Monday, April 9, 2018

World's Most Lucrative Business

Surest way to become an instant multi-millionaire these days:

Simply murder a Jew, and be richly rewarded by the so-called Palestinian Authority.

Easy instant wealth... to the tune of 3 million U.S. dollars, courtesy of the United Nations, European Union, and of and you! That's right, our very own hard-earned tax dollars are paying for each Jew-slaying. 

Think about that when paying taxes this week.

Think about it on "Yom Hashoah" this week when we beat our chests and chant empty slogans like "Never Again."

Let's think about it when we argue bitterly about deficits, tax cuts, and lamentable lack of funds to pay for vital domestic programs.

Meanwhile, it's open-Jew-season in the Holy Land & elsewhere, and we're funding the killing spree.

Far more lucrative than ivory, uranium, meth, cocaine or opioids, Jew blood is the world's hottest commodity.

It's easy. Just get a sharp knife and learn how to scream Allahu akhbar, find a defenseless Jewish child, and you're all set.

No degree, skill, or investment capital necessary. As long as you're okay with blood and guts. (Caveat: you have to be a depraved mass murderer, which is really no big deal nowadays.)

Not only that, it'll earn you instant fame and prestige. You'll be hailed as a hero & saint, and you might even get an elementary school named after you in "Palestine," the hottest market for Jew blood ever, far more than Nazi Germany ever was.

Heck, had you been a Ukrainian peasant and dragged a Jewish neighbor to her death after gang-raping her, the most you'd get in 1941 is an approving pat-on-the-back, or maybe a bottle of German beer.

But in 2018, do the same and become an overnight millionaire! And the whole world is paying you for it!

Who needs to poach dangerous animals if you can poach Jews? If you hunt down and kill a gorilla or lion, you'll be deplored, reviled and internationally condemned.  But if you do the same to a Jew, why, you'll be a celebrated hero for life, and you'll be a martyr posthumously to boot! Your family will live in new-found wealth and celebrity status.

Yup. "Never Again" is our fervent mantra, our rally cry against the alt-right, our feel-good lip-service against racism and discrimination in "all of its forms" (read: certain specific forms that have been embraced by modern society & academia, to the exclusion of all others, especially its most historically-politically-expedient-most-widely-ignored form ever, Jew hatred.) 

That's right.  "Never again!" We say it and we mean it... (sort of)

We'll chant it again next week on Yom Haatzmaut, amidst feelings of supposed pride and feigned resolve as we sentimentally watch a dramatic array of fighter planes flying overhead.

But meanwhile on the ground, it's open-Jew-season. In our own backyard, in our own streets and buses. And WE'RE paying for it.

"Never again!" we'll cry, as Jewish blood spills freely on the street, a Holocaust survivor get butchered and incinerated in her own apartment in Paris, a block away from where another Jewish woman is bludgeoned and defenstrated, tossed out the window of her third-floor apartment to her death. Jews chopped up, gunned down, in Israel and abroad, Israelis regularly targeted by Gazan rockets. Synagogues get firebombed in Germany with barely a slap on the wrist by German judges, etc. And the response? Silence, inaction and more silence. 

The only time we hear from US Jewish politicians who supposedly champion liberal causes is when they cynically condemn Israel for eliminating Hamas terrorists.

We chant Black/Brown/All Lives Matter, but seems like the only lives that matter in "Palestine" are those of genocidal Jew-poachers. Their Jewish victims' lives don't seem to matter much. They're just par for the course.

Nothing new here, nor anything particularly newsworthy. Just like prominent news stations failed to report the beheading of a ten-month-old Jewish baby in her crib (and her parents and siblings being knifed to death in their home) in 2011. And the stations that did find it newsworthy simply reported that five settlers had been fatally attacked by Palestinian youth who were indignantly protesting "occupation."

No big deal. Jewish lives never really mattered too much. Not in 1941 nor in 2018.

Anyway, Jews aren't an endangered species like elephants or lions. The world doesn't seem to mind much if a few more million get poached, just like it didn't mind much 75 years ago.

The weird thing is how we Jews think this is "progress" and keep on chanting "Never Again."

What do we mean by "Never Again?" Never again what?

Seems to me that Jew hatred has gone on unabated since the Holocaust. Only difference is that now, WE are sponsoring it. 

Yikes. Seems that things are actually somewhat worse now than they were in 2018.

At least in the 1940's, the free world opposed the genocide of Jews, and fought to end it.

Nowadays, the "authority" that is responsible for both the incitement to murder Jews and for compensating the murderers themselves, is supported by theUnited States, United Nations, & European Union! The world seems to be "united" & "unified" against Jews more now than ever before.

If this isn't world-sponsored genocide of Jews, then I don't know what is.


Unknown said...

In my heart I do not want to hate. In my mind I can't help but feel hate for those who murder for no other reason than hate. I feel hate for the palestinians, the UN, those who support the occupation of Samaria and Judea, and who support the murder of Jews. mostly I hate that I cannot do anything about it. With that hate comes frustration, mostly over not being able to understand Jews and Christians who support palestinians and the murder of Israeli's. We live in an upside down world, where progressives and liberals have succeeded in making the ab-normal, normal, in making wrong, right. Where traditional morals and values are considered bad and the lack there of is considered good. I'm afraid that soon very little of our world will recognizable to us. And I'm truly afraid that this is going to a violent confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Nishidani promoting hatred on Wikipedia for years.


On the page of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

His edit in November 2015:

As he is so excited to find a "cherry" that can put Himmler in a nice light. He quotes Mufti's writing from the 1970s that Himmler "told" him in the early 1940s he was "shocked" to see Jews abused... But does not quote it the verbatim nor in context of how Sells writes it. His purported source.

The Mufti who called upon all Muslims to "Kill the Js wherever they are..this pleases Allah", and has escaped Nurnberg trial, decades later tried to rewrite details in his memoirs. Naturally, and he was bitter after six-day war too, as Sells writes. Though the hatred is still there, including believing J. are evil, (choosing to) believe in blood libel, etc.

Yet, even in choosing so enthusuadtaclly to quote this specific line, he intentionally omits the main fictional part, that Himmler was "shocked" (at all) seeing Jews abused. Instead, he edited it, to fit his intended goal to blame the Jews. The people who were all boxed together hungry and under strict orders of brutal Nazi guards.



Pushing for Khazar myth especially on the days it was used (again) for hatred

It was at a time of publicized Farrakhan's influenced "material" in hate in July 13, 2020. When the poison was in the aur. 2 days before Nick Cannon who pushed for it from Farrakhan, has finally retracted and apologized.

[Jerusalem Post › antisemitism
Nick Cannon walks back on video containing antisemitic.. statements ...Farrakhan has called Jews...
July 15, 2020]

[Nick Cannon Apologizes to Jewish Community for Hurtful Words
By Associated Press
July 16, 2020 01:17 PM]



Upset, objects that the infamous anti Jewish Houthis are being cited for its use of own people as Human Shields on the human shields page.

[Houthis' flag: officially called Ansar Allah), a political and religious movement and rebel group in Yemen, reads "Allah is Greater, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam . . ]


JEWS "VS"...

Nidhidani, edits, work on wikipedia come from seeing the world as non-Jews vs Jews. He also used the specific form exclusively used by Neo Nazis "goys" with the letter S at the end. (At least till his day of usafe).

His words in August 11 2020: "to win the minds and hearts of goys..." in the Human Shields page of wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment made by Unknown at 2:14 PM - could not say it better. I miss Rabbi Green on FB.