but rather feign cooperation. Try to forge ‘vaccine status records’ to keep your kids in school and camp. Avoid confronting corrupt rabbinic leaders and administrators who sold out to tyranny. Don’t make waves, but just sink in them instead. Just keep retreating until you’re no longer able to work, go shopping, and feed yourself and your family. At which point you’ll just die of starvation. Or get force-vaccinated. Or both. There’s no point resisting.

Alternatively, move away from the blue-state cities and move to freer lands. Of course, it’s just a temporary move, since the waves of tyranny will surely follow you there as well. You’re just buying some time, but inevitably you’ll drown too.

2) Return to Egypt:

Surrender. Just cooperate with all their tyranny. It’s true that G-d made us free in a spiritual sense, but we are in exile and they are our captors. There’s no choice but to the jab and follow their policies… even if it means never being free again to educate our children and congregate etc. Don’t fight or protest… אל תתגרה באומות – one must not rile up the nations and ruling powers. We have no choice but to submit to dina d’malchusa and their medical apartheid policies. We are doomed to be slaves in Egypt so you might as well be a good slave. If you die of the jab or in its aftermath, then so be it. It is G-d’s will because, you know, public health. Yada yada yada.

3) Wage war with tyranny:

Fight back! Join groups devoted to bringing down the corrupt establishment. Viciously attack Bibi, Cuomo, Gates, and all their depraved henchmen, and expose them. Take up arms and fight. Let’s start a revolution. Better to die fighting than to live groveling on your knees.

4) Pray:

There’s nothing to do but rely on our Father in Heaven. So let’s just pray and look heavenward for our salvation.

Of course, the Torah is not a story book, but a blueprint with eternal lessons for all times. If these four camps were in error back then, then so too in our perilous times. All four contemporary iterations of these respective approaches are flawed:

1. Returning to the shackles of Egypt is not an option. There is no “return” to normal. “Public health policy” is in hot pursuit of every human being on the planet. They will not rest until we are all completely and irrevocably subjugated to Pharaohmacetuical dependency and stripped of all rights. “כי לי בני ישראל עבדים עבדיי הם – the Children of Israel are Mine and no one else’s. We cannot allow ourselves to be reduced to the status of chattel and experimental guinea pigs. Slavery is simply not an option. We cannot comply with this egregious assault on our freedom and body sovereignty.

2. Retreating into the sea is not an option either. We cannot continue to play the game of trying to stay under their radar, hoping to get by from day to day. The time will soon come when you will NOT be able to work, send your children to school, or even subsist, etc., without total surrender to their agenda. Ultimately, this approach is suicidal and precluded by Torah values. We need to act now to stem the tide of tyranny before it floods the world.
3. Fighting the system of tyranny seems like a wiser approach, but the stakes are high. Fighting also entails risks; victors suffer collateral damage too. Secondly, the very people we are trying to save will undoubtedly view us as contentious trouble makers, as we’ll be promptly discredited and deplatformed by today’s prevalent cancel culture. How can we realistically succeed in a battle against the encroaching tyrants and their Pharaohmaceutical agenda if there are so few of us? Not only is the other side innumerably greater and with endless resources, they already exert an unfathomable chokehold over the vast majority of our fellow Israelites, all of whom have long since surrendered and are helplessly resigned to return to Egypt because of an alleged pandemic.
But most importantly: is this really our job -- at this auspicious time in history that the Rebbe called the Era of Redemption -- to busy ourselves with fighting against Exile and its existential threats?

4. Praying is not the call of the hour. There is impending danger. We must take action.

But what action if not fight, flight, or surrender?

March forward

Fear not. There is a fifth option:

“Speak to the Children of Israel that they should go forward.”

It’s time to proceed to Mount Sinai to receive the Torah. It’s time to achieve our destiny as a redeemed people.

Ay, there’s an ocean in the way? Insurmountable challenges? Impassable boundaries?

Never mind these perceived barriers. We must proceed forward.

Onward to Redemption, to receiving the Torah amidst freedom from Pharoah’s dictates.

Don’t “hide under the radar.” Publicize to the whole world that you are free and have inalienable rights to live your lives in accordance with Torah and to educate your children in accordance with G-d’s law.

If and when the government attempts to undermine your efforts to teach Torah to all Jewish children, simply resist. Keep your schools and shuls open. Stay the course on the road to Mount Sinai. 

Move forward – ויסעו. Onward to teach Torah to ALL Jews and ALL Jewish children. Do NOT comply to state policies that encroach on our freedoms and attempt to drag us back to subjugation to secular state ("שעבוד מלכיות"). Do NOT comply with policies that attempts to drive a wedge into our people and artificially divide us into the “vaccinated’ and “unvaccinated.” Such an agenda is not “forward” but exceedingly “backward.” And stop turning back toward to behold and consider such Egyptian backwardness. (“לא תוסיפון לראותם עוד עד עולם”)

Take back our schools and communities. Tell you administrators that you will no longer cooperate with state policies. No more masks, no more testing, no more zoom, and NO MORE vaccine mandates. In short, no more שעבוד מלכיות, no more enslavement to secular state dictate.

A Jew doesn’t approach Mount Sinai with a mask on his face and a needle in his arm.

If a rabbi is advising a “return-to-Egypt” or “retreat-into-the-sea” approach, find a new rabbi. Be the leader in your community and educate your rabbis. Be the Nachshon Aminadav and march forward to Mt Sinai, toward teaching Torah to your children and community amidst devotion to G-D, and not to state dependency, with true medical and religious freedom

If some schools, yeshivas, and synagogue have failed us, we must create new ones. If that’s not possible in states that have outlawed teaching Torah to all children due to unjust tyrannical policies, then create new communities and new institutions, perhaps in rural settings, independent of state funding, away from govt scrutiny.

There’s no need to fight the tyrants and their depraved agenda. Simply start resisting. And celebrate your religious freedom with friends, family, and community.

Perceived barriers will vanish. The sea of indifference will part before us.

The tyrants and their enablers will drown in the waves of their own doing.

And we shall proceed to achieve our destiny as a redeemed people, as free men and free women, under G-d and none other, the Almighty Creator Who has endowed us with freedom and unassailable rights, led by our righteous redeemer, in the most immediate future. Amen.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Covid and Oslo

Before there was Covid, there was Oslo.

Remember the so-called Oslo Agreement?

Just two decades ago, Israel's history was scarred by incessant Palestinian suicide bombings and systematic Israeli suicidal policy of appeasement.

Every time a Jewish child was murdered by a terrorist’s bullet or shrapnel, the Israeli authorities would callously and cynically refer to the victim as “korban hashalom” (a "sacrifice for peace").

Now that manufactured Arab terror has been replaced by manufactured covid terror, Israel’s democidal attitude toward its citizens – ie its utter lack of regard for the lives of its six million Jewish inhabitants – is still pretty much the same.

Nowadays, every time a young woman drops dead or loses her baby from the lethal experimental injection that they have coercively unleashed onto their hapless population, the authorities callously and cynically regard it as a “korban habriyut” or “korban l’briyut hatzibur” – a sacrifice for ‘public health.’

Nothing much has changed. Same idea.

Thousands of human lives were sacrificed in a bloody assault masquerading as “peace process” by a depraved regime that outrageously claimed to be acting in the interest of its victims.

Untold thousands of human lives are now being sacrificed in a genocidal assault masquerading as “public health policy” by a depraved regime that outrageously claims to be acting in the interest of its victims.

The treasonous government of Israel (and most other nations on earth, with the US lagging not far behind) have mandated the suicide of its citizens, à la Jim Jones.

The question is:

Will the six million Jews wake up in time? 

Or will they obsequiously sip the Kool-Aid? Déjà vu?

לא תקום פעמיים צרה. May tragedy not repeat itself.[1]


[1] Nachum 1:9

Friday, April 16, 2021

Say No to Human Sacrifice

Whoever offers their child up to "modern medicine" to receive the experimental injection is a modern-day idol worshipper engaging in human sacrifice.

You are no different than the pagan who offered his child to the fires of Molekh for some perceived “greater good.”

You’re not just an accomplice to the immolation and slaughter of your own child. You’re an accomplice to mass murder of millions of innocent children who will die from this lethal injection because of your participation in this depraved human experimentation.

Remember the angel’s stern warning to Abraham:

“Do not stretch forth your hand against the lad, nor do the slightest thing to him.” [1]

He is not yours. You may not offer him up as a human experiment without his informed consent. He is a minor.

G-d entrusted him in your care to protect and nurture him, not to jeopardize his life to satisfy your devout zeal and servitude to the deity of “public health.”

Stop being a religious extremist and start being a parent.

Say no to human sacrifice.



[1] Genesis 22:12

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Holocaust Day 2021!?

The 'train tracks' of Covid policy only
lead to one familiar destination

There's no need to observe Holocaust Memorial Day this year.

There's really no point.

The entire year has been Holocaust Days, and the real Holocaust Days are yet to come.

Indeed, we're living in a contemporary Holocaust of sorts, a new genocide (or perhaps more accurately a "humanicide")  in the making that has the potential to eclipse the previous one.

And just like last time, the modern-day mass-murder campaign is also a Holocaust of 'Public Health.' [1]

Why bother remembering the old one if the new one is staring you in the face and you are utterly oblivious and complacent? Why light candles and chant empty slogans like "Never Again" while you are obsequiously ready to board the proverbial cattle car?

Truth be told, I've never been a fan of "Holocaust Day" for ideological reasons too numerous to list here. Below are a few previous pre-covid posts I've written on the subject. [2]

In current times, however, the irony of "Holocaust Day" observance by Jewish communities who are fully complicit in modern society's dark crimes against humanity is truly mindboggling and unthinkable.

Please don't offer lip-service to honor the memories of six million victims while six million Jews are being forced to be human experiments of a potentially-lethal injection, in the Holy Land, of all places!

Don't shed fake tears over 1.5 million children while you prepare to inject your own children with an experimental injection that lists death and lifelong injury as its side effects.

Please stop pontificating about tolerance while you turn a blind eye to the horrific marginalization of millions of individuals who simply yearn to breathe free and decline experimental gene-therapy injections.

Don't exploit the memory of holy martyrs while you condone unprecedented medical tyranny and apartheid, lockdowns, police state policies in which persecuted minorities are ordered once more: "Show me your papers" in order to simply walk in the street or shop for food.

Stop your self-righteous preaching and just listen to the silence.

Can't you hear it?

The voices of six million kedoshim are screaming at you, begging you to heed their urgent pleas...

"Beware!" they sob. "Stop cooperating with evil! You are all in grave danger! Protect your children, your vulnerable ones, yourselves. Stand up NOW and assert your freedom, your pinteleh yid. Stand up for the truth NOW and do NOT cooperate with totalitarian tyranny."

Enough of your petty Yom Hashoah observances this year. It's time to address the real Shoah lurking in your midst.

Do it to honor the 6 million holy martyrs whose lives were sacrificed to sanctify G-d's holy name, and who serve as an everlasting reminder to NOT put your trust in man, but only in G-d.

I'll conclude with words I ominously wrote several years back:

What do they mean when they say "Never Again?" Are they serious?

It's more like: "Oh no. Not Again!" לא תקום פעמיים צרה.

What do we hope to accomplish by just passively remembering the horrors of the past, yet we stand by idly and obliviously to the unfolding horrors of the present?

At the very least, let's change the slogan to "No more" or "Let's actually stop it now before it's too late."

May Hashem protect us and grant us the clarity to stand up and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

May we merit immediate Redemption.