Monday, November 30, 2020

Marxism and Mandatory Vaccination

Mandatory vaccination is just another iteration of authoritarian Marxism.

Everyone must conform, we are told. No one gets a free pass.

Everyone must submit to this compulsory medical procedure, even though certain individuals will be unavoidably harmed and killed by the vaccine.

Kill the individual for the good of the commune. Sacrifice individual rights for the collective benefit.

You don't own your own health. The public does. Or more accurately, the state does.

The state doles it out to you. Your health will be whatever the CDC and FDA deem it to be.

The playing field must be flattened in the name of social justice. You have no right to be healthier, wealthier, or happier than anyone else.

Just like they shut down your business and reduced you to dependency because of "covid," the state feels likewise entitled to shut down your access to unbiased information, force you to yield all medical choices to them, and condemn you to lifelong dependency on their pharmaceutical products.

That's why covid policy was introduced under the guise of our supposed communal duty towards the immunocompromised. Do you understand now? It was all about reducing the entire society to one standard of compromised vulnerability. If the immunocompromised must stay home and/or wear a mask, then EVERYONE must do so. We must all become compromised.

And you MUST be vaccinated.

It doesn't matter that a vaccine might compromise your immune system. In fact, that's the whole idea.

Compromise your individual health for the alleged sake of the public.

Worried about vaccine injury? That's just too bad. No one gets a free pass.

"Public health" eclipses individual health.

Alleged public benefit overrides individual bodily autonomy.

Informed consent and the Nuremburg Code no longer matter. The individual has no right to opt out.

Whoever tries is marginalized and lambasted as "selfish."

Such recalcitrant individuals are "recklessly putting the entire community at risk," and consequently deserve to be banned from school, public transportation, and any business whose owner wishes to enforce the "public health policy" for the alleged good of society.

That's why reality of vaccine risks must be suppressed, and the overwhelming number of vaccine injuries must be ignored and denied at all cost. Censorship is supposedly in order, since it's for the "good of the public."

Under contemporary medical-Marxism, vaccines must be enforced by the state. There can be no free choice, nor can there be any free access to truth. Herd immunity requires herd thinking.

Consequently, government, media, academia, and medical establishment must collude to promote only ONE narrative. News articles, studies, medical policy, all merge to form a single homogenous front.

Media functions as Pravda-style propaganda.

There's no other option. It's for the alleged benefit of "public health."

Same thing with masks, lockdowns, and imposed isolation.

Never mind the fact that seniors will die from loneliness, millions will be reduced to poverty and mental illness, children worldwide will die of starvation, and some individuals will invariably suffer with hypoxia, headaches, fatigue, or breathing difficulties... all as a direct consequence of this policy.

It's all par for the course. The policy must be enforced at all costs, since it's for alleged public "good."

It doesn't even matter that the benefit or necessity of any of these precautionary measures cannot be proven scientifically. It makes no difference that the test has no scientific basis.

If the public health ideologues so decreed it, it must be enforced. Compliance and uniformity is key for the public's alleged well-being.

Don't think too much, we are told. Just comply.

Do it for the sake of the "public." It's your "communal duty."

Your own health and life must be secondary.

This doctrine lies at the essence of Marxism.

The United States of America is built on the exact opposite paradigm, and so is Judaism.

In Biblical law, the individual's rights are sacrosanct. We may NOT sacrifice an individual for the sake of the public. [1]

The individual is in charge of his/her own health and destiny. Each individual is endowed with the inviolable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Bodily autonomy is untouchable. No one may force you to compromise your own health for the sake of anyone else, not even the alleged sake of "public health."

Our founding fathers understood this well. That's why the Bill of Rights exists, to prevent government from tampering with our G-d-given rights.

These rights are off-limits.

The entire rationale of mandatory vaccination is inherently flawed and utterly unconstitutional.

In abstract ideology, Marxism is a utopian myth. In practice, it can only exist in the form of authoritarian despotism.

Vaccination might be a wonderful idea, but it MUST remain voluntary and with informed consent. There must be complete transparency and accountability on part of vaccine manufacturers. Government may NOT police anyone's medical choices. That is an anathema in a free society.

A new vaccine is coming out soon, and states will try to mandate it unjustly.

You are being given a choice. Comply or refuse. Fight to uphold the Bill of Rights or submit to Marxism.

What will you choose? Liberty or tyranny?

Choose wisely.

The future of our nation literally hangs in the balance.

Your own personal wellbeing hangs in the balance as well.

And your health matters. Your right to choose matters.

And so does mine.


[1] In Judaic law, the individual has infinite value, and may NOT be sacrificed for the sake of the community.
Our sages taught:
If gentiles will demand one of a group of women, saying: "Yield us one of among you and we will defile her, if not we will defile you all", let all be defiled, rather than surrender to them one soul in Israel. [Mishna, Terumos 8:12]. Likewise, if gentiles will say to a group of men: "Yield us one of you and we will kill him, if not we will kill you all", let all of them be killed rather than surrender to them one soul in Israel. If, however, they single out the one, saying: "Give us that man, if not we will kill you all", if he be guilty of a capital crime, as, for example, Sheba son of Bichri [Samuel II 20:1], they may surrender him to them, but it is not commendable to advise them to do so; if he be not guilty of a capital crime, they all must submit rather than surrender them one soul in Israel.
Mishneh Torah, Yesodei Hatorah 5:5

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Is Covid a Public Emergency?

In my previous post, readers were cautioned to beware pseudo-emergencies. I was subsequently asked: what would it take for a disease to qualify as an actual emergency by Judaic standards? Read on...

Does covid qualify as a "national emergency?"

According to Judaism, the answer is categorically NO.

Let's assume their claim of 265,000 covid deaths in the US to date is accurate. (It isn't -- it's nowhere near accurate by their own admission, but that's a separate point)

In Judaic law, a plague is so defined only if .3% of the entire population died from the disease in three consecutive days, at a rate of .1% per day. In such a case, the disease is recognized as a public emergency. [1]

Since the US population is approximately 331 million, covid would need to cause 331,000 deaths daily, with a total of 993,000 within three consecutive days.

265,000 alleged covid deaths in nine months is not a plague, and is not recognized a cause for panic. 

Needless to say, covid is not a national emergency, not by any stretch of the imagination.

What about the allegedly hardest-hit state, NY?

Let's consider the numbers. With a population of 19.5 million, a plague would require 19,500 deaths daily in NY, with a total of 58,500 within three consecutive days.

In reality, NY State claims 34,000 covid deaths in nine months. Covid is not a public emergency in NY by Judaic standards.

What about the State of Israel?

With a population of 8.884 million, emergency "plague" status would require 8,884 daily deaths, and 26,652 within three days. In reality, Israel's total alleged covid death toll is a mere tenth of that after nine whole months. Covid isn't an emergency for Israel either.

Can covid be called a "worldwide emergency?" Let's examine that claim:

Out of a world population of 7.6 billion, the earth would need to see 7.6 million covid deaths daily, and 22.8 million deaths in three days. According to Google, only 1.45 million covid deaths have been reported worldwide in total -- after nearly an entire year.

Clearly, Judaism rejects the government's claim that "covid fatalities" justify its emergency measures to infringe on our constitutional rights.

No wonder covid policy has declared religion non-essential. 

The only way to perpetuate their lie is by suppressing religion and Judaism in particular.

No wonder DeBlasio, Cuomo, and Netanyahu went after synagogues and Jewish schools with a vengeance.

Judaism exposes their falsehoods. To sustain their false narrative and illegitimate policies, they had no choice but to ban the only source of objective truth.

G-d and religion had to be declared "non-essential" and therefore a risk to public health.

In true Marxist style, Torah study had to be identified as an enemy of covid, and therefore an enemy of the state... since that's all this so-called pandemic is really about: a depraved attempt to legitimize tyranny and police state.

Remember how the Soviets banned public religion as "counter-revolutionary?" That's what's happening now too.

Don't fall for it.

Exercise your G-d-given freedoms and say no to covid tyranny. Assert the truth.

Go to shul and pray with community.

Gather the children and teach them Torah in public, just like Mordechai and Esther did in the face of Haman's evil decree.

The truth will sprout forth from the earth.[2]

Only the emergence of truth can end the pseudo-emergency that is covid.


[1] Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim 576:2.

[2] Psalms 85:12. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Beware Pseudo-Emergencies

Enough with your fake emergencies.

There is absolutely no present emergency that justifies:

1) an "emergency use authorization" for a dubious untested first-of-its-kind pharmaceutical product

2) lockdowns or censorship of any kind

3) compulsory medical procedures of any kind.

4) compulsory mask policy

5) school closures

6) bans or restrictions on houses of worship

7) violation of any individual's Constitutional rights

8) restrictions on citizens' right to assemble

9) closures of any small businesses

10) compulsory invasive medical testing

There is no pandemic emergency. It's a fabrication. Based on fake testing and false death attribution.

There is a disease. Although it poses negligible risk for the overwhelming majority of the population and has a 99.9% survival rate, it does pose a risk for a small minority of people, and that risk should not be taken lightly.

However, it is not a national emergency, by no means urgent enough to legitimize even one of the above-mentioned abuses, let alone all of them.

There is only one true emergency.

The emergency is extraordinary government encroachment into our civil liberties.

The emergency is tyranny and authoritarian rule.

There are many intolerable aspects to this dire emergency. It includes:

1) an "emergency use authorization" for a dubious untested first-of-its-kind pharmaceutical product

2) lockdowns and censorship

3) talk of compulsory medical procedures

4) compulsory mask policy

5) school closures

6) bans or restrictions on houses of worship

7) violation of our Constitutional rights

8) restrictions on citizens' right to assemble

9) closures of small businesses

10) compulsory invasive medical testing

This is truly the gravest emergency in our generation.

Covid itself is a pseudo-emergency.

Covid policy is the true emergency.

It's truly urgent and cannot be ignored.

It must be dealt with immediately.

There's too much at stake.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Twisted Morality

Forcing healthy people to wear masks doesn't make you a kinder human being.

It makes you callously subhuman.

Forcing a healthy person to wear a mask is not virtuous.
It's criminal.

Enforcement of mask policy is not righteous.
It's evil.

Supporting a compulsory mask policy is not moral or upright.
It's immoral and subversive.

It's not selfish to not wear a mask.
It's selfish and self-righteous to force others to wear one.

It's not selfish to prevent your child from wearing a mask. It's selfless and devoted parenting.

If you force others to wear mask, you're not being a good citizen.
Mask policy is utterly un-American and a grave violation of the Constitution. You're being a traitor.

Forcing healthy people to wear a mask is obscene.
It's the most depraved form of obscenity.

Being barefaced in public is not indecent.
Enforcing a mask policy is the epitome of indecency.

Being barefaced in public is not comparable to nudity or anywhere close, but coerced face coverings are far worse than nudity. They're vile, atrocious, and repulsive.

It's not heroic to support mandatory vaccination of any kind. It's abusive and odious.

A compulsory covid vaccine is tantamount to societal rape.
Rape of 330,608,588 Americans, to be precise.

It cannot be justified for the sake of "science." It's a corruption of science.

Compulsory covid vaccine is not "good" for modern medicine.
It's a subversion of modern medicine.

Good doctors of sound moral conscience cannot possibly support a compulsory covid vaccine. It can only be endorsed by Dr. Mengele-style doctors, those who flagrantly defy the Hippocratic oath.

Compulsory vaccination is a grave violation of the Nuremburg Code. Humans are not laboratory rats.

It's not kind or responsible to expose your child to the risks of a vaccine just for some alleged societal benefit.
It's child abuse.

It's an unthinkable betrayal of your child.
It's a grave violation of your sacred parental duty to your child.

Vaccinating one's healthy child for covid is akin to sacrificing her to the fires of Molekh.

Covid courtesies are not courteous.

"Covid-era morality" is duplicitous and degenerate.

Covid policies are crimes against humanity.

עובדות על חיסונים נגד קוביד

הורים יקרים:

  • הממשלה עומדת לכפות על כל ילד שלומד בבית ספר בישראל לקבל חיסון חדש לקוביד שפיתוחו הואץ לצורך שיווק [1]
  • ישנן עדויות המצביעות על כך, שיתכן כי הממשלה מתכננת להזריק לילדכם את החיסון הזה בבית הספר ללא הסכמתכם. [2]
  • חיסון זה משתמש בטכנולוגיה חדשה (mRNA) שמעולם לא אושרה לשימוש בבני אדם. ילדכם ישמש כשפן ניסיונות. [3]
  • השפעות לטווח ארוך מטכנולוגיה חדשה זו אינן ידועות. [4]
  • מספר רב של מקרי מוות ופגיעות במתנדבים, דווחו במהלך תקופת הניסויים בחיסוני קוביד. [5]
  • החיסון החדש הוא חיסון RNA שעבר מודיפיקציה ועשוי לשנות לצמיתות את הגנום של ילדכם. [6]
  • תופעות לוואי ופגיעות מחיסון זה, עשויות להיות בלתי הפיכות ולצמיתות. [7]
  • החיסון החדש יאושר על ידי אותו ארגון הבריאות העולמי, שמנע מחולים לקבל טיפולים מצילי חיים כמו הידרוקסיכלורוקווין. [8]
  • חיסון חדש זה עתיד להכפות בידי אותה ממשלה, שכשלה בחקירת מקרי הזנחה פושעת של חולים  במחלקות קורונה. [9]
  • החיסון לקוביד עובר במסלול מזורז לאישור. כאשר הואץ פיתוח חיסונים בשנת 1976 ובשנת 2009 להתפרצויות שפעת החזירים, הם גרמו למוות, נזק מוחי ופגיעות חמורות לצמיתות, כגון תסמונת גיליאן-בארה. [10]
  • החיסון נגד קוביד, הוא החיסון שעבר את המסלול המואץ ביותר לאישור, בהיסטוריה. [11]
  • חיסון זה לא נבדק לגבי השפעתו לטווח הקצר או לטווח הארוך על פוריות. [12]
  • חיסון נסיוני מואץ זה, שאף אחד לא אחראי לנזקיו, ממומן על ידי מיליארדר שאיננו נבחר הציבור ואינו בעל סמכות, אשר מציין כי דילול אוכלוסין הוא משימת חייו. בעבר כבר נעשה שימוש בחיסונים כדי לגרום לאי פוריות. [13]
  • חיסון זה ימנע רק תסמינים. ממילא, רובם המכריע של הילדים לא מפתחים כלל תסמינים. [14]
  • מכיוון שהחיסון מונע רק תסמינים, אדם שחוסן עדיין יכול להידבק בנגיף, להיות נשא ללא תסמינים ולהדביק אחרים. בדיוק כמו ללא חיסון. [15]
  • החיסון מיותר מבחינה רפואית לילדכם, מכיוון שקוביד אינו מהווה סיכון ידוע לילדים. אין תועלת המצדיקה את הסיכון על פי ההלכה. [16]
  • חברת פייזר מדווחת כי לחיסון שלה יש תופעות לוואי שמהוות, ככל הנראה, יותר תסמינים ממה שילד יחווה מהמחלה! [17]
  • חיסון פייזר זה מעולם לא נבדק על אף ילד מתחת לגיל שתים עשרה. [18]
  • לא ידוע אם החיסון לקוביד יהיה יעיל בהצלת חיים כלשהם. אף אחד מניסויי החיסון הקוביד לא נועד לקבוע אם המוצרים מונעים הדבקה, אשפוז או מוות. [19]
  • לא ידוע כמה זמן תימשך ההגנה שמספק החיסון. החסינות מהמחלה בפועל, מתפוגגת בתוך שבועות או חודשים. [20]
  • חיסונים נגד נגיף הקורונה נושאים סיכונים משמעותיים יותר מאשר חיסונים אחרים. זו הסיבה שעד היום לא היה חיסון נגד נגיף הקורונה. [21]
  • חיסונים נגד נגיף הקורונה נושאים את הסיכון לתופעה מסוכנת שעלולה לגרום למחוסן לפתח מקרה חמור יותר של המחלה. [22]
  • ממשלות צופות פגיעה אחת לכל 1,000 מנות, כאשר כל אדם אמור לקבל שתי מנות. [23]
  • בריטניה חוששת שמערכת הדיווח שלה תוצף על ידי נפח הפגיעות הגבוה באופן חריג מהחיסון נגד קוביד. [24]
  • ליצרני החיסונים אין כל חבות (אחריות) כספית למוצרי החיסונים שלהם. החיסון לקוביד אינו שונה. [25]
  • לאידיאולוגים של בריאות הציבור המקדמים חיסון זה, לא בהכרח אכפת מרווחת ילדכם. אם ילדכם יהיה בין הנפגעים, וזאת אפשרות ממשית מאוד, הדבר ייחשב כצפוי. לא יהיה לכם למי להתלונן. [26]
  • בעתיד הקרוב מאוד, החיסון הזה (ואחרים) יינתן באמצעות קעקועים זעירים שנראים כמו מדבקות צבעוניות. ייתכן שילדכם אפילו לא יבין שהוא מקבל חיסון. [27]
  • הרבי מליובאוויטש לא הסכים למתן חיסונים שעברו מסלול אישור מהיר, שלא נבדקו לבטיחות, בנוהל הקבוע, הרגיל. [28]
  • הרבי עודד את ההורים לברר את רישום הבטיחות והאמינות של יצרן החיסון. בין השנים  2010-2019 דווחו לפחות 14,506 פגיעות עקב חיסונים של חברת פייזר. [29]
  • ליצרנית אחרת, מודרנה, שמריצה חיסון קוביד חדש יותר, מעולם לא היה מוצר מאושר לשימוש.
  • החיסונים נגד קוביד של אסטרהזניקה ומודרנה מכילים דנ"א אנושי מסרטן, שמקורו בעוברים שהופלו. [31]
  • הרבי מעולם לא אישר חיסון שאין לו כל תועלת רפואית משמעותית עבור הילד עצמו, אלא רק עבור אחרים.
  • הרבי מעולם לא אישר שהממשלה תחליט מי רשאי להשתתף בתלמוד תורה ומי לא.
  • אין כל רשות רבנית מוסמכת שאישרה את החיסון הזה, לילדים או לאדם כלשהו.
  • כ -50% מהאמריקאים לא מעוניינים לקבל את החיסון כשהוא יצא לראשונה, ואחוז זה גדל במהלך החודשים. [35]
  • רק 17% מהרופאים מוכנים לקבל את החיסון שאושר במסלול המהיר, כשיצא לראשונה. ועוד פחות מכך, אחיות. [36]
אם זה לא מקובל עליכם וברצונכם לנקוט בפעולה, אנא לחצו כאן.

נ.ב. המחבר מביע את תודתו והערכתו העמוקה למיכל סימפלר על שתרגמה מאמר זה בצורה כה מקצועית



[2] Seen in an annual notification of a New York State public school (name blocked out to protect student’s identity, since it’s small school upstate):

The “Protection of Pupil Rights” amendment (PPRA) appears on the website of the US Dept of Education, but only refers “invasive physical examination” without explaining what that means. An upstate NY public school spells it out clearly. It gives parents the right to opt out of: “The administration of any non-emergency, invasive physical examination or screening that is required as a condition of attendance administered by the school not necessary to protect the immediate health or safety of the student or other students and not otherwise permitted or required by state law. The term ‘invasive physical examination’ means any medical examination that involves the exposure of private body parts or any act during such examination that includes incision, insertion, or injection into the body…” The very fact that such invasive medical procedures (what does “act” mean?) are even being performed at school is a matter of grave concern. Furthermore, the school indicates that parents have a right to opt out, but whether or not parents will be given advance notice doesn’t state clearly. Thank you to Elizabeth Glass, candidate for NY State Senate District 27, for bringing this to our attention. She pointed out that this amendment surely appears in other schools’ notifications nationwide, and urges everyone to contact their representative in Congress to clarify.


[4] This is the first vaccine of its kind. There has never been a successful mRNA vaccine before. See previous link.





Concerning the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine:




[12] Section 13 of all vaccine inserts states that the vaccine hasn't been tested for impairment of fertility, mutagenesis, or carcinogenicity.


It should be mentioned that Bill Gates is in a position to potentially reap considerable financial gains from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fertility regulating vaccines have been in development since the 70s. In 1976 a conjugate tetanus and hcg vaccine was developed. This was the type of vaccine used in Kenya and a few other countries on unsuspecting women and girls in 2014.


A recent study by the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona revealed that over 99% of infected minors showed no symptoms, or if they did, they were insignificant.

[15] Consequently, public health officials are insisting that masks and social distancing will still be required even after the vaccine.

[16] In halacha, we may not expose a child to a risk of any injection unless there is curative or preventative medical benefit to his/her own body, not for the exclusive benefit of the so-called herd, especially if the benefit is only preventative and not presently curative. See Radvaz in Responsa 3:625. Cited in Pischei Teshuva, Yoreh Deah 157:15. See also Igrot Moshe Orach Chaim 3:90 concerning the prohibition of chavala. Preventing illness in the future is not considered a current exigency of pikuach nefesh. See Noda B’yehuda mahadura tinyono Yoreh Deah 210, cited by Mishne Halachos (Rabbi Menashe Klein), Mador Hateshuvos, 6:203, prohibiting autopsy of fetus (nivul hamais) even if it's to save a future life. See also Mahadura tinyono, 2:253.




[20] We are told that a recovered covid patient’s immunity may fade within weeks or months after infection. So why would protection from the vaccine be any different? Will the person need to be vaccinated again every few months?


Coronavirus vaccines are hard to produce. Past attempts have been unsuccessful. A vaccine made for the SARS coronavirus produced a dangerous paradoxical immune condition in the test animals that were vaccinated; they became sicker when subsequently exposed to SARS than those that had not been vaccinated.

[22] This phenomenon is called "antibody‐dependent enhancement" (ADE).

Some doctors raised the concern that trial participants were not notified about the risk for ADE.

[23] The UK’s Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is expecting between 50,000 and 100,000 ADR (adverse drug reaction) reports for every 100 million doses delivered to patients over a six to 12 month period. See link in next footnote.

[24] "MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs)"



This is an anathema in Judaism, in which every individual has infinite value and may NOT be sacrificed for a "greater good" of the public. See Rambam Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah 5:5.


A vaccine in development by the University of Pittsburgh, called PittCoVacc, is a skin patch tipped with 400 tiny needles made of sugar. When placed on the skin, the needles dissolve and deliver virus proteins into the body. Its creators are planning to start clinical trials in late 2020.

From a video by Dr. Christiane Northrup:

“Covid-19 vaccine is a new vaccine using RNA technology called transfection. This vaccine, like others, has non-human cells, introducing non-human DNA into our bodies and making us chimers. What is worse, however, is that there is a patent for a dye called Luciferase, which MIT University created, and under a light you will be able to see who is vaccinated and who isn't.

“This vaccine will have nano-crystalline particles that are like little robots; they will have the ability to take your biometric data such as your heart rate, your breathing, your activity, the medication you are taking, and more. All of this information will be stored in a cloud.

“On March 26, 2020 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation applied for a patent (patent #060606) to take that biometric data and give a barcode to each human and then connect them to crypto currency, making all humans a commodity without privacy or freedom.

Humans will then be programmable and will be able to be controlled by systems outside of themselves with the help of 5G networks. There is no way to remove those particles from the body.”

See my previous post, "Pagan Tattoos," about the so-called quantum vaccine tattoo that will be introduced in the near future.

[28] See Igros Kodesh volume 14, page 108, 238, 343, and 357.

[29] Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). 14,506 records in VAERS from 2010-2019 reporting incidents in which the patient had received only a Pfizer/Wyeth vaccine. This is not counting many more dozens of thousands of injuries reported in which the patient had received a cocktail of multiple vaccines, including a Pfizer vaccine.

A recent Harvard Pilgrim study revealed that vaccine injuries are significantly under-reported, with less than 1% reported to the FDA and VAERS. Accordingly, the actual number of injuries from Pfizer vaccines vastly outnumber the 14,506 cases that were reported. Cases may well number in the millions.

Also, thousands of lawsuits have been filed against Pfizer in recent years, and has been convicted of numerous felonies. Pfizer set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind with $2.3 billion in 2009. It’s fair to describe Pfizer’s current “safety record” as egregiously criminal and scandalous.,Zoloft.%20...%207%20Eliquis.%20...%208%20Lipitor.%20

[31] The AstraZeneca vaccine is contains ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 genome in human MRC-5 and A549 cell lines, cultured in cancer cells. A549 cells are adenocarcinomic human alveolar basal epithelial cells:

[34] Anash stands for anshei shlomeinu and refers to Chabad communities worldwide. For that matter, the new mRNA covid vaccine has not been endorsed by any competent authority in the rabbinic mainstream.