Sunday, July 10, 2011

More on Modern Media

To restate the gist of my previous post:

Measles and societal decadence (apparent in the Eminem video in question) have something in common.

Both are communicative diseases.

Not all communication is benign. Just because an "artist" has the right to disseminate his "artwork" doesn't mean that it is wise or healthy for me or my children to view and absorb the message he is trying to communicate.

If you clicked on every spam email that enters your inbox, you'd infect your computer. No longer would your operating system operate the way it's supposed to.

Why is your mind any less sensitive?

For our $600 dollar laptop, we buy the fanciest antivirus and antispyware protection that money can buy. We delete suspicious or flagged attachments immediately, lest it damage or taint our precious hard drive.

Why don't we regard our psyche with at least the same degree of protectiveness?

According to the Torah, the product manual of the soul, exposure to licentious, immodest or violent imagery and lyrics taints our innocence and leaves an indelible blemish on our soul’s motherboard. It can possibly cause our soul’s most vital applications, i.e. thought, speech and deed, to malfunction.

Perhaps we ought to firewall ourselves from such undesirable communication?