Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Covid Vaccine and the Final Solution

It always starts with the Jews but never ends with the Jews.

Hitler unleashed his genocidal "Final Solution" on Jews.

Six million Jews were murdered, along with a few million other minorities.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. An estimated total of 70 to 85 million people perished in Hitler's war on humanity.

Jews are just the canary in the coal mine, so to speak. Always have been, always will be.

Likewise in our times:

Can you guess where the novel untested covid vaccine is being enforced more so than any other country on earth?

If you guessed Israel, you're right.

Six million Jews getting vaccinated at warp speed, not to mention a few million other minorities (Arabs, Druze, etc). Sound familiar? [1]

And Israel is the first country to force its citizens to identify their vaccine status and impose travel restrictions on the noncompliant unvaccinated. [2]

The fact that these hapless Jews are being pressured to submit to an experimental vaccine with unknown consequences comes right out of Dr Mengele's playbook. What happened to informed consent and the Nuremburg Code?

Actually, to be precise, the killing sprees of WWII didn't really start with the Jews either. Do you know who was first?

It was the mentally and physically disabled and institutionalized Germans who were the first to be dealt with by Hitler's murderous regime, not to mention others who were deemed genetically "defective." First they were sterilized [3], and later were systematically euthanized. [4]

Eerily reminiscent of Germany of the late thirties, the so-called covid pandemic of 2020 began with nursing-home genocide. And now the vaccine is first being given to nursing home patients, the most vulnerable among us. Furthermore, many independent experts fear that this novel modified RNA vaccine will cause widespread infertility and injury. Is it being used as a Hitleresque means of sterilizing the population of undesirables? Will it create a whole new population of mentally and physically disabled?

Whatever the case is, the fact that this experimental vaccine is first being enforced on six million Jews -- before everyone else on earth -- should give everyone pause.

If that's not a disturbing omen that presages worldwide danger, then I don't know what is.

What will it take for people to wake up?

Is "Never Again" happening again?

Is it yet another thinly-veiled "Final Solution" for Jews and ultimately for humanity? [5]

Will the world stand by idly again like last time?

I will not. I shall not and cannot remain silent.

And I hope that you will not either.

We must not comply, but oppose this unprecedented assault on humanity with every fiber of our being.

Who is unto G-d? Rally with me. [6]

It is time for all human beings of sound moral conscience to put an end to this nefarious "new-world agenda" now, before it's too late.

Act now, so that "trouble may not rise twice." [7]

לא תקום פעמיים צרה


[1] https://www.israeltoday.co.il/read/israel-looks-to-take-the-lead-in-covid-vaccination/

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[5] See my previous blog post Déjà vu? on this topic: 

[6] "Who is unto G-d, gather to me -- מי לה' אלי", declared by Moses during the Golden Calf debacle (Exodus 32:26). Declared also by Mattathias and Judah the Maccabee during their uprising against Seleucid tyranny.

[7] Nachum 1:9.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Blessing on the Covid Vaccine?


What is the appropriate prayer or blessing to recite prior to getting the covid vaccine? 


The appropriate prayer is:

"I beseech You, O Lord my G-d and G-d of my fathers. Please save me from this foolhardy and ill-advised course of action that I have been woefully misled to take, this errant decision to subject myself to a morally-dubious injection that is halachically inadvisable, and that carries the unknown risks of irrevocably affecting my genome and that of my offspring... that is, if I will be able to beget any offspring after subjecting myself to this genetic modification.

"Please G-d, save me from the dubious ingredients of this pharmaceutical product fast-tracked at warp speed, and for which its manufacturer takes no responsibility for its safety, and is exempt from all liability if I suffer injury or death.

"O G-d, healer of all flesh, heal my mind from toxic indoctrination at the hands of insidious government propaganda. Restore my sanity right now so that I may muster the moral fortitude to make the right decision and DECLINE this vaccine. And grant me the strength to boldly advise others to decline this vaccine as well.

"Open my mind and grant me understanding to grasp the obvious, that this vaccine is in fact NOT a vaccine, but a means of genetic manipulation whose long-term and short-term risks are NOT known, since animal trials were skipped. And in previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines, dangerous immune enhancement often occurred in animal trials, which is why NO such vaccine was ever approved of for humans.

"Please G-d, protect me from toxins like polyethylene glycol whose risks are well-known. Save me from this awful irreversible decision I am about to make. Heal me of irrational fear and miserable dependency on dubious pharmaceutical products.

"Blessed are You, O G-d, who opens the eyes of the blind."

And let us say Amen.

When you conclude your earnest blessing, run out of the clinic at once and don't look back. Forget about that vaccine.

Good for you. The prayer worked. 😃

Just kidding. Ask better. Is it appropriate to get the covid vaccine altogether?

And the answer is no, in the vast majority of cases, this vaccine is halachically inadvisable.

Why not? Simple. Covid poses negligible risk to the vast majority of people. For people under the age of 70, it is categorically forbidden to expose oneself to the known and unknown risks of an untested expedited vaccine that utilizes novel technology of modified RNA. Even for others who have some sort of risk factor for covid, they would be advised to wait for a substantial amount of time -- months or years -- until the vaccine's long-term safety can be verified.

I will conclude with a prayerful wish for health, sanity, and clarity to make the right decisions, without fear or panic.


Immorality of Human Cell Lines

With a heavy heart, I hereby
 protest the unspeakable public desecration of G-d's name committed by a prominent online website that purports to speak in the name of Chabad Lubavitch.

This site shockingly featured an article that sanctions using a vaccine containing a cell line cultured from aborted fetal tissue.

The article argues that getting the vaccine is in no way encouraging anyone to perform abortions to harvest their cells, since "scientists are still using a cell strain that was obtained more than 50 years ago from a fetus."

This assertion is patently false.

The author is woefully oblivious to the current state of affairs in which abortions are performed routinely for the development of new human cell lines. 

In fact, abortion is no longer the right term, but infanticide. Late-term viable babies are regularly delivered alive (in a horrific procedure called "water bag method") and dissected while their hearts are beating like laboratory animals. Live dissection without pain medication.

This odious reality is nothing less than a modern-day death cult.

By making use of any vaccine that contains a human cell line, one is effectively compensating the vaccine manufacturer for the past abortion while funding future abortions for the research and development of new cell lines, since those currently in use will not last forever.

In Torah law, such compensation is strictly forbidden. One who compensates a murderer for the murder he committed (or will commit) is morally complicit and is guilty of death in the heavenly court. [1]

Even with regards to early-stage fetuses, as was presumably the case fifty years ago, abortion is still akin to murder. [2] It is indefensible and morally intolerable. 

Furthermore, there is another problem involved as well, that of deriving benefit from any human cadaver. [3]

Making use of a pharmaceutical product that contains the genetic code derived from any human corpse constitutes deriving illicit benefit thereof. While this prohibition might be lifted to save the life of a living person, a vaccine does not constitute "pikuach nefesh" or "hatzalat nefashot" in this regard. [4]

While there might be grounds for leniency in his regard, but ideally one should avoid such halachically dubious benefit from the dead.

However, the most serious aspect of this article is its blatant disregard for the widespread frequency of abortions in contemporary medical research.

Utilizing products that contain human cell lines obtained from abortions verily constitutes collusion in, and encouragement of, a) the abortion itself, b) the countless other abortions committed in the process [5], and c) all future abortions that are perpetrated by this company on a regular basis.

This is no small matter. The Rebbe entrusted us with the holy task of teaching the laws of morality as commanded to Noah and his descendants, recorded in Genesis 9. Abortion is a grave violation of the Divine Code.

As representatives of the Rebbe, Chabad should NOT be condoning abortion in any way.

Jews and all humans of conscience ought to boycott all products containing human cell lines until this horrific practice stops altogether.

There is too much at stake.

I demand that this ill-advised article be retracted at once.


[1] Maimonides, Laws of Murder 2:2

[2] Genesis 9:6

[3] Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 349:1

[4] Preventing illness in the future is not considered a current exigency of pikuach nefesh. See Noda B’yehuda mahadura tinyono Yoreh Deah 210, cited by Mishne Halachos (Rabbi Menashe Klein), Mador Hateshuvos, 6:203, prohibiting autopsy of fetus (nivul hamais) even if it's to save a future life. See also Mahadura tinyono, 2:253.

[5] For example, some seventy plus fetuses were aborted and dissected by Dr. Stanley Plotkin in 1962 until two were selected for the development of the cell line used in the Rubella Vaccine.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Top Ten Reasons To Avoid Covid Vaccine

[Author unknown, but many thanks to whoever compiled this]

Many doctors and healthcare workers say they will refuse to take the corona vaccine while the Misrad Habriut is working hard to sway rabbanim to endorse the vaccines for the the Chareidi public.

What do those doctors know that you don’t?

1. It’s Dangerous:

The most important part of a vaccine study is the animal challenge trials. In these trials the vaccinated animals are re-exposed to the virus against which they have been vaccinated. In previous attempts to develop a coronavirus vaccine, the vaccine failed and the animals got very sick or died when they were re-infected with corona after getting the vaccine. Although the animals had antibodies after they were vaccinated, the vaccine was a failure when the animals were re-infected. [1]

In 2020, Manufacturers for the Covid vaccine fast-tracked the vaccine by skipping most of the animal testing, especially the challenge study. [2]

2. It’s Experimental:

The leading vaccines for covid-19 are mRNA vaccnes, an experimental technology based on gene altering techniques that has never yet been approved for human use. This technology can alter our genome by changing the DNA, the blueprint of a human being. Inserting or removing one protein can create congenital defects or hereditary disorders. Moderna’s chief medical officer has described the company’s product as “hacking the software of life and permanently altering a person’s genetic code.” [3]

3. It’s Risky:

The risk of a coronavirus vaccine is expected to be high. The UK is urgently seeking new artificial intelligence technology tools to handle the high volume of adverse reactions that will follow the mass vaccination of their population. [4]

4. It’s Irresponsible:

Vaccine manufacturers will NOT be held responsible for injury or death caused by Covid-19 vaccines. You take full responsibility. [5]

5. It’s Unreliable:

Moderna is a new company which has never developed medicine or a vaccine for humans before.[6]

While vaccines usually take years before reaching the public market, Moderna has fast-tracked their corona vaccine from sequence selection to phase l studies on 45 human subjects in a span of 63 days (skipping animal trials). [7] [8]

Pfizer set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind with $2.3 billion in 2009. [9]

Covid-19 vaccines have only received emergency use authorization, not full authorization. [10]

6. It’s Unsafe:

*Astra Zeneca - Two study participants developed transverse myelitis, a rare serious neurological condition. [11]

*4 participants in the Pfizer trials contracted Bells Palsy. [12]

*Moderna- 100% of participants in the high dose group experienced systemic side effects while 80% of the low dose groups developed side effects. [13]

*At least 3 individuals are known, so far, to have experienced anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction) after receiving the vaccine. [14]

7. It’s Fatal:

*Moderna’s trials: the deaths of 5 trial participants were reported [15] and a Philadelphia priest died after receiving the vaccine [16].
*Pfizer announces death of 6 trial participants, 2 who received the vaccine and 4 from the
control group One of the two who received the vaccine was immunocompromised. [17]
*In the Oxford trial in Brazil, one participant from the control group has died. The control group received a meningitis vaccine. [18]
*A doctor claims that fatalities which will occur in nursing homes within a day or two of residents receiving the vaccine will not be related to the vaccine. [19]
The CEO of Pfizer says he won’t cut the line and will wait for everyone else to get it first. [20] *Pfizer vaccine trials showed a 4-8 times greater risk, on average, of serious adverse events than for those who got Covid-19; serious adverse events include death and life-altering effects. [21] [22]
Remember: the trial groups, which include the healthiest, prescreened adults are actually quite small; making the margin of death and disabilities in large and diverse populations with age and health risks, even more risky.

8. It’s Untested:

Vaccines are NEVER tested for cancer, genetic mutations, or impairment of fertility (see Section 13 of all vaccine package inserts). This is certainly the case with covid-19; a fast-tracked vaccine with no long-term studies.

9. It’s Unethical:

*Journal of Reproductive Medicine and Biology- “Contraceptive vaccines may result in either reversible or irreversible inhibition of fertility.” [23]
*Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research and lung specialist and former head of the public health department, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, have warned of female sterilization. [24]
*Pfizer warns that they have no idea of the vaccine’s impact on fertility. [25]
 *Dr Rashid Butarr in a call with 160 doctors “certainly our children will not be able to have children....” [26]

10. It’s Unnecessary:

It doesn’t stop the spread of Covid.27 According to the world renown neurophysicist, Professor Karl Friston, 80% of the population are not susceptible to Covid-19 and likely had some sort of prior immunity.28 Almost 90% of people who have Covid-19 either have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, making the vaccine unnecessary. [29]

Why haven’t you heard this information? Millions has been invested in both advertising of the vaccines as well as silencing dissenting information on the vaccine by calling it conspiracy, squashing social platforms, or referring to it as misinformation. 




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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Horn of the Ox = Corona Vax

Under Seleucid-Greek tyranny, Jews were ordered:

“Write on the horn of an ox that you have no share in the G‑d of Israel.”[1]

I've always wondered about that. Why an ox? And why its horn?

Perhaps it's a coded message for our times:

An ox might represent vaccination, since "vacca" means cow in Latin. [2]

The vaccine industry is indeed a mighty ox, the pharmaceutical industry's bull that drives our economy and funds government.

Horn is קרן qeren in Hebrew, which is a cognate of corona. [3]

The corona virus is so called due to it's horn-like projections, akin to spikes of a crown. The corona vaccine aims to create antibodies for its "spike" proteins.

The "horn of the ox" can semantically mean the "corona vaccine."

Much like Antiochus of old, modern-day tyrants order us to sign on to their corona vaccine agenda and effectively disavow our portion in the G-d of Israel.

How so?

Simple. By being pressured into taking this vaccine as some sort of moral obligation, one is accepting the moral authority of "public health policy" as omniscient, omnipotent, and all-transcendent. Indeed, it transcends reason, safety, and all other considerations. Even though this vaccine is a novel, modified-RNA technology never used by the public, and has been expedited at warp speed bypassing animal trials, yet the person still trusts the vaccine implicitly and signs off his health to this dubious product, this is an act of total submission.

Such a person has no portion in the G-d of Israel, since Israel denotes ascendancy over all other influences, human and angelic. [4]

The G-d of Israel empowered us a system of absolute values which preclude this dubious pharmaceutical product and the secularist agenda that's behind it.

By buying into the "morality" of this covid vaccine and pressuring others to take it, one is verily rejecting the G-d of the Bible.


[1] Jerusalem Talmud, Chagiga 2:2.
[2] from the first smallpox vaccine that allegedly derived from cowpox.
[3] see my blogpost on the etymology of Corona.
[4] Gen 32:29

Chanukah is Education

Did you know that Chanukah is all about education?

While chanukah is generally translated "dedication," it comes from the root chinuch, which also means "education."

Indeed, the story of Chanukah contains a invaluable lesson in education for our times.

The holy temple had been hijacked and contaminated by a foreign secularist agenda and G-dless values. It needed to be purified and rededicated. The candelabra was lit with just one day's worth of pure unadulterated olive oil that miraculously lasted eight days, a metaphor for eternity. A fitting rededication indeed. Hence "chanukah."

So too with regards to education.

Much like the holy temple, each child's right to an education is inviolable and sacrosanct.

In recent times, our society, media, and schools have been hijacked and contaminated with foreign Marxist agenda and G-dless values. The precious minds of our young are under assault.

We need to rededicate our efforts to educate our children, free of impure and benighted foreign influence.

The far-reaching effects of education are unfathomable. It affects all future generations. We cannot afford to allow our precious children to be subjected to unspeakable ideological subversion.

We must rise to the occasion and take back our schools from government and dubious funding sources.

We must illuminate the young minds of our youth with unadulterated and pure knowledge based on timeless Torah values.

If we insist on the finest and purest for our children, G-d will respond by blessing our efforts with miraculous success that will surely last in perpetuity.

Happy Chanukah.

Happy rededicating and happy educating.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

שיטת הרבי על חיסון קוביד

רבים שואלים:

איך יכולתי, נציג וחסיד הרבי, להתנגד כל כך לחיסון? האם הרבי לא תמך בחיסון?


הרבי אישר חיסון כאשר:

1) החיסונים היו מרצון

2) יצרני החיסונים נשאו באחראיות לפגיעות שנגרמו על ידי החיסונים שלהם

3) בהנחה שהחיסון פותח באופן מתון וזהיר על פי הנהלים שנקבעו, ובטיחותו נוסתה והוכחה לאורך זמן, ולא כזו שקיבלה אישור מזורז במסלול מהיר ביותר

4) יצרן החיסונים הוא בעל מוניטין באמינותו ובבטיחות מוצריו

5) החיסון מתיימר להגן על הילד מפני מחלה המהווה סיכון משמעותי לילד, לא אם המחלה מהווה סיכון זניח או היא נטולת תסמינים עבור הילד. הרבי מעולם לא עודד חיסון רק בשל מה שמכונה חסינות עדר.

6) שורות תאים אנושיות טרם הפכו לחלק משמעותי בפיתוח החיסונים, ולפני ששיטת הביתור של עוברים חיים בשק העוברי, אי פעם הפכה לנוהג "מקובל" וקבוע

7) עדיין לא היה פיצוץ של בעיות פוריות, הפרעות אוטואימוניות, פגיעות נוירולוגיות ושיעורי לוקמיה, שנראה כי הם מטפסים מעלה, בכל פעם שמתווסף חיסון אחר ללוח חיסוני הילדות.

8) חיסון לא היה תנאי ללימוד תורה או ללימוד בישיבה, והוא לא שימש כתירוץ למניעת לימודים של עשרות אלפי ילדים יהודים בבתי ספר ברחבי המדינה.

9) חיסון לא שימש כתירוץ להדרת רגליהן של נשים יהודיות משימוש במקווה או למנוע מיהודי הקהילה מכניסה לבתי כנסת, או למנוע מילדי ישראל מליכנס לבית ספר (דהיינו "ביטול תינוקות של בית רבן מלימודם" בלשון חז"ל), וכו'.
10) אף אחד לא חלם שחיסון ישמש בשלב כלשהו כתירוץ להמעיט מערכו ולהחרים חלק משמעותי מכלל ישראל, להרחיק אותם מהמרחב הציבורי וליצור מערכת של כת רפואית נוסח האפרטהייד, של מחוסנים בעלי זכויות לעומת לא מחוסנים שהם נטולי זכויות.

כתלמיד של הרבי כל חיי, ברור לי לחלוטין שהרבי היה מתנגד בתוקף רב לחיסון הנוכחי, שכן:

1) חיסונים שהם חובה, מהווים פגיעה מזעזעת בזכותו של אדם לאוטונומיה על גופו ועל זכאותו להסכמה מדעת ולבחירות רפואיות על בסיס אישי.

2) מיצרני החיסונים ניטלה האחריות לפגיעות הנגרמות על ידי החיסונים שלהם

3) החיסון נגד קוביד אושר במסלול מזורז,  במהירות קיצונית.

4) כל יצרני החיסון הנוכחיים נמצאו אשמים בעבירות פליליות ובמעשי הונאה, חסרי אחריות ונטולי בטיחות.

5) חיסונים כמו שפעת וקוביד אינם מציעים תועלת ממשית לילד, מכיוון שהמחלות הללו מהוות סיכון זניח לילדים. חסינות העדר לכאורה (אם אכן הזריקות הללו מספקות חסינות עדר, דבר שאינו ברור כלל), אינה מהווה גורם בחוק העברי.

6) שורות תאים אנושיות מהוות כיום חלק משמעותי בפיתוח חיסונים, ושיטת "השק העוברי" המזעזעת מבחינה מוסרית, של ביתור עוברים חיים היא באורח פלאי, מנהג מקובל.

7) בשנים האחרונות נרשמה עלייה אקספוננציאלית בבעיות פוריות, הפרעות אוטואימוניות, פגיעות נוירולוגיות ושיעורי לוקמיה שנראה כי גואים בכל פעם שמתווסף חיסון אחר ללוח חיסוני הילדות.

8) חיסונים שימשו לאחרונה כתירוץ למנוע ממאות אלפי ילדים להגיע לבתי הספר ברחבי המדינה.

9) התחסנות שימשה לאחרונה כתירוץ לאסור על נשים יהודיות מלעשות שימוש במקווה ולהרחקתן מהתכנסויות בבתי כנסת וכדומה.

10) החיסון נגד קוביד ישמש כעת כתירוץ להדיר ולהרחיק חלק משמעותי מכלל ישראל, כלומר אלה שמסרבים לו. על אנשים אלה ומשפחותיהם יאסר בהכרח לבלות במרחבים ציבוריים. החברה תהפוך לאפרטהייד רפואי למיניו, עם מערכת כתות חדשה של מחוסנים בעלי זכויות, לעומת בלתי מחוסנים חסרי זכויות.

כן, הרבי היה זועם בהחלט, בגין מעשים כה מזעזעים. הוא היה מתנגד לחיסון הנוכחי עם כל נים בהווייתו הקדושה.

ביום ג' בשבט תשנ"ב, הרבי הפקיד בידי (ובידי כולנו) את המשימה לדבר בשמו, לשמש כשופר. "אהרן אחיך יהיה לך לפה."

ככזה, אין לי ברירה אלא לציין את עמדתו של הרבי בעניין זה באופן חד משמעי:

אל תקחו את החיסון נגד קוביד בשום פנים ואופן!

נ.ב. תודה למרת מיכל סימפלר על התרגום המקצועי

Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Rebbe's View on Vaccines

The question many are asking:

How could I, a representative and adherent of the Rebbe, be so opposed to a vaccine? Didn't the Rebbe endorse vaccination?


The Rebbe endorsed vaccination when:

1) vaccines were voluntary 2) vaccine manufacturers were held accountable for injuries caused by their vaccines

3) the vaccine was developed in a prudent and cautious manner in the established procedure, and its safety was tried and proven, not fast-tracked at warp-speed 

4) the vaccine manufacturer had a stellar reputation of being upstanding, safe and reliable

5) the vaccine purported to protect the child from a disease that posed significant risk to the child, not if the disease posed negligible risk or zero symptoms for the child. The Rebbe NEVER encouraged vaccination just for so-called herd immunity.

6) human cell lines had not yet become a significant part of vaccine development, and before water-bag method live dissection of viable fetuses ever became an "acceptable" and regular practice

7) there had not yet been an explosion of infertility, auto-immune disorders, neurological injuries, and leukemia rate that seems to rise every time another vaccine is added to the childhood schedule. 

8) vaccination was not a condition to learning Torah or attending yeshiva, and was NOT used as an excuse for banning tens of thousands of Jewish children from school nationwide.

9) vaccination was not used as an excuse for banning Jewish women from using a mikva or banning congregants from shul, etc. 
10) no one ever dreamt that a vaccine would someday be used as an excuse for marginalizing and shunning a significant part of Klal Yisroel, to oust them from public spaces and create a medical-apartheid caste system of the privileged vaccinated versus the unprivileged unvaccinated.

As a lifelong student of the Rebbe, it is absolutely clear to me that the Rebbe would most vehemently oppose contemporary vaccination, since:

1) vaccines are compulsory, a shocking assault on a person's right to bodily autonomy and entitlement to informed consent and individual-based medicinal choices

2) vaccine manufacturers are not liable for injuries caused by their vaccines 

3) the covid vaccine was fast-tracked at warp-speed

4) all contemporary vaccine manufacturers have been found guilty of felonies and fraudulent, irresponsible and unsafe practices

5) vaccines like influenza and covid offer no actual benefit to a child, since those diseases poses negligible risk to children. Alleged herd immunity (if those shots actually accomplish that, which is not at all clear) is NOT a factor in Jewish law.

6) human cell lines are now a significant part of vaccine development, and morally odious "water-bag" method live dissection of viable fetuses is a shockingly regular practice

7) recent years have seen an exponential increase in cases of infertility, auto-immune disorders, neurological injuries, and leukemia rate that seems to rise every time another vaccine is added to the childhood schedule.

8) vaccination has recently been used as an excuse to ban hundreds of thousands of children from school nationwide.

9) vaccination has recently been used as an excuse to ban Jewish women from using a mikva and to shun congregants from shul, etc.

10) the covid vaccine will now be used as an excuse for marginalizing and shunning a significant part of Klal Yisroel, i.e. those who decline it. These individuals and their families will inevitably be banned from public spaces. Society will become a medical apartheid of sorts, with a new caste system of the privileged vaccinated versus the unprivileged unvaccinated.

Yes, the Rebbe would be absolutely LIVID over such shocking practices. He would oppose contemporary vaccination with every fiber of his holy being.

On 3 Shevat 5752, the Rebbe entrusted me (and all of us) with the mission to speak on his behalf, to serve as his mouthpiece. "Aharon your brother shall serve as your spokesperson."

As such, I have no choice but to state the Rebbe's position on this matter lucidly and unambiguously:

Do NOT take the covid vaccine under any circumstances!


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Lessons from an Ominous Sign

Last week, I posted on Facebook about a deeply-unsettling incident at a prominent synagogue in which the Torah scroll spontaneously rolled off the bima [1] and fell to the floor in front of the startled congregation.

Fortunately, my article has made quite a commotion. People are beginning to be roused from their reverie.

I had sadly noted that this synagogue is rather extreme in its fanatic enforcement of covid policies, and of vaccine policy in general. Even worse, this congregation encourages its members to inform on fellow community members to local authorities, a horrific act of mesira [2]. Most egregious of all, the rabbis of this synagogue presided over the unprecedented action of shunning children from Jewish day schools and cruelly denying them an education, simply because for not being vaccinated for an STD! And as if that were not enough, they went on to petition the State of Florida to eliminate religious exemption to mandatory vaccination, thereby attempting to ban tens of thousands of children from school. Unthinkable.

As a rabbi and lifelong student of Judaic law, I observed that when such an ominous event occurs, it's customary to decree a fast and communal introspection. In the case of this community, one need not go too far to find an appalling lapse of Torah observance. I referred to the communal requirement to ensure that EVERY single child receive an education. Furthermore, I referred to the right of EVERY single Jew to attend synagogue, irrespective of halachically-unjust public health policies or covid courtesies. Lastly, I referred to the commandment to NOT malign or inform on your neighbor, or to marginalize anyone from the community, as this errant congregation has done.

It's obvious that a fallen Torah scroll represents a dire and unprecedented breach in Torah observance on part of that community. This is especially relevant as no one person dropped the Torah, but rather it spontaneously fell by itself. This clearly indicates a grave communal problem.

In Judaism, it's portentous even when a mezuza falls from a doorpost. How much more so when the most hallowed possession of every community, its Torah Scroll, falls from the bima [lectern from which the Torah is read] and onto the floor, at the holiest time of the holiest day of the week, no less!

Out of concern and compassion for this errant community, I implored them to repent their ways. I called attention to their grievous violations of halacha and begged them to cease and desist. There is no place in Judaism for blind obedience to the dictates of secularist public health policy and the doctors who promote them, which has become a modern-day pagan worship of sorts. [3]

Fortunately, many readers shared this vital message, and it made waves in that community.

The rabbi of the synagogue felt obliged to respond to my article. Sadly, instead of taking any responsibility for his lapse of leadership, he unrepentantly dug in his heels:

Perhaps the message of a Torah falling in BRS is to be stricter with coronavirus guidelines, not less. 

Woe unto him and woe unto his community.

The Torah fell due to the fact that everyone there had been fastidiously observing the guidelines of social distancing, so no one was close enough to secure it. Normally several individuals would have been standing at the lectern in close contact with the Torah. The Torah's fall was directly due to covid policies [4]. So his response is to suggest that they ought to be more strict in their adherence to these rules!?

To quote his astute observation, "to casually dismiss or ignore Hashem’s messages to us is to mute the Divine, to ignore the One Who is speaking to us, which is cruel both to Him and to ourselves."

Yes, his reaction is indeed cruel and dismissive of the clear Divine message.

This rabbi also had harsh words for me:

"Whether reacting to a fallen sefer Torah in a community or someone’s personal illness, we are never in a position to tell people why things are happening to them.  To do so, particularly with confidence and surety, is not only arrogant, it is to play God and compete with the Divine. It borders on heresy, even if you have 'rabbi' before your name."

With all due respect, I'd like to respond to this allegation.

For starters, "heresy" is the wrong word. The proper term here is ona'at devarim. This means that we are not permitted to hurt another person with words. The gemara applies this principle to not attributing a person's tragedy to a sin he committed [5], for doing so would constitute verbal abuse.

However, a fallen Sefer Torah is not akin to a personal tragedy, or a even a communal tragedy per se. No one was hurt, nor did anyone suffer illness, death, or financial loss. In the latter cases, the rabbi would be correct. We are not permitted to remind the bereaved individual of his sins at that time, or attribute his misfortunes to any misdeeds he may have committed. It's ona'at devarim.

A fallen Torah Scroll is quite different. It is NOT a tragedy, but just the opposite. It serves as an omen that might portend tragedy, Heaven forfend. Instead, it's clearly an act of Divine kindness, cautioning the community to mend its ways. The fact that the Torah fell in that shul at that time and place is recognized by halacha as an appropriate time for communal introspection. It is highly appropriate for other Jews, including those who do not reside in the community -- since "all Israel is mutually responsible for one another" [6] -- to send words of constructive rebuke and encourage them to rectify their ways. This is not called "playing G-d" at all. rather, it's called speaking up on G-d's behalf, on the Torah's behalf, for the welfare of the community and the benefit of klal Yisroel.

I find it rather ironic that the rabbi suggested that my being from afar deemed me less entitled to offer rebuke to his congregation, and insisted that his community ought to do the introspection themselves. I just wonder: did he or his colleague hesitate before petitioning their state legislature to eliminate religious exemption to mandatory vaccination, thereby ousting tens of thousands of children from school all across the state? Was the fate of those children within his narrow-minded jurisdiction? Who gave him any moral authority to dictate other people's religious beliefs, or to deprive any single child of an education anywhere outside of his own home? Who authorized him to provoke the ire and enmity (eiva) of untold thousands of non-Jewish Floridians who were aghast that a Jew -- and a rabbi no less -- would dare attack their religious freedom?

Has he or his colleague taken responsibility for this bizarre and unprecedented chilul Hashem? Is there any excuse for such brazen recklessness? Who does he think he is? 

Indeed, we ought not to "play G-d."

Jeopardizing the religious freedoms and personal medical choices of millions of Floridians definitely reeks of unparalleled arrogance.[7]

I cannot think of anything more cruel or dismissive of Torah values.

A "virus of playing G-d" indeed.

Except that this is no game. There's too much at stake.

The Torah sent them -- and all of us -- a sober message last Shabbos. [8]

I humbly implore this community and its rabbis to mend their ways. They ought to earnestly beg the apology of all the individuals and families who have been marginalized, disenfranchised, abused, or whose freedoms were threatened due to this congregation's irresponsible and unjust actions.



[1] Lectern or table from which the Torah is read.

[2] prohibited act of informing on one's fellow to secular authorities.

[3] See the harsh observations of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, recorded in Masoret Moshe, page 311.

[4] This synagogue imposed extreme measures that halachically problematic. No one may handle the Torah without gloves. See Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 91:5 Magen Avraham. See also See also Pesachim 57a regarding four occasions that caused the azarah (courtyard) of the Beis Hamikdash to (metaphorically) cry. One such cry was to banish a Kohen Gadol (high priest) named Yissachar Ish Kfar Barkai who “honored himself and disrespected the holy sacrifices.” The Gemara explains that this Yissachar would wear gloves while performing the service in the Beis Hamikdash. Rashi explains that it was disrespectful to the holy items (bizuy mitzvah) to wear gloves (besides for another issue of chatzitza). Other authorities explain the reason for the prohibition to wear gloves during prayer is because it is inappropriate to stand with gloves before a king, or because it is a sign of arrogance and haughtiness.

In the shul, only one person is allowed to be in close contact with the Torah and all others must stand at a distance of ten feet. Only the baal korei (reader) stands at the bima with no one standing adjacent to him to assist. Usually the bima would be flanked with two others. Furthermore, the oleh (one who is called to the Torah) is required to stand ten feet away! Clearly, the Torah had been left alone on the bima while all other stood from afar due to covid policy.

[5] Leviticus 25:17. Bava Metzia 58b: one form of ona’at devarim is to share opinions on why misfortune befell a person. The gemara identifies the friends of Iyov as having violated this form of ona’as devarim when they speculated that Iyov’s misfortunes are a result of his sin [Iyov 4:6]. Although we believe in the concept of reward and punishment, sharing these thoughts with a person who suffered the loss is a form of verbal abuse. This law is codified in Mishneh Torah, Laws of Sales 14:13, and in Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat 228:4.

However, the gemara (Berachos 5b) records an episode that seems to contradict this rule. The gemara records that Rav Huna had a massive supply of wine which spoiled. The rabbis came to visit him and suggested that he try to determine which sin he may have committed to cause God to visit this loss upon him. The rabbis insisted that he must have committed a sin because God is just and would not punish somebody without cause. As it turns out, he discovered that failure to pay proper wages to his sharecropper was the sin responsible for the loss of the wine. Apparently, the rabbis had no hesitations about blaming Rav Huna’s misfortune on a sin that he had committed, seemingly in direct contrast to the gemara in Bava Metzia that considers such suggestions to be a form of ona’at devarim.

The Malbim writes that there is no contradiction at all. According to Tosafos (Berachos ad loc.), the rabbis only suggested that Rav Huna was being punished for a sin that he had committed because they had specific knowledge of the particular sin. After all, many great people who had never sinned suffer from all sorts of life’s difficulties without any explanation. The Malbim therefore suggests that the gemara only considers speculation about a sin to be ona’as devarim, but suggestions to rectify a known sin are not problematic, and indeed encouraged as part of the mitzvah to give proper rebuke to set a person on the proper path.

The sins of this congregation are well known and require no speculation. 

[6] See Sanhedrin 27b

[7] See Kidushin 70a: "כל הפוסל במומו פוסל -- he who disqualifies others does so using his own disqualifying defect."

[8] It should be mentioned that after writing that post, I became aware of another incident in Manchester, England, during which two Torah scrolls fell to the ground in an outdoor minyan several months back! In that particular case, wind blew the table over and caused the Torahs to fall. This is also an unmistakable sign that covid policy was the obvious culprit. Since the community had been banned from congregating in synagogue due to covid regulations and instead prayed outdoors, this unspeakable mishap occurred. Had the congregation disregarded covid policy and prayed indoors as Jewish law requires, it never would have occurred.

Surely a powerful lesson here is to start disregarding halachically-unjust covid policies like that one that led to the falling of two Torah scrolls.

Lastly, several months back, a missing word was found during the public Torah reading on Shabbos morning at the central Congregation Lubavitch, 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. This is was also certainly a cause for alarm regarding shockingly irresponsible rabbinic actions on covid policy in that community. Read here for my post on that topic. Also see Emes News article.

The Vaccine Religion

Our society is a theocracy of sorts. The national religion is vaccinology.

This belief system is a religious creed like all others. Adherents pledge allegiance to the all-powerful deity of public health policy and its host of infallible and inerrant pharmaceutical products.

In this cult of vaccine worship, everyone must be forcibly converted. There is no place for infidels.

No one is permitted to question the risks or efficacy of vaccines. Any evidence suggesting otherwise is suppressed and denied.

"Safe and effective" is the mantra in this religion. Everyone must chant this phrase repetitively any time a vaccine is questioned. It wards off the "anti-vax" vampires.

With a presumption of faultless perfection, every vaccine is "safe until proven unsafe." And of course, no vaccine can ever be proven unsafe. That's impossible.

Freedom is sacrificed on the altar of public health, and there can be no independence. Rather, everyone must submit to total dependency on pharmaceutical products. No one may depend on their own immune systems any longer. Such heresy is strictly forbidden.

Medical mainstream and media function like ministries. Their job is to indoctrinate the masses of worshipers and enforce 100% adherence to all the religion's dictates.

Every child is initiated into a life of subservience to the cult by getting a dose of the hepatitis-B vaccine at birth. In this supreme act of selfless devotion, parents offer their child up to the Deity of Vaccinology by vaccinating their newborn infant for a disease which poses absolutely no risk to him. Indeed, vaccines are not really about actual risks or benefits. It's about submission to the g-ds of Public Health who rule by divine right. 

When a child dies or suffers lifelong injury at the hand of an all-powerful vaccine, this consequence is accepted in reverence and unwavering faith. It's par for the course, the parents are told. The child died the death of a martyr. His life was sacrificed to hallow and praise the venerated name of vaccination. If the death or injury is too gruesome, then adherents are reminded that vaccines are incontrovertibly "safe and effective," and that correlation should never be confused with causation. This "Truth" is immutable and may NEVER be questioned.

Much like the golden calf of Biblical fame, the idolized vaccine narrative is fashioned out of gold, i.e. the rich profit margins of pharmaceutical robber barons.

Led by High Priest Fauci, the priestly class consists of pharma-funded state officials who piously impose vaccine policies on all.

A fatwa is declared on any doctor who dares to question the dogma. Her blasphemies are promptly censored and denounced. Ultimately, the unrepentant rebel is excommunicated and stripped of her medical license wherever possible.

"Anti-vaxxers" are the ultimate villain of this religious creed. They must be eliminated at all costs. The children of these incorrigible infidels must be banned from school, vilified and shunned from society.

Covid is the holy grail of the vaccine cult and its prized possession. It has enabled the religion to expand its reach and exact retribution against all unvaccinated heathens. Thanks to covid, such miscreants can now be banned from flights, concerts, cruises, banks, gyms, supermarkets, and many more public venues than ever dreamed possible. Surely most will be beaten to submission, and the rest will have no choice but to live on reservations or camps for such untouchables.

This is a glorious time for the unstoppable cult of vaccination, that is surely on its way to becoming the Sole Major World Religion.

All other religions have been deemed "non-essential" anyway, thanks to covid dogma.

Are you ready to bow before the Cult?

Ready to be vaccinated or be vacated?