Thursday, April 8, 2021

Holocaust Day 2021!?

The 'train tracks' of Covid policy only
lead to one familiar destination

There's no need to observe Holocaust Memorial Day this year.

There's really no point.

The entire year has been Holocaust Days, and the real Holocaust Days are yet to come.

Indeed, we're living in a contemporary Holocaust of sorts, a new genocide (or perhaps more accurately a "humanicide")  in the making that has the potential to eclipse the previous one.

And just like last time, the modern-day mass-murder campaign is also a Holocaust of 'Public Health.' [1]

Why bother remembering the old one if the new one is staring you in the face and you are utterly oblivious and complacent? Why light candles and chant empty slogans like "Never Again" while you are obsequiously ready to board the proverbial cattle car?

Truth be told, I've never been a fan of "Holocaust Day" for ideological reasons too numerous to list here. Below are a few previous pre-covid posts I've written on the subject. [2]

In current times, however, the irony of "Holocaust Day" observance by Jewish communities who are fully complicit in modern society's dark crimes against humanity is truly mindboggling and unthinkable.

Please don't offer lip-service to honor the memories of six million victims while six million Jews are being forced to be human experiments of a potentially-lethal injection, in the Holy Land, of all places!

Don't shed fake tears over 1.5 million children while you prepare to inject your own children with an experimental injection that lists death and lifelong injury as its side effects.

Please stop pontificating about tolerance while you turn a blind eye to the horrific marginalization of millions of individuals who simply yearn to breathe free and decline experimental gene-therapy injections.

Don't exploit the memory of holy martyrs while you condone unprecedented medical tyranny and apartheid, lockdowns, police state policies in which persecuted minorities are ordered once more: "Show me your papers" in order to simply walk in the street or shop for food.

Stop your self-righteous preaching and just listen to the silence.

Can't you hear it?

The voices of six million kedoshim are screaming at you, begging you to heed their urgent pleas...

"Beware!" they sob. "Stop cooperating with evil! You are all in grave danger! Protect your children, your vulnerable ones, yourselves. Stand up NOW and assert your freedom, your pinteleh yid. Stand up for the truth NOW and do NOT cooperate with totalitarian tyranny."

Enough of your petty Yom Hashoah observances this year. It's time to address the real Shoah lurking in your midst.

Do it to honor the 6 million holy martyrs whose lives were sacrificed to sanctify G-d's holy name, and who serve as an everlasting reminder to NOT put your trust in man, but only in G-d.

I'll conclude with words I ominously wrote several years back:

What do they mean when they say "Never Again?" Are they serious?

It's more like: "Oh no. Not Again!" לא תקום פעמיים צרה.

What do we hope to accomplish by just passively remembering the horrors of the past, yet we stand by idly and obliviously to the unfolding horrors of the present?

At the very least, let's change the slogan to "No more" or "Let's actually stop it now before it's too late."

May Hashem protect us and grant us the clarity to stand up and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

May we merit immediate Redemption.




Selfless Offer on Behalf of Humanity

To all independent scientists and researchers, that is, in case any still exist:

Surely you're aware that many doubters question whether the condition called covid is caused by human contagion altogether.

They speculate that the severe symptoms are caused by environmental toxins and NOT necessarily by a coronavirus.

They argue that the vast majority of people who test positive for SARS CoV2 have no symptoms at all, and beside for which the entire testing technology is grossly inaccurate and inconclusive.

Furthermore, even putting these skeptics aside, there is a far greater question that demands clarification:

Is there any conclusive evidence that proves airborne asymptomatic transmission is indeed a significant factor in this coronavirus, and that such transmission can actually cause covid symptoms in the new host?

To address these crucial lapses in scientific knowledge, I propose a groundbreaking study and humbly offer my participation:

Let us gather a numerically significant group of healthy volunteers. Ideally, we will pick trial participants who avoid pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, flu shots, and even PCR nasal swabs.

For the sake of science and the benefit of humanity, we will visit seriously-ill covid patients. We'll sit in their close proximity and will make sure to inhale their aerosol.

Subsequently, we will all relocate to a rural organic farm with a source of natural spring water free from fluoride, chlorine, or pesticide contamination, far away from any urban centers or industrial farming.

For the purpose of this study, no 5G cell phone towers will be permitted within a radius of 50 miles from our encampment. No airplanes with their geo-engineering contrails will be allowed overhead either.

Trial participants are permitted to stay outdoors and get plenty of sunlight, eat a healthy organic diet, take healthy supplements like zinc, quercetin, and vitamin D, or any herbal or homeopathic remedies they prefer.

Throughout the ensuing month of this trial, the participants will live together in close proximity, breath in each other's faces, share cups, etc. NO masks will be permitted under any circumstance.

After a month, let's examine results. How many are still alive?

How many developed symptoms?

Surely, if covid is as contagious and deadly as we are being told, there would likely be few survivors in such a bold experiment, right?

Well, out of selfless altruism and devotion to helping science progress for the benefit of humanity, I would gladly consent to subject myself to this human experiment.

Anyone else interested?

Please share my heroic offer throughout the scientific and medical community.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Unprecedented Challenges

Historical timeline:

1321 BCE -- Pharaoh's guards prevent Israelite women from immersing in mikvah

1921 CE -- Communist police prevent Jewish women from immersing in mikvah

2021 CE -- Chabad rabbis prevent Jewish women from immersing in mikvah 

*    *    *

571 BCE -- Wicked King Ahaz bans Jewish children from attending Talmud Torah

161 BCE -- Antiochos bans Jewish children from attending Talmud Torah

161 CE -- Emperor Hadrian bans Jewish children from attending Talmud Torah

1921 CE -- Bolsheviks ban Jewish children from attending Talmud Torah

2021 CE -- Chabad rabbis ban Jewish children from attending Talmud Torah

*    *    *

351 BCE -- Haman bans Jews from attending shul

1931 BCE -- Soviet Union bans Jews from attending shul

2021 BCE -- Chabad rabbis ban Jews from attending shul

*    *    *

161 BCE -- Antiochos bans Jewish gatherings. Maccabees resist.

1481 CE -- Inquisition bans Jewish gatherings. Martyrs risk their life in defiance.

2021 CE -- Cuomo bans Jewish gatherings. Chabad rabbis enforce compliance.

*    *    *

1351 -- Catholic mobs accuse Jews of spreading disease

1935 -- Goebbels accuses Jews of spreading disease

1953 -- Stalin accuses Jews of spreading disease

2021 -- Bibi accuses Jews of spreading disease. Chabad rabbis agree

*    *    *

1521 -- Inquisitors banned Jews from participating in Passover Seders with other Jews.

2021 -- Chabad rabbis banned Jews from participating in Passover Seders with other Jews.
(They were given 'Seder kits' instead and told to stay at home in solitude)

*    *    *

1941 -- Dr Mengele performs experiments on human subjects without informed consent

1961 -- State of Israel performs experiments on Jewish Yemenite children without informed consent.

2021 -- State of Israel forces 6 million Jews to be human experiments without informed consent.
Chabad rabbis blackmail adherents to submit by banning non-vaccinated from shul

Clearly we are living in extraordinary times with no historical precedent, like nothing we've ever experienced. 

Dictators and Jew-haters seem to have become obsolete.

Rabbis (and particularly Chabad rabbis) do their dirty work for them.

May Hashem save us from their hands.

We have been betrayed by our rabbinic leadership. Hashem yerachem.

Save us, O Father in Heaven. Our leaders have lost their way.

We have no one to turn to but You.

It's time, G-d.

There's never been a more appropriate time to redeem us than NOW.

PS: you might be wondering: why the focus on Chabad? A significant number of contemporary orthodox rabbis are guilty of similar abuses. 

I chose to address the vile behavior of Chabad rabbis for several reasons:

1) I am a Chabad rabbi and lifelong emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, so I feel obliged to speak to my own.

2) Chabad has emerged in recent decades as a leader in world Jewry and the face of Judaism in modern times.

3) Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch, the flagship outreach organization of the Chabad movement, recently disassociated itself from me for my advocacy for religious freedom and medical freedom. It has clearly aligned itself with the nefarious agenda of medical tyranny, more so than most other organizations within the orthodox Jewish world, with exception perhaps of the Orthodox Union and Young Israel.

4) most of all, the movement that purports to follow the Rebbe's teachings ought to know better. In the 1920s, the previous Rebbe risked his life to teach Torah to all Jewish children in bold defiance of Bolshevik tyranny.  Lamentably, Chabad's current penchant for kowtowing to the whims of "public health policy" is a grave betrayal of their holy calling.

I pray for a return to sanity. My wish is for rank-and-file Chabad shluchim to reject the corrupt leadership and reassert our mission: to teach Torah & chassidus to ALL children and all people, to endorse Family Purity to all Jewish couples, mitzva observance to everyone, etc, without any discrimination. In short, Chabad's job is to spread G-dliness throughout the world and to herald the message of Redemption, NOT to peddle darkness and enslavement. May Hashem have mercy on us and open their eyes.

What happened to Chabad Leadership?

Even under siege on Mt Masada, use of the
mikva was an inviolable right and sacred duty.

The generation of the final redemption is a reincarnation of the generation that left Egypt. [1]

The Passover Haggadah recalls Israel's extraordinary suffering under Egyptian persecution:

"'And He saw our affliction' -- referring to the separation of husband and wife." [2] 

In attempt to hinder Israel from procreating, the Egyptians appointed guards to prevent Israelite women from immersing in the mikvah. [3]

More recently, the Soviet Union attempted to prevent Jewish women from attending mikvah as well.

And now, just one century later, Jewish women are being blocked from using the mikvah once more.

The only thing is, this time around has a cynical twist. The Pharaohs of the world don't have to do anything... Chabad rabbis do their dirty work for them!

That's right... in 2020 and 2021, Chabad rabbis have been banning healthy Jewish women from immersing in the mikvah on their mikvah night for no other reason than Covid policy.

Shomu shomayim. (Let the heavens be aghast. Unspeakable!)

Not just Chabad, but other orthodox rabbis as well. To my knowledge, women have been routinely turned away from mikvas in Phoenix, Brooklyn, Miami, Montreal, and Metro-Boston.

Dozens of women in Chabad communities confided that they routinely lied (!) in order to be able to use the mikvah each month. Numerous others told me that they had been turned away on their mikvah night. Some had no choice but to travel abroad to different states to find a mikvah that would allow them to immerse irrespective of covid policies. Some even resorted to immersing in frigid oceans or lakes, while others simply practiced abstinence... JUST like in ancient Egypt and recent Stalinist Russia!

And now, we are hearing from leading Chabad rabbis in Israel calling to ban healthy individuals from shul if they haven't received the experimental Covid injection. Hashem yishmor. (May G-d protect us). We can only surmise that these same rabbis will soon begin blocking non-vaccinated Jewish women from using mikvaos in their communities.

Rumors reached me that such horrific discrimination has already begun in certain communities.

As a lifelong emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and a Chabad rabbi for over 25 years, I must publicize this painful reality and demand its immediate correction.

Such a shameful policy is a desecration of everything holy.

It is an utter rejection of the most basic tenets of Judaism.

There are really no words to describe how unacceptable and reprehensible this policy is.

It is truly shocking that the Chabad leadership has not condemned such bizarre treatment of Jewish women in the name of a secularist agenda referred to as "public health policy" that has zero basis in Judaic law.

In fact, it is utterly appalling.

Chabad is all about hastening and embracing the Redemption by encouraging couples to keep the sacred commandment of Family Purity. This is the holy task entrusted to us by our Rebbe.

The fact that Chabad's leadership has turned a blind eye to the plight of Jewish women unjustly barred from mikvah is simply intolerable.

Even worse: when a Chabad emissary dares to loudly protest this atrocity, the so-called leadership reacts by disassociating the whistle-blower, by falsely accusing him of being "divisive" and a "danger to public health."

How can it be that rabbis who purport to represent the Rebbe have become so subverted and compromised?

Let it be known that such policies do NOT represent the Rebbe in ANY way.

The current Chabad leadership has thoroughly discredited themselves. They are unfit to serve and must step down at once.

I call upon everyone who has a basic decorum of Yiras Shomayim (fear of Heaven) to protest such appalling rabbinic misconduct.

On a positive note, the Rebbe stated unequivocally that ours is the final generation of Exile and first generation of Redemption.

Accordingly, it is OUR task to correct the mistakes of our forebearers from whom we are have been reincarnated.

The Exodus from Egypt occurred in the merit of righteous Jewish women who insisted on preserving their moral fiber despite all the bitter persecution.

So too in our times... our leadership has dropped the ball. Our only hope is the righteous Jewish women of our times who are determined to keep the Laws of Family Purity at all costs, despite all the unjust barriers erected by fear-mongering "public health" pharaohs and complicit taskmasters masquerading as rabbis.

In the merit of these heroic women, may we be speedily redeemed!


[1] Arizal

[2] Hagadah shel Pesach, on Deut 26:7.

[3] Sefer HaLikutim of the Arizal, Shemos 1:12. Pharaoh's intent was to frustrate G-d's blessing to Abraham "I will bless you and I will multiply your seed..." (Genesis 22:17).

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Time to Choose

To all my friends who accept the covid narrative and believe that the government is sincerely trying to keep you safe from an allegedly deadly coronavirus:

Please be advised:

Discriminatory "Vaccine Passports" are here, just as I predicted many months ago. In the very near future, non-vaccinated people will no longer be able to travel, attend gyms, theaters, and other public places, work, or even shop for essentials like food. They will soon be regarded as untouchables, prohibited from attending school or participating in society, stripped of all rights and civil liberties.

HIPAA laws, right to informed consent, Nuremburg Code, First Amendment, etc, are all things of the past. Covid has vanquished them all.

Of course, this comes as no surprise. It has obviously been their agenda from day one.

When I began to voice my dire predictions, most of you shook your head in disbelief. Some of you called me eccentric and divisive, accused me of spreading conspiracy theories. Some of you called me 'anti-science' and stopped following me.

Some friends tried to assure me that such human rights abuses would never happen here in the USA.

Oy. How wrong you were.

Let it be known that I am NOT happy to have been proven right.

I get ZERO satisfaction by being vindicated as my predictions materialize.

I do NOT feel the slightest gratification by saying "I told you so" since I truly wish it weren't so. I am deeply aggrieved that it is so.

Moreover, I am solemnly anticipating the next phase of tyranny once we transition from medical apartheid to full-blown police state.

Brace yourselves for mass-marginalization, deportations, door-to-door coerced injections, sterilization, starvation, and all other "public health measures" that are ready to appear on the horizon.

For all you covid believers, please accept my sincere words of rebuke:

You stood by silently and complicity while this all unraveled before your very eyes.

You cooperated with everything.
You masked.
You ran to get injected.
You posted a photo on social media boasting compliance with your 'civic duty.'
You ridiculed noncompliant folks like me.

You stood by silently while your govt and media stifled dissent and suppressed information.

You were silent when Jews were banned from synagogue, when women were banned from using the mikva, when children banned from attending Talmud Torah.

You voiced no protest when elders were condemned to loneliness and solitude, when millions were reduced to poverty and government dependency.

You shook your head pityingly when I was deplatformed and censored by social media and corrupt Chabad leadership. You nodded in tacit approval.

You were unmoved by the blatant lies, censorship, bias, intimidation, and control grab.

You rationalized it all thinking that it was truly for the alleged benefit of public health.

You are still silent even now as I write these sobering words. You remain in denial, blissfully ignorant of the dire consequences of your silence. You desperately cling to the utopian illusion fed by your intense normalcy bias.

Most of you won't even read this till the end because it's too disturbing for your idyllic tunnel-vision world view.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Please understand:

I do not judge you for your silence or complicity. You were misled and indoctrinated by the very institutions upon which you had so innocently relied. Your trust was cynically exploited. Your altruistic compassion was weaponized against you and your loved ones whom you thought you were protecting.

No, I cannot judge you for grave errors of the past.

Instead, I urgently plead with you to stop drinking the kool-aid starting from RIGHT NOW.

Please wake up.

There is no time left for complacency.

Do not let them entice you any longer with the false hope of "returning to normal."

If you continue to comply, 'normal' will be gone forever.

The current "excelsior passport" phase is indeed a one-way passport that leads to nowhere but totalitarian tyranny with no return.

The Time of Redemption is here and now.

Will you be part of the Redemption or do you cling to Exile and bondage?

With whom will you cast your lot? With tyrants? Or with the persecuted minority, huddled masses who yearn to breathe free?

Will you be part of a great exodus or do you choose to remain enslaved to Big Brother and Big Pharma?

Choose wisely, as there is no turning back.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Freedom First

Should we sacrifice freedom for the sake of supposedly safeguarding health of the community? 

Are we to heed the guidelines of so-called public health policy that claims that we may only "return to normal" once the alleged pandemic is under control and "safety" is achieved?

Which value comes first? Freedom or public health?

Judaism prioritizes the former over the latter. Freedom before health.

In the liturgy of the Shmona Esrei prayer [1] recited by Jews worldwide three times daily, the middle thirteen blessings are requests that encompass all basic human needs. 

The seventh blessing is Redemption:

"Behold our affliction/submission, redeem us speedily..."Blessed are You, G-d, Redeemer of Israel."

The following blessing is Healing:

"Heal us, O G-d, and we will be healed... Grant complete cure and healing to all our wounds... Blessed are You, G-d, who heals the sick of His people Israel."

The blessing after that is Bounty:

"Bless upon us, Lord our G-d, this year and all the varieties of its produce for good...Satisfy us from Your bounty... Blessed are You, G-d, who blesses the years."

This sequence is rather telling.

Our Sages prioritized freedom above all else.

Redemption is paramount.

Health is second. And economic bounty is third.

The significant lessons here for current times are obvious and unambiguous.

1. We may NOT compromise our precious liberties for the sake of alleged health concerns. We MUST be free. If our freedoms have been violated, we must demand Redemption. In the contemporary scenario, we must STOP cooperating with tyranny at ONCE and reassert our sacrosanct rights, irrespective of their warnings about how our freedoms might statistically impact anyone's health.

2. Freedom transcends both health and financial concerns. Do NOT surrender your rights for ANY reason, whether health-related or economic factors. Do not yield your essential human liberties (like the right to breath without obstruction, for example) in order to board a plane, attend a concert, or even to keep your job! Remember: freedom is blessing #7 while economics is only #9!

3. Do NOT submit to coercion of ANY kind, even if it's allegedly good for your health. Suppose an injection is being touted as a prudent preventative measure against disease, and you have thoroughly researched and compared risk to benefit, and reached the conclusion that this injection is genuinely good for your health. Under normal circumstances, you'd be entitled to take this injection. However, IF this shot is being aggressively pushed onto the population by an over-eager government with undue pressure, you may NOT take this product. For by taking it, you are yielding your right to informed consent, and are becoming complicit in a policy of medical apartheid. And of course, Freedom trumps health.

4. Health transcends economic needs. Do NOT submit to an experimental injection that has serious side effects that include death, lifelong injury, and infertility, just in order to keep your job. Health is more important than your economic wellbeing. Healing is blessing #8 while Bounty is only #9.

So let's remember to prioritize freedom above health and wealth.

G-d wants you to be free. Choose faith and freedom over fear.

Say no to tyranny.

Say no to medical apartheid.

Say no to experimental injections and vaccine mandates.


[1] Composed by the Anshei K'neset Hagedolah (Men of the Great Assembly), circa 350 BCE. "Shmona Esrei" literally means eighteen, as it was originally 18 blessings. This prayer is also known as the "Amidah," since it is recited standing.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Simple Covid Math

Are you good at math?

Here's a simple exercise.

As of March 29, VAERS received over 2,500 reports of death among Americans who received the experimental covid injection.

It's well known that vaccine injuries are significantly underreported. In fact, it's estimated that only one percent of all adverse reactions ever get reported to VAERS.

If that estimation is accurate, then it's reasonable to assume that there have been well over 250,000 deaths from this experimental product so far, in the first 3.5 months alone.

That's a rate of 71,500 deaths per month. It's reasonable to speculate that the coming months will follow the same trajectory. By the end a full year of mass-injecting the population, there will likely be over 858,000 deaths.

The disease that this product purports to protect against has allegedly resulted in some 535,000 deaths since the beginning of the outbreak one year ago.

The CDC admitted that 94% of all reported covid deaths had on average 2.5 comorbidities.

That means that only 32,100 deaths listed covid as the only cause of death (i.e. 6% of 535K).

If these numbers are accurate, then here's a breakdown of the comparative risk factor:

Someone who has underlying medical conditions has a 60% greater chance of dying from the experimental injection than from covid itself, since 858,000 is 1.6 times greater than 535,000.

Someone who has no underlying medical conditions may have nearly 27 times greater chances of dying from the injection than from the disease!

Furthermore, we were told from the beginning of this alleged pandemic that this particular coronavirus is HIGHLY contagious. If you recall, the stated objective for what was originally touted as a fourteen-day lockdown was supposedly just to "flatten the curve," but we were promised that everyone would ultimately get exposed to it. Assuming their logic was accurate, it's fair to assume that the overwhelming majority of Americans have already been exposed to this disease after an entire year of many millions of reported cases nationwide.

Consequently, if you are alive today and have lived in the US for the past twelve months, you likely were exposed to covid already and survived. Congratulations!

Your chances of dying from future variants of this virus are undoubtedly far less than the alleged .16% death rate out of the total US population (assuming 858,000 out of 332,410,000), since you have likely already been exposed to covid and are still alive to tell the tale.

Your chances of dying from the covid injection is far greater.

The CDC claims that the current death rate from the experimental injection is .0017%, based on the 2,509 reported deaths. However, as we stated above, VAERS represents a mere one percent of all vaccine injuries. That means the actual death rate from the number of people injected so far is closer to .17%.

Of course, only 15% of the US population have received both injections, and only 29% of the population received any injection at all. Conversely, it's fair to assume that 99.9 percent of all Americans have already been exposed to the coronavirus at some point during this year.

So it's incorrect to compare a.17% death rate from the injection to a .16% death rate from the disease, since if you are alive today, you are mostly likely among the 99.84% who was exposed to covid and survived. In effect, your risk from covid is far less than .16%, and your risk from the experimental injection is completely unknown.

Moreover, the current VAERS data only reflects short-term risks associated with this novel mRNA technology. No one knows the long-term risks.

Also, none of the above reflects the presumptive risk of repetitive multiple injections, since the two injections will need to be repeated every six months, and there is already discussion of the possibility for a third dose.

So there you have it, folks.

No matter how you crunch the numbers, the odds don't seem to favor injection versus infection.

Stay safe out there, folks. Decline experimental injections.