Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Emperor's New T-Shirt

Emperor's New Clothes, 2017. Or should we say "Emperor's New Shirt?"

In our modern era of Fake News, Alternative Facts, and convoluted moral relativism, the naked truth isn't always so obvious. Moral nakedness is now regarded as opaque, vague and subjective. The unclad emperor identifies as clothed, and so it must be. How dare you suggest otherwise! That is hate speech! You must be gymnophobic!

In fact, the delusional emperor even prides himself in his moral bankruptcy. What's more incredible, his global entourage of yes-men goad him on, validating his myth. His nudity is now celebrated as the world's most fashionable attire. T-shirts are printed in solidarity with his royal highness' stunning New Clothes. Greedy retailers like Amazon, ever eager to make a profit, are happy to capitalize on the Emperor's wildly popular birthday suit.

His wonderful "outfit' is now the cause celebre of humanity. The world is now an international nudist colony, except no one dares call it that.

In today's upside-down world, the victimized survivor is now deemed the villain by token of his own miraculous survival, while the villainous loser is now the favored darling of world sympathy, since he lost. Moreover, the degenerate miscreant perpetuates his wretched state of self-induced failure by blaming the survivor for surviving, which makes him an even worthier cause in the kangaroo court of world opinion.

"Free Palestine" is the mantra, but "End Israel" is the thinly-veiled definition. Indeed, all blame for the failure of "Arab Palestine" must be placed squarely on the shoulders of Jewish Palestine, Israel. Their very existence must be repudiated and deplored, since they have survived and succeeded while the Arabs have failed.

Palestine must be "free" at all costs, says the t-shirt. Never mind the fact that Hamas was already "freed," precipitating two wars, numerous conflicts, thousands of rockets, and untold carnage, not to mention an Islamicized rogue police state in "liberated" Gaza. Of course, it fits nicely along the theme of social justice. "Time to expropriate the expropriator (i.e. Israel)!" screams the naked world body, who feign to don the robes of moral superiority after millennia of Holocausts, pogroms, expulsions and inquisitions. Their bare hypocrisy is blatant, yet they claim to be the very paradigm of glamour.  Level the playing field! Blame the victim! Punish the survivor for surviving, for his most egregious crime of merely existing.

"Free Palestine!" demands the t-shirt, conveniently ignoring the fact that the would-be "Palestine's" only national agenda is genocide of its much-despised archenemy, the Jew. Indeed, "Freeing Palestine" means to ethnically cleanse an area of Jews, the first step towards the freed "Palestine's" stated goal. In effect, Palestinianism is not a positive self identity, but rather a creed that fanatically denies Israel a right to be. Period.

If you take a close look at the t-shirt, you'll notice that "Free" is in small letters to the left, almost as if the "Free" part is non-essential. The central idea is PALESTINE. Of course, this makes perfect sense, since no one believes for a single moment that there might be a truly free society in an "Arab Palestine" any time soon. Hamas is not free, and neither is PA. Arabs enjoy more freedoms in Israel than anywhere in the vast Arab world! So the issue here isn't freedom for Arabs.

Instead, it's simply "Palestine." And the definition of "Palestine?" Right underneath, even more pronounced in bright red ink, also centered: "End Israeli Occupation." Red is an eye-catching and prominent color. It is also curious that the fingers of the clenched fist are bright red as well.

Red is the color of blood. With a bit of context of Hamas and PA's consistent policies of incitement and indoctrination of its population to mass murder, this image is perfectly emblematic of a freed "Palestine."

Since the original t-shirt seems so misleadingly benign at first glance, I have decided to make a few minor adjustments, so that the t-shirt's message be clear and unambiguous. See above.

Let us hope and pray that more and more people gain the courage and moral clarity to speak the child-like truth and call out this appalling myth. After fifty years, it's time to toss the Emperor's New Clothes into the recycling bin once and for all.

As long as "Free Palestine" means "End Israel," Palestine will never be, because Israel is here to stay. Am Yisrael Chai.

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