Wednesday, April 7, 2021

What happened to Chabad Leadership?

Even under siege on Mt Masada, use of the
mikva was an inviolable right and sacred duty.

The generation of the final redemption is a reincarnation of the generation that left Egypt. [1]

The Passover Haggadah recalls Israel's extraordinary suffering under Egyptian persecution:

"'And He saw our affliction' -- referring to the separation of husband and wife." [2] 

In attempt to hinder Israel from procreating, the Egyptians appointed guards to prevent Israelite women from immersing in the mikvah. [3]

More recently, the Soviet Union attempted to prevent Jewish women from attending mikvah as well.

And now, just one century later, Jewish women are being blocked from using the mikvah once more.

The only thing is, this time around has a cynical twist. The Pharaohs of the world don't have to do anything... Chabad rabbis do their dirty work for them!

That's right... in 2020 and 2021, Chabad rabbis have been banning healthy Jewish women from immersing in the mikvah on their mikvah night for no other reason than Covid policy.

Shomu shomayim. (Let the heavens be aghast. Unspeakable!)

Not just Chabad, but other orthodox rabbis as well. To my knowledge, women have been routinely turned away from mikvas in Phoenix, Brooklyn, Miami, Montreal, and Metro-Boston.

Dozens of women in Chabad communities confided that they routinely lied (!) in order to be able to use the mikvah each month. Numerous others told me that they had been turned away on their mikvah night. Some had no choice but to travel abroad to different states to find a mikvah that would allow them to immerse irrespective of covid policies. Some even resorted to immersing in frigid oceans or lakes, while others simply practiced abstinence... JUST like in ancient Egypt and recent Stalinist Russia!

And now, we are hearing from leading Chabad rabbis in Israel calling to ban healthy individuals from shul if they haven't received the experimental Covid injection. Hashem yishmor. (May G-d protect us). We can only surmise that these same rabbis will soon begin blocking non-vaccinated Jewish women from using mikvaos in their communities.

Rumors reached me that such horrific discrimination has already begun in certain communities.

As a lifelong emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and a Chabad rabbi for over 25 years, I must publicize this painful reality and demand its immediate correction.

Such a shameful policy is a desecration of everything holy.

It is an utter rejection of the most basic tenets of Judaism.

There are really no words to describe how unacceptable and reprehensible this policy is.

It is truly shocking that the Chabad leadership has not condemned such bizarre treatment of Jewish women in the name of a secularist agenda referred to as "public health policy" that has zero basis in Judaic law.

In fact, it is utterly appalling.

Chabad is all about hastening and embracing the Redemption by encouraging couples to keep the sacred commandment of Family Purity. This is the holy task entrusted to us by our Rebbe.

The fact that Chabad's leadership has turned a blind eye to the plight of Jewish women unjustly barred from mikvah is simply intolerable.

Even worse: when a Chabad emissary dares to loudly protest this atrocity, the so-called leadership reacts by disassociating the whistle-blower, by falsely accusing him of being "divisive" and a "danger to public health."

How can it be that rabbis who purport to represent the Rebbe have become so subverted and compromised?

Let it be known that such policies do NOT represent the Rebbe in ANY way.

The current Chabad leadership has thoroughly discredited themselves. They are unfit to serve and must step down at once.

I call upon everyone who has a basic decorum of Yiras Shomayim (fear of Heaven) to protest such appalling rabbinic misconduct.

On a positive note, the Rebbe stated unequivocally that ours is the final generation of Exile and first generation of Redemption.

Accordingly, it is OUR task to correct the mistakes of our forebearers from whom we are have been reincarnated.

The Exodus from Egypt occurred in the merit of righteous Jewish women who insisted on preserving their moral fiber despite all the bitter persecution.

So too in our times... our leadership has dropped the ball. Our only hope is the righteous Jewish women of our times who are determined to keep the Laws of Family Purity at all costs, despite all the unjust barriers erected by fear-mongering "public health" pharaohs and complicit taskmasters masquerading as rabbis.

In the merit of these heroic women, may we be speedily redeemed!


[1] Arizal

[2] Hagadah shel Pesach, on Deut 26:7.

[3] Sefer HaLikutim of the Arizal, Shemos 1:12. Pharaoh's intent was to frustrate G-d's blessing to Abraham "I will bless you and I will multiply your seed..." (Genesis 22:17).


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