Monday, May 31, 2021

Truth Saves Lives!

"Love your fellow as yourself" – Rabbi Akiva said: “This is a significant all-embracing principle in the Torah.” [1]

Hillel said: “This is the entire Torah, and the rest is commentary.” [2]

“Loving your fellow” does NOT mean to sit back quietly and courteously while hundreds of your friends and relatives expose themselves and their children to serious risk of lifelong injury, infertility, or death, for no just cause and with no informed consent. It does NOT mean to remain silent while your friends and relatives become morally compromised by being complicit with tyranny, marginalization and persecution of a new unvaccinated minority.

Instead, genuine love for your fellow behooves you to speak out incessantly and beg your fellow to heed your dire warnings about the grave errors of their ways. It requires you to send your fellow actual data about the serious risks of this experimental injection and the unjust policies of states enforcing it.

Genuine love means to not remain silent in your earnest attempts to educate your fellow and advocate for his welfare and the welfare of his child.

Loving your fellow means to vociferously caution him about the "most lethal, toxic biologic agent EVER injected into a human body in US history." [3]

It means to call out fellow Jews and rabbis who have become complicit in the unjust enforcement of this biologic weapon and the unethical marginalization and persecution of individuals who decline it.

Loving Chabad means to demand a change in leadership when the current corrupt leadership has betrayed its calling.

Loving Judaism means to demand competent rabbis who will stand up for the truth and not kowtow to tyranny and falsehood.

Loving the Rebbe means to protest when his holy words are cynically misconstrued to sanction a lethal biological weapon and an immoral draconian policy that threatens to tear our people asunder into two camps, or to render a significant number of Jews as social outcasts and pariahs, Heaven forfend.

Loving rabbis means to not sit by idly while misinformed, indoctrinated rabbis threaten to recklessly endanger his entire community with a medically unnecessary experiment. True love means to challenge him and oppose this grave error with every fiber of your being.

Loving rabbis means to hold them accountable.

If you choose to remain silent at this perilous time, then you have sadly missed the point of the entire Torah.

If your zeal for political correctness and social courtesies causes you to look the other way while millions of unsuspecting innocents are walking to their deaths, you simply do not love your fellow at all, let alone “as yourself.”

The Torah requires us to communicate the truth to an unsuspecting individual about to inject or ingest a toxic agent: "Don't stand by over your brother's blood." [4]

Of course, this does not preclude a basic modicum of respect and avoidance of ad hominem wherever possible. That is a given. 

Nevertheless, true love of your fellow behooves you to speak out and loudly oppose this extraordinary assault on klal Yisroel and humanity.

Rogue dictators and their rabbinic accomplices must step down or at least be ignored. If you truly loved them, you’d attempt to prevent them from abusing their authority to unjustly expose their kehila to unfathomable and irreparable harm. Especially if the rabbis are on government payrolls and have obvious conflicts of interest (“נגיעות”).

Please, in the name of loving your fellow, stop being silently complicit.

Speak out now before it’s too late.

This is the whole point of the Torah. It may well be that for this crucial moment in time you were created.

Will you rise to the occasion?

Recall Mordechai the Jew's fateful words to Queen Esther:

"Do not imagine to yourself that you will escape... (the fate that will befall the rest of our people)

"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and rescue will arise for the Jews from elsewhere, and you and your father's household will perish; and who knows whether for a time like this you have attained sovereignty?" [5]

G-d has endowed you with body sovereignty, but loving your fellow as yourself means educating others about their own body sovereignty and freedom to choose what's truly safe for their own bodies.

Please don't remain silent at this time.


[1] Talmud Yerushalmi Nedarim 9:4 based on Leviticus 19:18

[2] Shabbat 31a. See also Tanya ch. 31.

[3] Dr Peter McCullough, MD, board-certified cardiologist and professor of internal medicine at Texas A & M University Medical School

[4] Leviticus 19:16

[5] Esther 4:13-14

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Make Memorial Day Matter Again


Sober reflections on Memorial Day 2021.

On this auspicious day, we remember the men and women who paid the ultimate price in defense of our liberties.

These heroes didn’t sacrifice their lives to defend freedoms that we would so obsequiously surrender at the whims of autocrats

They didn’t die in fearless devotion so that we could cower in panic over the slightest fear of death, real or imagined.

They didn’t boldly stand up to serve only for us to be held hostage by a repressive corporatist regime that suppresses free speech and tramples our First Amendment in the name of pseudoscience.

These men and women didn’t selflessly forfeit their lives so that we might selfishly expose our young children to extraordinary medical risks for no other reason than to make us feel safer.

They didn’t die defending our homeland only for us to spinelessly comply with apartheid and tyranny right here in the land of the FREE and home of the BOLD.


This Memorial Day, let’s stop merely remembering but start emulating.

If our heroes put themselves in harm’s way to defend our liberties, then we surely ought to rise up to topple tyranny NOW.

That means by not complying with tyranny in all its iterations.

Va((ine mandates, mask policies, censorship policies, whether state or corporate, are ALL tyranny and have absolutely NO place in the Land of the Free.

Please don’t trivialize the deaths of our heroes by paying lip service to their ultimate sacrifice while continuing to sit by in complacence and apathy while your fellow Americans are marginalized, persecuted, and pressured to submit to an experimental medical procedure with NO informed consent.

For crying out loud… this is United States of America here… what has happened to us!? Wake up from your slumber. It’s time to rise up and defend our precious liberties, before it’s too late.

Wishing you a meaningful Memorial Day… 

Please make it meaningful by fighting to save our precious freedoms NOW.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Reject Religious Rona Radicalism

The US and Iran are both theocracies.

Both force a significant portion of the population to cover their face.

Both discriminate against a significant portion of the population.

Both are dominated by religious fanaticism and ruled by Supreme Leaders (like Ayatollah Fauci) whose fatwa pronouncements may not be challenged, irrespective of how illogical and unsubstantiated they might be.

Both issue dictates that must be obeyed by all or expect to “pay the price” (Biden’s words).

In both countries, academia, medicine, and houses of worship all walk in lockstep with government. The vast majority obeys the state narrative unquestioningly.

In both countries, the population is held hostage in the grips of a fear-mongering state media.

In both countries, the data is massaged to conform with state narrative.

Both regimes came to power through a bloody revolution. In the Rona revolution, the killings were carried out by hospitals. The Rona regime assisted in the carnage by banning life-saving therapies like HCQ and ivermectin.

Both revolutions required taking hostages. The Rona revolution condemned the sick and elderly to die in solitude.

Both are guilty of significant human rights violations, especially against defenseless women and children.

Both are guilty of crimes against humanity. Iran aims to commit genocide by proxy – Hamas’ rockets and other Arab projectiles projected upon a civilian population. The US aims to commit democide by proxy – with a different type of זריקה” – injections injected into its unsuspecting population.

Both censor “apostasy.”

Both reward their citizens for obedience. The US doles out free donuts and french fries.

Both penalize heretics. Iran jails the Islam-hesitant. The US fires the vaccine-hesitant.

Iran: no hijab, no job.
US: no jab, no job.

Welcome to the Rona Republic of America, a Regime Ruled by Radical Rona Religiosity.

Time for a reckoning and counter-revolution.

Refuse Risky RNA and Recombinants.
Resist Repressive Restrictions.
Reject Rona Radicalism.

Don't Support Apartheid

Lots of well-meaning individuals are complying with tyranny in order to “return to normal” without realizing that in effect, they are being complicit in the enforcement of a dystopian “new normal.”

For example, a friend told us that she respects the right of those who decline injections (especially experimental ones that involve significant reported risk), but she has personally decided to take it in order to visit family overseas.

I was aghast at the obvious inconsistency – or dare I say, hypocrisy – of her position:

If you truly respect the right to decline an injection, why are you cooperating with an unjust policy that effectively amounts to coercive measures to impose this very injection?

Don’t you understand that the minority who resists the shot will NOT be allowed to visit family overseas, or -- ultimately -- even to board a bus to visit family in the next borough?

Do you realize that by complying and making use of your coveted “privilege status,” you are lending your approval to a discriminatory policy that’s inherently unjust and unethical?

Your participation in medical apartheid will only serve to further marginalize a new persecuted minority, one that’s sadly shrinking each day due to people like you who yield to tyranny.

I appreciate that you wish to visit your relatives overseas. So stand up and fight for your rights instead of groveling obsequiously before authoritarian injustice.


Don’t be part of the problem.

Stop cooperating and be the solution.

Why would you even consider patronizing an airline that bans healthy people simply because of their medical/moral/ethical personal choices, in grave violation of HIPAA laws?

What kind of person are you? Don't you have any moral principles? Where is your integrity and basic human decency?

Grow a spine and stand up for the truth.

Say no to tyranny.

Say yes to individual rights and informed consent.

Please don't be offended by my gentle rebuke.

Friends don't let friends support apartheid.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Urgent Shiduch Advice

We are facing a shiduch crisis of epic proportions

Attention all orthodox Jewish parents, both quaxxers and anti-quaxxers:

Please heed my urgent call for a return to sanity!

The current covid quax crisis has deteriorated to an unprecedented nadir.

Fueled by heavy funding from government and corporate interests, pro-quaxxers have unleashed a witch-hunt unparalleled in history. They seek to alienate all unquaxxed and banish them from communal Jewish life. The un and under-quaxxed children will be banned from school, yeshivos and seminaries. Unquaxxed adults will soon be banned from the workplace and from stores.

Non-quaxcinating families are becoming increasingly marginalized and regarded as pariahs. Many unquaxinated boys and girls are already getting rejected for shiduchim purposes as social outcasts.

However, there is a much more serious problem that no one could have anticipated.

Numerous medical experts are warning that by allowing your child to get quacksed, you may well be exposing him/her to significant reproductive risks.

A prominent OB GYN just cautioned the unquacksinated to avoid dating and marrying a quacksinated person if you wish to have children (!)

A leading rabbinic authority recently advised his student not to date a girl who had the quacksine due to concerns about its impact on fertility (!).

As revolting as it sounds, he does have a valid point. Would you choose a person who had survived chemotherapy for matrimony if there are other eligible individuals to choose from?

This is getting very serious. We cannot allow Klal Yisroel to be rent asunder into two camps, the quacxed and the unquacxed.

Please. Let's rethink this whole thing. We teetering perilously at the precipice of unfathomable estrangement from one another. We cannot allow this quacksine to drive such an irreparable wedge between our people.

Let’s remember the dictum “שב ואל תעשה – sit and don’t act.” You can always quax later, but you cannot un-quax.

Would you consider exposing your child to chemotherapy or radiation treatment if s/he didn’t have cancer, but just ‘for the sake of the herd,’ or so that she be able to attend a seminary?

This is not about whether you think concern over the experimental injection’s risk to fertility is valid or not. When shiduchim are concerned, it’s not about what you think, but about what OTHERS think. And it's not about what others think NOW, but what people may think in the future. Who knows what future research will reveal about this brand-new technology that manipulates every single cell in your child's body to produce an artificial spike protein ad infinitum, for the rest of his life? Who knows what the long-term future holds for children exposed to an unnatural spike protein that no human body in history has ever encountered?

Why would you wish to expose him to a procedure that might very well be a serious liability for him with regards to shiduchim for the rest of his life?

What’s the rush? Let’s delay this until long-term risk can be properly assessed.

Don't rush to quax. Just relax.

“Sit and don’t act” – keep our unity intact.

Letter to Trader Joe's

May 7, 2021

Dear Trader Joe's Corporate Office,

I am a long-time customer of Trader Joe's stores for many years. At present, I usually shop at your store In Shrewsbury, MA, but have shopped at many others nationwide, and even remember one of your very first stores in Sherman Oaks, CA in the 1970s. I am a pretty decent customer, spending hundreds of dollars in groceries each week. In addition, some of your employees are close personal friends of mine.

This past week, I was shocked to hear allegations that an employee of one of your stores in Washington State was fired because he declined the experimental covid injection.

Please confirm whether this story is accurate, and whether this move met with the approval of your corporate office.

This is extremely important information for me to know. You see, if Trader Joe's corporate policy allows branch managers to pressure employees into submitting to any medical procedure without informed consent, let alone an experimental one, I will no longer feel comfortable to patronize any Trader Joe's stores anywhere.

As much as I may have enjoyed the Trader Joe's shopping experience in the past, the Nuremburg Code is FAR more important to me. Bodily autonomy is sacrosanct, an essential human right. Every human being is entitled to decline any vaccine. Furthermore, the First Amendment protects our cherished religious freedoms. Terminating an employee due to his or her deeply-held personal convictions – for any moral, ethical, or philosophical reason – is a grave violation of the Constitution. Even if corrupt state officials overlook it, such a policy is inherently unjust and morally detestable.

It is simply unconscionable for me shop at a store whose corporate policy endorses medical tyranny and apartheid.

Moreover, if this is indeed the case, I will publicize this letter widely and ask everyone I know to demand an explanation. We cannot tolerate such blatant discrimination and egregious violation of individual rights.

Sadly, I will have no choice but to ask others to join me in calling for a nationwide boycott of your chain.

This is no small matter, but one of grave concern that we cannot afford to ignore. The very fate of our nation hangs in the balance.

While I have been delighted in recent years to see Trader Joe's growing list of kosher products, I must sadly inform you that such a policy is inherently unkosher. I cannot possibly shop with good conscience at such a morally-compromised establishment that has such utter disregard for human rights.

Once we’re on the subject, kindly clarify your plans with regards to “vaccination passports.” Do you foresee – at any time in the future – only allowing fully-vaccinated customers into your stores?

Please spell out your position with regards to your store policies looking forward.

If Trader Joe's will possibly become a “vaccinated-only” store in the future, all your customers deserve to know about it now. Full disclosure and honesty are always the best policy.

I have no interest in shopping at a store that is planning to ban me from entry at some point in the future. My coreligionists (and some other 'genetically-inferior' minorities) already experienced that in Germany of the 1930s and it didn’t turn out very well for them. If Trader Joe's would consider adopting a discriminatory policy that bans people who simply declined a medical procedure, this is a serious matter that the public deserves to know about NOW.

We deserve to know whether Trader Joe's stands for cherished American values such as freedom, individual liberties, tolerance, and informed consent, or whether it will cast its lot with authoritarianism, intolerance, and medical Marxism.

Please respond as soon as possible. Time is of essence. My next move – as well as my next shopping trip – is pending your kind response.

Thank you.


Rabbi Michoel Green
Westborough, Massachusetts