Thursday, April 12, 2018

Never Again

Can't get psyched up for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Reasons:

1. Children getting gassed in Syria. Haunting images of last week's horrific massacre scar my psyche.

2. Jews being poached in Land of Israel for a whopping 3-million-dollar bounty per head, courtesy of PA (=UN, EU, US, etc). It's open season for Jews. Rammed with cars, plowed down with trucks, gunned down, chopped up with kitchen knives. Instant wealth and celebrity status for Jew killers.

3. Israel sandwiched between genocidal rogue regimes of their own creation, funded by nations of the world. Preschools, primary schools, summer camps, & media there teach children to hate and murder Jews, much like Nazi propagandist and Hitler Youth indoctrination of the thirties.

4. 85-year-old Holocaust survivor brutally murdered in Paris, Jewish woman beaten & tossed out of window to her death, synagogues firebombed in Europe, antisemitism rising worldwide. Outspoken Jew hatred surging on the left and right.

5. Jewish state blamed for virtually all of world's problems by prominent body representing nearly all the world's nations. Said body & its members states demand that entire regions be ethnically cleansed of Jews. No ethnic cleansing, no peace.

6. Pariah of the world once again, Jewish state reviled and deplored by academia and media. Serious worldwide effort to boycott, sanction, and divest from Jewish state. Athletes from Jewish state barred from open participation in international sports competitions. Prominent US Jews lecture Israel on why it's wrong to killl genocidal jihadists who are shooting at their own soldiers.

7. Jews declared illegitimate among the nations. Singled out for international condemnation and scorn. 3,000 years of Jewish history brazenly denied. Most ancient and holiest Jewish sites vandalized and ancient Jewish artifacts trashed.

8. Rockets fired from rogue police state (with stated genocidal mission) onto Jewish state every now and then. World aghast with condemnation when puny Jewish state attempts to defend its citizens.

9. Nearly-nuclear Iran encroaching in on their stated target, the world's only Jewish state, from close range. Six million Jews again in perilous jeopardy.

World is silent and inactive. Again.

What do they mean when they say "Never Again?" Are they serious?

It's more like: "Oh no. Not Again!" לא תקום פעמיים צרה.

What do we hope to accomplish by just passively remembering the horrors of the past, yet we stand by helplessly witnessing the horrors of the present?

At the very least, let's change the slogan to "No more" or "Let's actually stop it now, because it's happening again."

That would be far more respectful to the memories of the millions of victims of the Nazi genocide, as well as to the memories of the thousands of victims of the contemporary Oslo-inspired genocide that persists to this day.

Actually, the most appropriate slogans are "Moshiach Now!" and "Enough Galut!" (exile).  For once we experience the True and Complete Redemption, the Galut and its horrors & holocausts will truly be gone for good... Never Again.

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