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Top Ten Reasons To Avoid Covid Vaccine

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Many doctors and healthcare workers say they will refuse to take the corona vaccine while the Misrad Habriut is working hard to sway rabbanim to endorse the vaccines for the the Chareidi public.

What do those doctors know that you don’t?

1. It’s Dangerous:

The most important part of a vaccine study is the animal challenge trials. In these trials the vaccinated animals are re-exposed to the virus against which they have been vaccinated. In previous attempts to develop a coronavirus vaccine, the vaccine failed and the animals got very sick or died when they were re-infected with corona after getting the vaccine. Although the animals had antibodies after they were vaccinated, the vaccine was a failure when the animals were re-infected. [1]

In 2020, Manufacturers for the Covid vaccine fast-tracked the vaccine by skipping most of the animal testing, especially the challenge study. [2]

2. It’s Experimental:

The leading vaccines for covid-19 are mRNA vaccnes, an experimental technology based on gene altering techniques that has never yet been approved for human use. This technology can alter our genome by changing the DNA, the blueprint of a human being. Inserting or removing one protein can create congenital defects or hereditary disorders. Moderna’s chief medical officer has described the company’s product as “hacking the software of life and permanently altering a person’s genetic code.” [3]

3. It’s Risky:

The risk of a coronavirus vaccine is expected to be high. The UK is urgently seeking new artificial intelligence technology tools to handle the high volume of adverse reactions that will follow the mass vaccination of their population. [4]

4. It’s Irresponsible:

Vaccine manufacturers will NOT be held responsible for injury or death caused by Covid-19 vaccines. You take full responsibility. [5]

5. It’s Unreliable:

Moderna is a new company which has never developed medicine or a vaccine for humans before.[6]

While vaccines usually take years before reaching the public market, Moderna has fast-tracked their corona vaccine from sequence selection to phase l studies on 45 human subjects in a span of 63 days (skipping animal trials). [7] [8]

Pfizer set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind with $2.3 billion in 2009. [9]

Covid-19 vaccines have only received emergency use authorization, not full authorization. [10]

6. It’s Unsafe:

*Astra Zeneca - Two study participants developed transverse myelitis, a rare serious neurological condition. [11]

*4 participants in the Pfizer trials contracted Bells Palsy. [12]

*Moderna- 100% of participants in the high dose group experienced systemic side effects while 80% of the low dose groups developed side effects. [13]

*At least 3 individuals are known, so far, to have experienced anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction) after receiving the vaccine. [14]

7. It’s Fatal:

*Moderna’s trials: the deaths of 5 trial participants were reported [15] and a Philadelphia priest died after receiving the vaccine [16].
*Pfizer announces death of 6 trial participants, 2 who received the vaccine and 4 from the
control group One of the two who received the vaccine was immunocompromised. [17]
*In the Oxford trial in Brazil, one participant from the control group has died. The control group received a meningitis vaccine. [18]
*A doctor claims that fatalities which will occur in nursing homes within a day or two of residents receiving the vaccine will not be related to the vaccine. [19]
The CEO of Pfizer says he won’t cut the line and will wait for everyone else to get it first. [20] *Pfizer vaccine trials showed a 4-8 times greater risk, on average, of serious adverse events than for those who got Covid-19; serious adverse events include death and life-altering effects. [21] [22]
Remember: the trial groups, which include the healthiest, prescreened adults are actually quite small; making the margin of death and disabilities in large and diverse populations with age and health risks, even more risky.

8. It’s Untested:

Vaccines are NEVER tested for cancer, genetic mutations, or impairment of fertility (see Section 13 of all vaccine package inserts). This is certainly the case with covid-19; a fast-tracked vaccine with no long-term studies.

9. It’s Unethical:

*Journal of Reproductive Medicine and Biology- “Contraceptive vaccines may result in either reversible or irreversible inhibition of fertility.” [23]
*Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research and lung specialist and former head of the public health department, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, have warned of female sterilization. [24]
*Pfizer warns that they have no idea of the vaccine’s impact on fertility. [25]
 *Dr Rashid Butarr in a call with 160 doctors “certainly our children will not be able to have children....” [26]

10. It’s Unnecessary:

It doesn’t stop the spread of Covid.27 According to the world renown neurophysicist, Professor Karl Friston, 80% of the population are not susceptible to Covid-19 and likely had some sort of prior immunity.28 Almost 90% of people who have Covid-19 either have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, making the vaccine unnecessary. [29]

Why haven’t you heard this information? Millions has been invested in both advertising of the vaccines as well as silencing dissenting information on the vaccine by calling it conspiracy, squashing social platforms, or referring to it as misinformation. 





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