Thursday, April 8, 2021

Selfless Offer on Behalf of Humanity

To all independent scientists and researchers, that is, in case any still exist:

Surely you're aware that many doubters question whether the condition called covid is caused by human contagion altogether.

They speculate that the severe symptoms are caused by environmental toxins and NOT necessarily by a coronavirus.

They argue that the vast majority of people who test positive for SARS CoV2 have no symptoms at all, and beside for which the entire testing technology is grossly inaccurate and inconclusive.

Furthermore, even putting these skeptics aside, there is a far greater question that demands clarification:

Is there any conclusive evidence that proves airborne asymptomatic transmission is indeed a significant factor in this coronavirus, and that such transmission can actually cause covid symptoms in the new host?

To address these crucial lapses in scientific knowledge, I propose a groundbreaking study and humbly offer my participation:

Let us gather a numerically significant group of healthy volunteers. Ideally, we will pick trial participants who avoid pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, flu shots, and even PCR nasal swabs.

For the sake of science and the benefit of humanity, we will visit seriously-ill covid patients. We'll sit in their close proximity and will make sure to inhale their aerosol.

Subsequently, we will all relocate to a rural organic farm with a source of natural spring water free from fluoride, chlorine, or pesticide contamination, far away from any urban centers or industrial farming.

For the purpose of this study, no 5G cell phone towers will be permitted within a radius of 50 miles from our encampment. No airplanes with their geo-engineering contrails will be allowed overhead either.

Trial participants are permitted to stay outdoors and get plenty of sunlight, eat a healthy organic diet, take healthy supplements like zinc, quercetin, and vitamin D, or any herbal or homeopathic remedies they prefer.

Throughout the ensuing month of this trial, the participants will live together in close proximity, breath in each other's faces, share cups, etc. NO masks will be permitted under any circumstance.

After a month, let's examine results. How many are still alive?

How many developed symptoms?

Surely, if covid is as contagious and deadly as we are being told, there would likely be few survivors in such a bold experiment, right?

Well, out of selfless altruism and devotion to helping science progress for the benefit of humanity, I would gladly consent to subject myself to this human experiment.

Anyone else interested?

Please share my heroic offer throughout the scientific and medical community.

You're welcome.

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