Sunday, April 25, 2021

Covid and Oslo

Before there was Covid, there was Oslo.

Remember the so-called Oslo Agreement?

Just two decades ago, Israel's history was scarred by incessant Palestinian suicide bombings and systematic Israeli suicidal policy of appeasement.

Every time a Jewish child was murdered by a terrorist’s bullet or shrapnel, the Israeli authorities would callously and cynically refer to the victim as “korban hashalom” (a "sacrifice for peace").

Now that manufactured Arab terror has been replaced by manufactured covid terror, Israel’s democidal attitude toward its citizens – ie its utter lack of regard for the lives of its six million Jewish inhabitants – is still pretty much the same.

Nowadays, every time a young woman drops dead or loses her baby from the lethal experimental injection that they have coercively unleashed onto their hapless population, the authorities callously and cynically regard it as a “korban habriyut” or “korban l’briyut hatzibur” – a sacrifice for ‘public health.’

Nothing much has changed. Same idea.

Thousands of human lives were sacrificed in a bloody assault masquerading as “peace process” by a depraved regime that outrageously claimed to be acting in the interest of its victims.

Untold thousands of human lives are now being sacrificed in a genocidal assault masquerading as “public health policy” by a depraved regime that outrageously claims to be acting in the interest of its victims.

The treasonous government of Israel (and most other nations on earth, with the US lagging not far behind) have mandated the suicide of its citizens, à la Jim Jones.

The question is:

Will the six million Jews wake up in time? 

Or will they obsequiously sip the Kool-Aid? Déjà vu?

לא תקום פעמיים צרה. May tragedy not repeat itself.[1]


[1] Nachum 1:9

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