Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Purim at joint session US Congress!

Did you hear the news?

Our government is really getting into the Purim spirit!

A Jew from Jerusalem was invited to tell the story of Purim to a packed joint session of the US Congress... he said the gantzeh megila! He also read a verse from the Torah at the end.

Evidently, the senators and congressmen really enjoyed themselves. They gave him dozens of standing ovations. Too bad they didn't have any graggers with them.

Unfortunately a number of lawmakers missed it due to party reasons, i.e. they must have been invited to different Purim parties.*

The big question is, will YOU be there? Tonight? 6:30pm at Chabad of Westboro. If our Congress & Senate stopped all their regular busy schedules to hear the megillah story, shouldn't we all ought be there tonight?

bibi megila.jpgBenjamin the Jew brings the spirit of Purim to US Congress

And if you object to this email making light of a two-party divide, then we have just the thing for you! Two parties!! Take your pick: tonight (Wednesday) at 6:30pm, or tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:45pm.**

Or, best of all, you can be truly bipartysan and come to both! :)

The whole country is abuzz about it! Even our president weighed in. He criticized that Benjamin (sic) "said nothing new," that it was all repetetive from last year's megilah reading. Well, there's truth to that charge.

But it's as they say, "Old jokes, new audiences."

All jokes aside, there's nothing funny about the Purim story. As long as there are individuals and particularly world leaders who didn't hear or fully appreciate the Purim story, it needs to be retold. Everywhere. From Washington DC to Westboro, MA.

Especially when there are plenty of modern-day wannabee Hamans who didn't get the message, in Persia and abroad.

So please join us and help spread the Purim message!

Am Yisrael Chai! Happy Purim and see you tonight!
Rabbi Green 

* Our president said he unfortunately wasn't able to watch the Purim address, because he was at a Putin party. Close enough.
** We're reading the megila at 6:30 and 4:45 respectively, but you can come later too and join in the festivities!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! So much enjoyed this, puns, parallels, and all.