Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 Election Poems

This election season has been so pathetic, with voices from both sides sounding frenetic. Nothing about it has been so poetic.

Two candidates otherwise unelectable in a campaign battle that’s truly un-delectable.

Voting is non-elective, even if the choices are rather defective.

But getting all worked up over it is in fact elective, and for the most part, rather ineffective. And all this invective is totally irrespective. Everyone’s thinking has become so subjective, they hear what they want, with listening that’s selective. Sadly, we’ve lost sight of our collective objective.

Time for us all to be more reflective, and open-minded and introspective.

Voting is indeed our obligation, even if both candidates are under investigation. Just stop all the denigration, condemnation and agitation.

So go out and vote. But quit screaming… you’ll get a sore throat.

And just remember that in the end, it’s more important to have a friend, so don’t offend or condescend, even if that’s the appalling trend.

If the winner is Trump, don’t be a grump or kick anyone in the rump, or head over to a bridge to jump!

And if it’s Hillary, don’t get out your artillery, or drag anyone off to the pillory, or go drown in your sorrows at the local distillery.

Sheesh. It’s only a vote, not a sinking boat.

So what if our next president is an illegal resident?

G-d above is our protector, no need to jump ship and become a defector.

Despite Pharaohs and Hamans we always endured. So too G-d will save us from Hillary or Donald, rest assured.

We will survive. Moshiach will arrive. Am Yisrael is alive!

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