Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What's Wrong with "Free Palestine" T-Shirts?

"Free Palestine!" screams the t-shirt prominently advertised on the website of online retail giant Above "Palestine" emerges a huge raised fist.

Silly question: why does the "Free Palestine" fist have red fingers?

Are bloodied fingers emblematic for what a "Free Palestine" might look like?

Beneath the huge bold "Palestine" is another slogan in red ink, also in bold: "End Israeli Occupation." It might as well have said "End Israel" period.

Ironically Sears was selling this t-shirt. If they really wanted a free "Palestine," you'd have thought they'd have given 'em out for free. But no such luck, because nothing is free. Not even "Free Palestine" shirts.

The entire notion of a "Free Palestine" isn't free either, but comes with a hefty cost. Question is, is it worth the cost?

I am referring to the untold cost of human life that is inevitable should there ever be a "Free (Arab) Palestine" west of the Jordan.*

Arabs were already given a "Free Palestine" in Gaza in 2005. That didn't work out too well. Police terror state (NOT FREE), thousands dead. Two wars. Rockets. Terror tunnels. No end in sight to bloodshed, indoctrination, incitement. Bloody fingers are right. It's just par for course.

After many complaints and social media pressure, Sears is no longer selling these shirts.

Curiously, however, Sears' website still features several "Free Palestine" t-shirts. But when you click on image, it reroutes you to a link

"Yikes?" I'd say so too, although certainly a strange name for a URL path. Then, it takes you to a page that states that product is "no longer available, no longer exists, has timed out." Is that symbolic for the "Free Palestine" cause?

Why "yikes?" What's so terrible about hope for a "Free Palestine?"

I'll tell you why it's "yikes." What does a "Free Palestine" look like to those who shout that slogan? It means a Levant that is Judenrein, ethnically cleansed of its Jews. Nearly two million Arabs live in Israel. But an "Arab Palestine" cannot tolerate even one single Jew. That's why a freed Gaza only intensified Arab violence and genocidal attacks against Jewish civilians.

So what about the t-shirt campaign? Big deal, you wonder. It's just a t-shirt, right?

Making t-shirts is cheap and meaningless. As the saying goes, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I remember proudly wearing a "Go USA 1980 Olympic Team!" back in 1980, rooting for a cause that never was to be. (US boycotted 1980 Moscow Games several weeks later, on March 21, 1980).

 Alas, the recent Sears offering is yet another t-shirt rooting for something that will not come to pass.

 It's doomed to failure, and it's right there unambiguously on their emblem.

 If you truly want to "free" Palestine, don't buy black t-shirts with bloody fists. Instead, focus on what freedom looks like.

 Want to "Free Palestine?" Start by demanding to free Gaza from the choke-hold of savage and bloodthirsty Hamas. Work to free Arab children from indoctrination and incitement to mass murder. Free Arab civilians from being turned into human shields for terrorists. Free Arabs throughout the Levant from depraved and oppressive ideology of hatred & violence. Free them from their delusion that Israel is not here to stay. Free them from their frenzied denial of reality. Free millions of Arabs from so-called "refugee camps" in Arab lands, and let them become normal citizens of their host countries of nearly seventy years!

 Want freedom? Teach Arabs what freedom looks like.
Instead of reinforcing their paradigm of angry bloody fists rising from barbed wire, teach them that life is paramount, not death. Teach them that their own irrational hostility and blood lust is what is preventing their own freedom. Gaza was "freed," but what became of its "freedom?"

Alas, if they cannot free themselves of their own oppressive depravity, it truly appears that the prospect for a Free Arab Palestine is "No longer available," "no longer exists," and sadly "has timed out." At least Sears is finally right about something.

On the brighter of things, please realize that there already is an Arab Palestine. That's right. Jordan! Perhaps world powers can divert their funds toward stabilizing Jordan and improving the lot of the millions of Palestinian Arabs who live there, helping more to settle there. After all, it's exactly what they want. A Judenrein, exclusively Islamic state with NO Jews, in the lion-share portion of what was once called Palestine. Palestinian Arabs in a sovereign state of their very own. Let's just change the name to Palestine to reflect it true Palestinian heritage, and voila. A free Palestine at last.

Of course, Jordan isn't really free either, nor is any other Arab state. So maybe all those who wish for a Free Arab Palestine ought to start working on introducing freedom to the wider Arab world.

Wearing t-shirts that call for Israel's destruction does nothing for the Arab cause, sadly. It just perpetuates their lack of freedom.


* I was careful to say "Arab Palestine east of the Jordan," because there already is a Jewish Palestine (where Arabs live too) called Israel, plus there is a much larger Arab Palestine, called Jordan, to the east.

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