Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Antidote to Antisemitism!

How shall we react to antisemitism in current times?

What is a Jew's first response?

Let's learn the lesson from Mordechai hayehudi ("the Jew"). As soon as he learned of Haman's nefarious antisemitic plot, he immediately gathered many thousands of children and taught them Torah. (See Yalkut Shimoni, Esther 6:1057)

Why? The Torah learning of children is the secret to our survival.

"From the mouths of babes and nurslings You laid a foundation of strength before Your enemies, in order to cause the adversary and avenger to cease." (Psalms 8:3). Our sages taught, "אין עוז אלא תורה -- there is no 'strength' but Torah study," and the strongest Torah study is that of tinokos shel beis rabban, young school-age children. 

Indeed, it is the Torah studies and tefilos of those children which pierced the heavens and brought about the miracle of Purim.

So here's the plan:

Within this past year, many thousands of Jewish children have been unjustly thrown out of their yeshivas and schools. Close to 10,000 just in NY State alone, and many hundreds more in NJ and elsewhere.

Many of these children are sitting at home receiving little or no Torah education.

Instead of cynically blaming parents or hiding behind unjust state policies, let's rise to the occasion and reach out to these thousands of children.

Just like Mordechai the Jew in his times, let's gather these children and teach them Torah with their peers.

That is the surest way to secure our communities and "cause enemy and avenger to cease." 

Guns and security plans are just a temporary band-aid.

What we really need is a firm "foundation of strength" before our adversaries, and the only true strength comes from the Torah study of Jewish children.

Of course, this strength can ONLY be complete when ALL Jewish children are learning torah, when ALL tinokos shel beis rabban are welcome to attend their beis rabban (their classroom) without unjust impediments or hindrances.

Who will be the modern-day Mordechai hayehudi?

Who has the courage and moral clarity to truly address antisemitism and stop it once and for all?

When will be begin to see true Jewish leadership?

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