Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Religious Exemption to Mandatory Vaccination?

Are you human?

Then you have an automatic Religious Exemption to vaccines. You were endowed this waiver at birth by your Divine Creator.

In fact, it's not even "religious" per se. It's a quintessential human right. It's called body sovereignty.

Every human being is entitled to the inviolable right to decline any medical procedure or needle jab, especially one that carries even the slightest risk, irrespective of its alleged benefits to society, real or imagined.

To be precise, you should not even need an "exemption." Every shot should be voluntary. The very notion of a mandatory vaccine policy is immoral, an anathema to core American values, and a grave violation of the Nuremberg Code.

However, due to unprecedented tyranny in recent times, we are shockingly being asked to "prove" and validate our religious grounds to decline any or all vaccines.

If you'd like to learn more about what Judaism has to say on this matter, I am here to help.

If you're interested in learning more about religious exemption to mandatory vaccination, you are welcome to sign up to my upcoming zoom meeting (Wednesday, June 9th, 8pm) on this topic. You can register at tinyurl.com/ReligiousExemptionLetters

Likewise, if you are clergy and are being asked by your community members for assistance with regard to religious exemption but need some guidance, you are welcome to join this workshop as well.

Please sign up on link above.

If you cannot join this Wednesday, you are welcome to sign up for my email list at tinyurl.com/rabbigreenlist


Anonymous said...

You are a good man.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that you are a good man and may God Bless and protect you and your loved ones always.

Fabby Aponte said...

Hi, I am Catholic and I'd like to know how can my son get a letter of religious exemption for college. They are asking to students to get vaccinated before September here in NJ. Thanks

bly guy said...

Hi Rabbi Green, I am married with two young children, one of which is about to be school age, and living in NYC. Though I would prefer to homeschool, I don't think that will be feasible just yet and my wife and I really don't want either of our children getting jabbed with the experimental drugs or many of the other jabs.

I love synchronicity and I genuinely feel like our Creator presented me with your services since my wife has been nagging me for a while now to figure out how we can avoid jabbing our children and them still being able to go to school.

Anyways, if there is a better way for us to discuss the religious exemptions for the Covid jab (and ideally others like the MMR), please let me know. Thank you for what you're doing.



Olive Farmer said...

There exists a satanic evil in this world which we have been taught to disregard as superstitious nonsense. Yet our tribal forebears (of all human tribes) held a deep and innate understanding of this evil force, this Demonic presence which has ruled our human world for millennia. Elements of this ruling force call themselves "jews" but are not. They are of the devil's synagogue.

KNG said...

Just got email stating my workplace, while not requiring it yet, are looking into making it a condition for employment. I can't afford to quit but do NOT want this. This can't be legal.

Mike said...

Rabbi, I read that you will grant a vaccine exemption to everyone. Thank you! You're awesome! Would you mind writing an exemption for my wife? We both were born in tyrrany in the Soviet Union, and now it came here.

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Mike, please enter your email address at tinyurl.com/RabbiGreenList and we can discuss by email.

Anonymous said...

How can we get an excemption letter please?