Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The End Game is Here

It's time to wake up to reality, folks.

Pharma, medical mainstream, corporate USA, and the government, were always peddling depopulation.

We used to think that it was capitalism gone awry, i.e. that toxins recklessly were sneaked in to the food chain, drinking water, etc, not with specific intent to kill anyone, but in order to maximize profits. Herbal medicine, homeopathy, and healthier lifestyles, etc. were suppressed since no money could be made off it, we thought. Victims of all these toxins were unintended consequences of corporate greed, we were led to believe.

Thanks to "C0\/ID," we now know the truth.

Depopulation, or more accurately democide, has been the true agenda since day one. This agenda wasn’t borne in a vacuum.

It's not just about corporate profits, nor was it ever really about that. That was the smokescreen. We fell for it, but now we can easily discern the sobering reality. They're not even hiding it anymore.

There's an obvious agenda to poison the entire world population with a highly-toxic gene-altering implant designed to inflict mass carnage, and to inflict its survivors with sterilization, lifelong injury and total subjugation to their technocrat overlords.

It's clear as day, and whoever hasn't gotten the memo is either in denial suffering with "normalcy bias," blissfully ignorant, fully indoctrinated, or already in the early stages of zombification.

My friends. This is a war of survival. We have awakened late to the game. While we've been asleep at the wheel, our enemies have been working on this for decades and perhaps centuries. But that's okay because we are armed with a secret weapon that will obliterate them. Truth be told, they are already in their death throes, and they know it. That's why they're making this final deadly assault.

We will defeat them because we are armed with truth, the immutable truth of our Divine Creator. Our awesome Power is indestructible, indefatigable, unstoppable, and invincible. Our Guardian never sleeps nor slumbers.

They may succeed in murdering some of us – tragically – but they will fail in their objective, just like all depraved tyrants of the past.

Even their successes are not their own. Evil does not exist independently of G-d.

The only reason they have ever managed to murder any of us, whether by their decades of relentless environmental toxins, fluoride, radiation, deliberately reckless medical policies, thalidomide glyphosates, DDT, adjuvants, opioids, DDT, and now modified mRNA, recombinant DNA, polyethylene glycol, ethylene oxide and graphene oxide, etc, is ONLY because our Divine Creator so willed it. The moment He says enough, they are finished.

And that moment in time has come.

Satan is but an angel who does his bidding like all other angels. Their obsession with Satan will not help them, and besides, Satan isn’t even on their team.

They have attempted to subvert our values, to infiltrate our religious institutions, to poison the minds of  our young with G-dless debased ideologies, to divide our families and destabilize family life. They have monopolized the narrative and control minds with their depraved media… but they are losing ground and they know it. That’s why they’re frantically trying to censor, silence, and suppress dissent. Their desperation is palpable.

We must resist this existential threat at all costs.

We must end our dependency on their pharmaceutical products, and we must wean ourselves off their corporate supply line. Instead, let’s return to the earth by growing our own food and supporting local farmers who eschew toxic fertilizers and pesticides. 

Let’s brainstorm ways to stop them from poisoning our air and waterways.

Discover the joys of natural healing and healthy living.

Turn off the TV for good and let them know about it. Throw away your i-Phone and find alternatives. Let’s wean ourselves off Big Tech which has violated our trust and co-opted our rights.

Take your kids OUT of public schools and compromised private schools, and instead create your own local home school co-ops, yeshivas and Talmud Torahs. Let’s end our dependency on government.

Stop complying with their illegal and unlawful policies.

Reach out to neighbors and friends and educate them.

Let’s create new communities that will NOT comply with this sinister agenda in any way.

Don’t despair, and don’t give up hope.

The end is near, and the finish-line is close.

Good WILL prevail over evil. It always does in the end.

“For G-d will NOT forsake His people, nor will He desert His inheritance.” [Ps 94:14]

Remember the Lord is our fortress, and G-d is the rock of our refuge. [ibid 22]

The time to act is NOW. No more sleeping.

Wake up your family and friends.

Do it for your children. Do it for humanity.

Do it for Klal Yisrael and prat Yisrael.

Assert your freedom. Protect your children. Take ownership of your health. Declare your independence. Redeem your mind from their indoctrination, fear-mongering, and falsehood.

Take back the narrative. Take back your neighborhoods, communities, cities and states.

Together, let’s bring Redemption NOW.

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Marlene said...

The zoom call last Sunday was outstanding!!!! Thank you - I learned so much! G-d Bless You.

"...Even their successes are not their own. Evil does not exist independently of G-d.

The only reason they have ever managed to murder any of ONLY because our Divine Creator so willed it. The moment He says enough, they are finished.
...Satan is but an angel who does his bidding like all other angels. Their obsession with Satan will not help them, and besides, Satan isn’t even on their team..."

If I hadn't been studying , taking JLI classes, paying close attention & absorbing the words and teaching of my Chabad Rabbi for the past 20 years, there is no way I would even understand what you are saying here. The majority of Jews would not. And they would also reject it outright.

People have stopped trusting that another person through friendship and closeness will not inadvertently kill them.
The "delta variant" is reaking havoc on my Daughter in law's psyche. She plans on allowing her 2 & 4 to be masked anywhere
indoors. The 2 won't keep it on, so he won't be going anywhere indoors. ZERO is the amount of deaths in children who don't have
commodities of some kind.

Each day a new assault on my human understanding of the way things work occurs and I am shaken and disheartened. Not to mention the history that I so believed for so long. I am not talking about ancient, I am talking about since the 1900's.

Accepting that the Holocaust would not have happened without Hashem's hand took a long time for me. And now, as I see it, there is no
reason not to believe another genocide is happening and will continue. That even my precious loved ones may be taken from me
is devastating and hard not to dwell on. There is no barbed wire and striped pajamas but there is the destruction of the family and the immune system.

Recenty over zoom I did the JLI class - It Could Happen - my Rabbi is very very good at skirting and kind of obfuscating certain hard line realities. I could have commented countless times about all the other things beside covid that have been occurring (all of which you mention in this post) as he continued to try and convince us that on a timeline, life is getting better. Yes that is true since ancient times, I mean the (cursed) iPhone, the advances in medical technology (oy). it is just great. However the section which demonstrated all the tragedies where the Jews were punished, always led to a higher level of understanding the Nature of G-d. I thought that was truly amazing. . 2 terrible awful horrible steps back, 1 fantastic advancement. I don't know, I am rambling now.

I just want to tell you how grateful I am that my friend sent me the article about your interview with a conservative outlet and I was able to find you and read your blog and then the 4 hours zoom call.
G-d bless you and your family - they are blessed to have you.
I hope you have a peaceful mindful and enlightened Shabbos ant that you are inspired to bring us new and strengthening messages going forward.
Marlene Weingart

Countless tragedies are occurring within families over this new mentally inadequate and spiritually absent phenomena.
The meaning and purpose of life is being turned on it's head.