Monday, May 31, 2021

Truth Saves Lives!

"Love your fellow as yourself" – Rabbi Akiva said: “This is a significant all-embracing principle in the Torah.” [1]

Hillel said: “This is the entire Torah, and the rest is commentary.” [2]

“Loving your fellow” does NOT mean to sit back quietly and courteously while hundreds of your friends and relatives expose themselves and their children to serious risk of lifelong injury, infertility, or death, for no just cause and with no informed consent. It does NOT mean to remain silent while your friends and relatives become morally compromised by being complicit with tyranny, marginalization and persecution of a new unvaccinated minority.

Instead, genuine love for your fellow behooves you to speak out incessantly and beg your fellow to heed your dire warnings about the grave errors of their ways. It requires you to send your fellow actual data about the serious risks of this experimental injection and the unjust policies of states enforcing it.

Genuine love means to not remain silent in your earnest attempts to educate your fellow and advocate for his welfare and the welfare of his child.

Loving your fellow means to vociferously caution him about the "most lethal, toxic biologic agent EVER injected into a human body in US history." [3]

It means to call out fellow Jews and rabbis who have become complicit in the unjust enforcement of this biologic weapon and the unethical marginalization and persecution of individuals who decline it.

Loving Chabad means to demand a change in leadership when the current corrupt leadership has betrayed its calling.

Loving Judaism means to demand competent rabbis who will stand up for the truth and not kowtow to tyranny and falsehood.

Loving the Rebbe means to protest when his holy words are cynically misconstrued to sanction a lethal biological weapon and an immoral draconian policy that threatens to tear our people asunder into two camps, or to render a significant number of Jews as social outcasts and pariahs, Heaven forfend.

Loving rabbis means to not sit by idly while misinformed, indoctrinated rabbis threaten to recklessly endanger his entire community with a medically unnecessary experiment. True love means to challenge him and oppose this grave error with every fiber of your being.

Loving rabbis means to hold them accountable.

If you choose to remain silent at this perilous time, then you have sadly missed the point of the entire Torah.

If your zeal for political correctness and social courtesies causes you to look the other way while millions of unsuspecting innocents are walking to their deaths, you simply do not love your fellow at all, let alone “as yourself.”

The Torah requires us to communicate the truth to an unsuspecting individual about to inject or ingest a toxic agent: "Don't stand by over your brother's blood." [4]

Of course, this does not preclude a basic modicum of respect and avoidance of ad hominem wherever possible. That is a given. 

Nevertheless, true love of your fellow behooves you to speak out and loudly oppose this extraordinary assault on klal Yisroel and humanity.

Rogue dictators and their rabbinic accomplices must step down or at least be ignored. If you truly loved them, you’d attempt to prevent them from abusing their authority to unjustly expose their kehila to unfathomable and irreparable harm. Especially if the rabbis are on government payrolls and have obvious conflicts of interest (“נגיעות”).

Please, in the name of loving your fellow, stop being silently complicit.

Speak out now before it’s too late.

This is the whole point of the Torah. It may well be that for this crucial moment in time you were created.

Will you rise to the occasion?

Recall Mordechai the Jew's fateful words to Queen Esther:

"Do not imagine to yourself that you will escape... (the fate that will befall the rest of our people)

"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and rescue will arise for the Jews from elsewhere, and you and your father's household will perish; and who knows whether for a time like this you have attained sovereignty?" [5]

G-d has endowed you with body sovereignty, but loving your fellow as yourself means educating others about their own body sovereignty and freedom to choose what's truly safe for their own bodies.

Please don't remain silent at this time.


[1] Talmud Yerushalmi Nedarim 9:4 based on Leviticus 19:18

[2] Shabbat 31a. See also Tanya ch. 31.

[3] Dr Peter McCullough, MD, board-certified cardiologist and professor of internal medicine at Texas A & M University Medical School

[4] Leviticus 19:16

[5] Esther 4:13-14


Raycheetah said...

Rabbi, I have just read of your offer to every human soul a letter of religious exemption from mandatory subjection to the experimental medical intervention being promoted as "vaccination." I hope my comment does not offend, but as a Gentile who was raised to admire and appreciate the Jewish people, I count your action as being on par with the "Righteous Among Nations," those Gentiles who aided Jews during the Shoah. Your motives, to me, are clearly the same, simple human compassion in the face of a growing authoritarian threat to humankind, and I felt compelled to say so. Thank you.

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Thank you Raycheetah for your kind words.

Brooke said...

May I please have more information on you offer to provide religious exemption for the Covid "vaccine"?

Thank you and God bless,

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Amen. Thank you and G-d bless you too.
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