Sunday, May 23, 2021

Don't Support Apartheid

Lots of well-meaning individuals are complying with tyranny in order to “return to normal” without realizing that in effect, they are being complicit in the enforcement of a dystopian “new normal.”

For example, a friend told us that she respects the right of those who decline injections (especially experimental ones that involve significant reported risk), but she has personally decided to take it in order to visit family overseas.

I was aghast at the obvious inconsistency – or dare I say, hypocrisy – of her position:

If you truly respect the right to decline an injection, why are you cooperating with an unjust policy that effectively amounts to coercive measures to impose this very injection?

Don’t you understand that the minority who resists the shot will NOT be allowed to visit family overseas, or -- ultimately -- even to board a bus to visit family in the next borough?

Do you realize that by complying and making use of your coveted “privilege status,” you are lending your approval to a discriminatory policy that’s inherently unjust and unethical?

Your participation in medical apartheid will only serve to further marginalize a new persecuted minority, one that’s sadly shrinking each day due to people like you who yield to tyranny.

I appreciate that you wish to visit your relatives overseas. So stand up and fight for your rights instead of groveling obsequiously before authoritarian injustice.


Don’t be part of the problem.

Stop cooperating and be the solution.

Why would you even consider patronizing an airline that bans healthy people simply because of their medical/moral/ethical personal choices, in grave violation of HIPAA laws?

What kind of person are you? Don't you have any moral principles? Where is your integrity and basic human decency?

Grow a spine and stand up for the truth.

Say no to tyranny.

Say yes to individual rights and informed consent.

Please don't be offended by my gentle rebuke.

Friends don't let friends support apartheid.

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