Friday, February 19, 2021

Do Individuals Matter in "Public Health Policy?'


"Public health policy" was never about health of any individual.

It was always about the so-called "public."

The individual child who occasionally dies from a vaccine is simply par for the course.

It was a necessary sacrifice for the sake of the public, or so the party line goes.

And who is to determine what is good for public health?

Not you, me, or any other individual. Not even any individual physician or scientist.

Only experts who are endorsed by the public, since it's only the public that matters here.

But who gets to speak for the public?

Only three entities are so entitled. They are:

  1. Government (which supposedly is democratically elected, but in actuality is funded by special-interest corporate investors and donors)
  2. Medical mainstream (funded by the same special-interest corporate investors and donors)
  3. Mainstream media (monopolized by the same special-interest mega-corporations)

Any individual who dares question the public's narrative is censored and silenced by Big Tech, which is similarly entitled to speak for the public, as part of Mainstream Media.

In Public Health Policy, the individual is of zero significance, and even worse.

The individual poses a serious risk to the well-being of the public.

Individual rights, speech, opinion, choice, and even access to facts, all need to be curtailed in order to maintain the public's safety.

Of course, it's ultimately all about what's allegedly good for the individual too, since, as the thinking goes, the individual only matters as part of the public.

Subjecting the individual to the risk of an experimental gene therapy without informed consent is supposedly acceptable even if it results in his premature death, since his life was only meaningful in service of the 'public.'

He died for a noble and worthwhile cause, since it was 'for the public.'

This rationale has far-reaching consequences that you probably never imagined.

For example, suppose the three exclusive authorities of public welfare -- or the entities that fund them -- were to determine that there are too many individual humans alive in any given state or continent(s), and that the 'perilously'-large population jeopardizes the fate of the 'public.'

Suppose the 'public' decided that it's worthwhile to expose individuals worldwide to life-threatening toxins in effort to mitigate the population, thereby protecting the 'public' from the uncertainty of 'over-population' risks.

Suppose the only way to accomplish this was by engineering a dreaded pandemic and subjecting the entire population to lockdowns and isolation -- first voluntarily, just for 14 days to "flatten the curve," but ultimately by coercion -- in order to reduce the population of individuals to desperation, hopelessness, and total dependency, dependency on those three arbiters of 'public,' i.e. government, medical establishment and its pharmaceutical products, and media.

Individuals are declared public health risks, forced to wear masks and keep their distances from other individuals, in a manner of "divide and conquer."

Houses of worship are declared non-essential and shut-down. School is deemed an unnecessary privilege that can be shut down by the slightest whim. This is important since religion and education promotes individuality, and that is non-conducive for public welfare.

And then, the 'public' releases an experimental injection that is geared to providing temporary relief from the current alleged pathogen, but in fact serves to prime the unsuspecting population for far-deadlier consequences in the future.

The masses of disposable faceless individuals line up to take this experimental product in spite of its unknown risks. They are desperate to 'return to normal' at all costs after suffering a year of traumatic abuse. The dangling carrot works wonders and a world population of individuals obsequiously get injected.

And then, some time down the road, a massive population reduction is achieved when hundreds of millions -- or even billions -- of individuals die off, thereby saving the 'public' from the fate of overpopulation. 

The plan would be for the unsuspecting population of surviving individuals to never realize that they had been poisoned by Public Health Policy, but instead be convinced that it was from a subsequent 'naturally-occurring' pandemic for which they had been secretly primed. However, even if the truth were to leak out, it could be easily justified by the very principles of public health policy. It was an altruistic act to maintain public wellbeing. Surely all those individuals who died (or suffered lifelong injury) did so for a just cause. It was all for the good of the public.

Does this scenario sound conspiratorial to you? Too dystopian for your preferences?

If you accept the basic premise of the 'morality' behind public health policy, then you already have condoned it. Your belief system has already deemed this imaginable.

By very definition, "public health policy" is an assault on individual health, individual rights, and individual lives.

Not just the handful of children who die each year from vaccines, whose deaths and life-long injuries are brushed under the carpet for the sake of 'public health.' Not just the thousands of people who have died from the experimental covid injection so far, whose deaths are hailed as a necessary sacrifice to 'return to normal.'

Public health policy is an assault on every single individual alive on earth today, each and every one of us.

We are all fair game, since our individual life, wellbeing, essential human rights, free choice, etc., have all been deemed to be secondary to 'public health.'

If the individual doesn't matter, then none of us matter.

If you believe in humanity, if you care about the fate of humanity... you must oppose the twisted morality of public health policy.

The individual is sacrosanct, independent from the so-called public.

The individual has infinite value.

Individual rights are untouchable.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Doctors and the Covid Injection

Many are asking:

Should I take the covid injection since so many doctors are recommending it? What if my rofeh yedid* recommends it?


There are matters concerning which the Rebbe never said to consult with a rofeh yedid. CT scans during pregnancy is an example. He simply said not to do it, under any circumstances, irrespective of what any doctor says.

Likewise, the Rebbe never said to consult a rofeh yedid about whether one should vaccinate.

Instead, he stipulated that one should take only it if its safety is tried and proven, its safety record is well-established, manufactured by companies with reputations of being incontrovertibly saafe and reliable. We already discussed how none of these conditions apply with regard to the current experimental covid injection.

Consequently, your rofeh yedid has absolutely no authority in this matter, nor does any other doctor, or not even a majority of the world’s doctors. Their view is halachically irrelevant in this discussion. It would be foolhardy and irresponsible to listen to them.

In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Numerous expert doctors have come out against this experimental pharmaceutical product. They warn about the risks of pathogenic priming, and maintain that it carries significant known and unknown risks that include lifelong injury and death.

Shulchan Aruch Harav, Orach Chaim siman 618:5, states categorically that if there are two physicians who caution against fasting and raise concerns that it could cause serious risk to the patient, even if a hundred other doctors insist that it’s safe for the patient to fast, and even if these hundred have superior credentials, the law is that it is forbidden for him to fast, because with regards to uncertainty involving life and death, a stringent ruling is not determined by greater wisdom or greater numbers. Instead, the two who caution that the patient should NOT fast serve as expert testimony, and two witnesses are considered equivalent to a hundred by Scriptural decree.

Halacha requires us to err on the side of caution.

Nearly every time the Rebbe spoke about territorial integrity of Eretz Yisroel, he invoked Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim siman 329:6, and the laws of pikuach nefesh.

Likewise in our current dilemma, we must stay true and consistent with the Rebbe’s approach.

Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim siman 618 clearly precludes this injection.

It is categorically prohibited by Jewish law, and that is the end of the discussion.

It doesn’t matter if a preponderance of rabbis still endorses this ill-advised product. It was exactly the same thing with regards to land for peace. Nearly all rabbis supported this foolhardy move due to overwhelming societal, government and media pressure, but that did not change the Rebbe’s stance one iota.

For decades, he stood up as a lone voice maintaining the truth. He was once asked: “But what about the majority of rabbonim who support land for peace?”

The Rebbe replied that Rabbi Yosef Karo only published his Code of Jewish Law after getting the agreement of all the leading rabbanim of the generation, and that the Shulchan Aruch has been universally embraced by all Klal Yisroel. As such, his unequivocal psak din represents the majority view for all Jews of all times. So in fact, the Rebbe’s insistence for shleimus ha’aretz DOES represent the majority view of Klal Yisroel by very definition.

It’s exactly the same here in our current discussion.

By adhering to the Rebbe’s bold example and to the timeless ruling of Shulchan Aruch, we shall surely succeed in safeguarding the health of our families and communities.

אין לנו אלא דברי בן עמרם.

The truth will prevail, since אמת מארץ תצמח. Truth will sprout from the earth, and tzemach is the name of Moshiach... because by boldly and unambiguously asserting the truth, we shall proceed directly to the true and complete geulah, through Moshiach Tzidkeinu, in the most immediate present!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Israel's Obsession with the Covid Injection

Why has the State of Israel become the first government to aggressively enforce an experimental injection while subjecting its population to extraordinarily draconian shutdowns?

Why is it poised to become the first state to introduce "Green Passport" that effectively marginalizes the unvaccinated and bans them from the public?

Why are they the first country to use its army to vaccinate its population? First to use ‘divide and conquer’ method in attempt to get everyone vaccinated?

Why was it one of the first countries to close its borders, close its schools, and close itself entirely, crippling its economy, effectively making people desperate to "return to normal," even if that means taking an experimental injection with countless known and unknown risks?

Why has Israel become the first country on earth to militarize its health care? And why is this state so fanatically obsessed with becoming the first "fully-vaccinated country" on earth? And why does it already have the highest vaccination per capita in the world -- 1 out of every 3 people!?

In my opinion, the answer to all these questions is deeply disturbing. I do not write these words flippantly or lightly. Yes, it is rather eschatological.

As I’ve elaborated on in the past [1], covid policy is too eerily-familiar to ignore. It smacks of Nazi-era ‘public health concerns’ as a pretext for tyranny and human rights abuses. 

The fact that this is occurring worldwide suggests a global agenda to impose tyranny and control over the world population. It seems that injecting humans everywhere with the so-called covid vaccine is a crucial part of this apparent agenda.

However, aggressive government efforts to subject a population to an experimental injection – one that carries risk of lifelong injury and infertility, not to mention death – invokes the Doctors’ trial and Nazi atrocities against European Jewry. How will they get away with that? Won't the masses protest?

Perhaps that’s precisely why Israel was to be the first to implement these unprecedented efforts, so as to cast off suspicion of genocide on a world-scale, or perhaps the right word is “humanicide.”

No one would ever suspect the so-called Jewish State – whose very existence was supposedly justified by the collective Jewish victimhood of the European Holocaust – of victimizing its own Jewish population with Mengele-style atrocities!

Jews don’t commit genocide against Jews, or so the thinking goes. A “Jewish” government and Jewish doctors can’t possibly be antisemitic, can they? Who would ever suspect Jews of poisoning Jews? No, they must be acting out of benevolence and authentic concern for their fellow coreligionists’ health, right? And their “righteous zeal” to aggressively ‘vaccinate’ their own can then serve as a precedent and model for the rest of the world, who will eagerly mimic Israel’s “exemplary” concern for the “public health” of its own.

Don’t fall for it. It’s the same old story. Nuremburg Code isn’t suspended when it’s Jew against Jew.

In fact, it’s all been foretold by the Prophets that in the end of days Jews will wage war against Jews. [2]

We are witnessing cataclysmic prophecies coming to fruition. However, we who are armed with the truth must fight back to defend our people under assault. We must expose the lies and the evils of these crimes against humanity. We must work tirelessly to save as many souls as we can by educating one individual at a time.

There is no time to waste. Too many innocent lives hang in the balance.

We are teetering on the precipice of moral degeneracy beyond which there is no return. When informed consent no longer matters, we have lost our soul.

We must save the soul of humanity.

Let's start by saving the soul of Israel


[1] Here are some of my past articles addressing it:

[2] Zechariah 14:14. Rashi ibid that they will be forced to wage this war against fellow Jews.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Hast thou Murdered and Inherited!?

A perfectly healthy man just took the covid jab. Shortly thereafter, he developed severe symptoms and died.

It was cynically reported as a "covid death."

This reminds me of a recent tragedy in our community. A woman, who had been suffering from anorexia for many years, was in critical condition due to her perilously low body weight. Her family (dear friends of mine) called to notify her doctor, who grimly replied that due to covid, she would NOT be admitted to the local hospital, since the spaces were reserved for covid patients only. Instead, the doctor advised her family to try to hydrate her with drops of sugar water.The family called 911 but were told the same thing by the operator. In desperation, they reached out to me. I called several nurses I know, but none were able to help.

The woman died in her home due to dehydration and malnutrition shortly thereafter. 

Her life could have been saved by a simple IV, but she was condemned to die by covid policy.

Shockingly, the family was dismayed to learn that her demise was dubbed a covid death, and that's how it was recorded on her death certificate.

Of course, this utter fabrication was good for covid policy, since it boosted the number of covid mortalities. It presumably benefitted the doctor's office, hospital, and state too, since generous funding was awarded per every "covid death."

My friends, do you grasp the enormity of the falsehood being propagated here?

This woman did NOT die from covid, yet her untimely death is being exploited to benefit that same criminal covid policy that actually caused her untimely death.

Same with regards to the man mentioned above. His demise was construed as a covid death when in fact he was killed by an experimental injection whose emergency use authorization is justified by covid deaths like "his." Truly revolting.

There is a Biblical precedent. King Ahab allowed his wicked queen Jezebel to arrange for his cousin Navot to be falsely accused of a serious crime by royal henchmen and executed in court, so that he'd inherit Navot's vineyard he had so coveted.

Shortly thereafter, Elijah the Prophet appeared before Ahab in Samaria with an ominous admonition:

So said the Lord, "הֲרָצַחְתָּ וְגַם־יָרָשְׁתָּ -- Hast thou murdered and also inherited?" [1]

Public health policy is guilty of the same. Have you murdered and also inherited!? You ruthlessly condemned my friend's mother to her death, and hundreds of others to untimely deaths due to your experimental and risky injection, and then you impudently claim their deaths as "covid mortalities" to justify your depraved deeds!

"In a place where there are no men," I have no option to remain silent. As a modern-day spokesperson for my ancestor Elijah, I must gravely inform you of the subsequent verses:

And Ahab said to Elijah, "Have you found me, my enemy?" 

And he said, "I have found you because you have sold yourself to do what is bad in the eyes of the Lord. I will bring disaster upon you and I will expunge after you..." [2]

Indeed, you and all your collaborators -- so-called "public health policy" ideologues and those enforce it -- have sold yourself to do what is bad in the eyes of G-d.

There is nothing worse than complicity to evil for personal gain:

But there was none like Ahab who had sold himself to do bad in the eyes of the Lord, that Jezebel his wife instigated him. [3]

This is the sorry state of our contemporary "health care," which might more appropriately be called "death care" instead.

I refer here to not to health care workers themselves, but to policy makers.

To health care workers, I beseech you: do not heed unjust orders or implement lethal covid policies.

"I was merely following orders" was not a valid excuse at the Nuremburg Trials and it won't stand up to scrutiny in the Heavenly court either.

"Righteousness, righteousness you shall pursue." [4]
"Do what is right in G-d's eyes." [5]
"Stand not over thy brother's blood." [6]

Save lives and promote life. Protect your patients and cause them no harm.

G-d is watching your actions and your decisions.

Choose wisely.

Choose life. [7]


[1] Kings I 21:19

[2] Ibid verse 20-21.

[3] Ibid verse 25.

[4] Deuteronomy 16:20

[5] Exodus 15:26

[6] Leviticus 19:16

[7] Deuteronomy 30:19

Thursday, January 28, 2021

A Holocaust of 'Public Health'

Do you know that the Holocaust was perpetrated in the name of safeguarding public health?

Typhus served as a convenient pretext to justify mass murder.

Nazi officials used typhus prevention as an expedient strategy to deceive prisoners into believing they were receiving medical treatment when in fact they were being gassed.

Jews were identified as carriers of disease -- and a therefore a public health risk -- to justify forcing them into ghettos. 

In her book "Murderous Medicine," Naomi Baumslag documents the complicity of German doctors and pharmaceutical companies in murderous medical experiments related to epidemic typhus to further Jewish genocide. 

The primary purpose of her book, subtitled Nazi doctors, human experimentation, and Typhus, is to explain how epidemic typhus served in the Jewish genocide.

The following excerpts are taken from a book review by Evelyne Shuster:

"Containing typhus epidemics provided a rationale for quarantine, ghettoization, and 'delousing baths' or 'disinfection.' Delousing baths were camouflage for gas chambers. But ghettoization, of course, fueled rather than contained the epidemic, and this, in turn, reinforced the 'prevention' strategy, i.e. disinfection. German and Austrian doctors favored overcrowded and unsanitary conditions to permit the epidemic to flourish, killing as many people as possible...

"Baumslag, a pediatrician at Georgetown University School of Medicine with a master of public health degree, explains that she chose to focus on typhus because the disease was rampant and the epidemic was used as a weapon of mass destruction with the 'silent complicity' of the International Committee of the Red Cross...

"Baumslag argues that doctors pressured Nazi officials to proceed swiftly to quarantine and ghettoization to further the 'eradication' of the disease — not typhus, but the Jews themselves. Typhus prevention rituals, including shaving and gassing, were used under the subterfuge of providing health care. Several million Jews were murdered as a direct consequence. Underlining the point that the goal was to kill Jews, she notes, 'with all their barbaric and unethical experiments the German researchers were unable to control typhus and get rid of lice.' Jews were left in a diseased environment and doomed to die." [1]

However, upon further reflection, "public health" wasn't merely a convenient pretext to assist in genocide. It served as the very basis and rationale for mass murder. It provided context for the racism that made the Holocaust possible.

The alleged imperative for "public health" demands that citizens make sacrifices for the greater good.  Nazi Germany took this idea to what appears to be an extreme, but in fact is nothing more than its logical application. National or public health -- Volksgesundheit --took total precedence over individual rights.

In the name of "racial hygiene," or eugenics, many scientists and medical doctors legitimized Nazi policies aiming to "cleanse" German society of people who were alleged to be "biologic threats" to public health.

If someone can be identified as a public health risk, his/her humanity no longer matters. S/he must be marginalized and eliminated at all costs.

As Susan Bachrach, PhD, points out in her essay In the Name of Public Health, Nazi racial-hygiene measures began with the mass sterilization of the “genetically diseased” and ended with the near-annihilation of European Jewry. 

According to Baumslag, we still face the challenge of educating physicians, health care workers, and researchers "to have a conscience and a love for humankind." She insists that there can be "no medical science without a moral basis."

In my opinion, her analysis falls short. The problem here isn't just the moral vulnerability of doctors, scientists, or the Red Cross. It is a societal morass of moral ambiguity that has errantly embraced the premise for "public health policy" in the first place.

In Judaism, an individual is NEVER sacrificed for the good of the public. Individual rights are sacrosanct.

In a society of sound moral conscience, we may not eliminate one person to save the life of another unless the former was actively pursuing the latter to kill him. Each and every life has infinite value. Any attempt to characterize an individual as a "threat" to the public must be corroborated with actual empirical evidence. Theories or statistical models are insufficient.

Putative pandemics may not be cited as a pretext to encroach on any individual's essential human freedoms without exercising "strict scrutiny."

We may not coerce an individual to receive an experimental vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter, if it carries the slightest risk, even for the sake of the so-called herd. All vaccines entail risks. That is a well-documented fact. Consequently, the very notion of mandatory vaccine policy is morally odious, and a grave violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Proponents of mandatory vaccination argue that the societal benefit outweighs the risk to the individual, and that if one child suffers death or lifelong injury from a vaccine, it's a justifiable sacrifice for "public health."

If the untimely death of one child is "par for course," then one can likewise rationalize the deaths of 1.5 million children in the Holocaust, and Dr. Mengele's cruel experimentation on his hapless victims, all in the name of "public health."

It's time for our society to disavow the spurious morality of "public health policy" once and for all.

Let us proclaim resolutely that each and every human life is sacred. Every human being deserves informed consent.

Say no to mandatory vaccination. There's too much at stake.

Let's heal our society from the scourge of "public health" tyranny.




[3] In Judaic law, the individual has infinite value, and may NOT be sacrificed for the sake of the community. 

Our sages taught:

If gentiles will demand one of a group of women, saying: "Yield us one of among you and we will defile her, if not we will defile you all", let all be defiled, rather than surrender to them one soul in Israel. [Mishna, Terumos 8:12]. Likewise, if gentiles will say to a group of men: "Yield us one of you and we will kill him, if not we will kill you all", let all of them be killed rather than surrender to them one soul in Israel. If, however, they single out the one, saying: "Give us that man, if not we will kill you all", if he be guilty of a capital crime, as, for example, Sheba son of Bichri [Samuel II 20:1], they may surrender him to them, but it is not commendable to advise them to do so; if he be not guilty of a capital crime, they all must submit rather than surrender them one soul in Israel.

Mishneh Torah, Yesodei Hatorah 5:5

Monday, January 25, 2021

Homeland No Longer?

Is the State of Israel a failed experiment? [*see note]

For the past 73 years, it's been touted as a vitally-necessary homeland for Jews, a people who were victimized, beleaguered and persecuted by hostile nations since time-immemorial.

The State of Israel's existence was deemed a dire imperative for Jewish survival. If Jews were ever to be in danger anywhere on earth, there was supposedly one safe haven that awaited them, and in some cases would come to their aid. The so-called "Right of Return" was invoked to assert the State of Israel's status as an unwavering and dependable homeland for Jews everywhere.

Sadly, recent events have discredited this theory in its entirety.

Jews are no longer safe in the "Jewish State," if they ever truly were in the first place. Their government has recently offered them up as guinea pigs for an experimental drug whose side effects include lifelong injury, infertility, and death. Israel's regime has begun to apply undue pressure on all segments of the population to submit to this invasive medical procedure, a grave violation of the Nuremberg Code.

In a shockingly unprecedented move, the State of Israel just announced that it's closing its borders to all, including Jews from abroad seeking to emigrate to Israel. Jews are now banned from returning to the land of our ancestors. Jews en route to aliyah have been turned away at the border. No more 'right to return,' due to Israel's policy of medical tyranny.

No longer a safe haven, Israel is now a police state that uses brute force to impose unjust lockdowns, synagogue raids, coerced experimental procedures and sterilization, and other unspeakable abuses against our people that would make any antisemite envious.

Tragically, Israel is poised to be the first country on earth to introduce "vaccination passports" that will effectively create an apartheid society of have's and have-not's. Jews will not be permitted to travel, enter state-owned venues, or engage in numerous businesses, without submitting to an experimental medical procedure without informed consent. 

Ultimately, a Jew will no longer be able to attend school or participate in society without submitting to the jab -- or "jabs," since these two injections are just the beginning in what seems likely to be an endless of slew of injections for an ever-mutating "covid" pathogen. Marginalized, beleaguered, victimized by their own state (!!), where will these hapless Jews turn to? The USA? Tanzania? Madagascar?

Hence my sorrowful question above. Is the "State of Israel" an abortive experiment? Has it proven itself to be a miserable failure?

The only option at this point is a bloodless revolution. Unworthy to lead, Bibi and every other compromised politician should step down at once.

The People of Israel deserve better. We haven't survived millennia of persecution, expulsions, exile, and genocide, etc, to now be persecuted, banned, experimented on... by our own government!

We didn't go free from Egyptian slavery 3,333 years ago just to be enslaved to technocrat taskmasters in our own land.

Israel deserves a government that is by the people, of the people, and FOR the people, not a mafia of unscrupulous elites who do the bidding of pharmaceutical overlords.

[And so does the USA, while we're at it.]

Let us declare once and for all:

This state has no right to call itself Israel unless it serves as a true and reliable homeland for all Jews, an unwavering beacon of truth and freedom for all of mankind. If it bows to medical Marxism and depraved tyranny, it is nothing more than a rogue state. It has NO business being called Israel.

G-d called our ancestor Jacob's name Israel because "you have struggled with humans and angels and prevailed."

"Who is like Your people Israel, one nation on earth."

Am Yisrael Chai.

Praying for freedom, life, and a return to sanity in the Holy Land.  A homeland that always and unconditionally welcomes her children home.


This post is not intended to delegitimize Israel in any way. I love the people of Israel and the Land of Israel, but am deeply aggrieved over its rogue government. At this perilous juncture, it appears that the tyrannical State of Israel desperately needs a regime change. In general, my position on ideological "Zionism" is nuanced, and I'd rather not elaborate on it at this time. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Let Go of Fear

There's so much fear these days.

It seems like 99.9% of the population is living in mortal fear of a disease that has a 99.9% survival rate.

Certainly the overwhelming majority of our population lives with gripping panic.

Fortunately, there is a small but vocal minority who rejects irrational covid fear.

However, it must be pointed out that many of this minority are also living in fear, albeit a different kind of fear. They are afraid of the so-called covid vaccine.

What are they afraid of?

They fear adverse reactions to this experimental pharmaceutical product which includes (but not limited to): death, brain injury, anaphylactic shock, autoimmune disorder, myelitis, lifelong infertility.

They fear for the lives and wellbeing of their loved ones who are rushing to take this experimental product.

They fear for the offspring of these loved ones, or if these loved ones will be able to beget offspring after taking this product.

They fear medical tyranny, oppressive and coercive measures that governments worldwide are poised to unleash against the minority that resists the vaccine.

They fear the marginalization and persecution that they will invariably be subjected to in their own communities.

They fear for their children growing up in a hostile tyrannical police state where medical Marxism reigns supreme.

To these individuals, I say:

Let go of fear. Trust in G-d.

Let your faith vanquish fear.

Surely you should reject untested and unsafe pharmaceutical products, just as you avoid cyanide. However, you do not fear cyanide. You simply avoid it.

Not out of fear, but because the Torah commands us to steer clear from dubiously life-threatening toxins.

Likewise, do not fear government. They ought to be in fear of us, and not the reverse.

Do not fear covid policies. Simply reject them.

Don't fear tyranny. Simply ignore it. Stand up for your G-d-given rights. Take ownership of your life, your rights, your freedom.

Don't fear Marxist undermining of our society. Fear not their brazen falsehoods or ideological subversion. Instead, simply raise your voice and state the unambiguous truth.

Truth always conquers falsehood. It's only a matter of time.

Truth will prevail.

I recently heard a prominent medical expert warn people about the dangers of the so-called covid vaccine. She observed that people have been indoctrinated with fear of covid and are determined to take the vaccine at all costs, irrespective of its significant risks. The only way to get through to them is to scare them by warning them of the vaccine's risks. "We must fight fear with fear," she remarked.

While I have much respect for this doctor, I question this approach.

Fight fear with fear?

Fear is the whole problem here. We need to eliminate fear and replace it with critical thinking and objective reality.

Instead, let's fearlessly state the truth. The lies and baseless fears will melt away.

Fear can only exist in a vacuum, a space devoid of truth and faith.

Light a candle of truth and darkness will immediately retreat.

Facts, not feelings. Faith, not fear.