Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Root cause of recent antisemitism?

Nary a day goes by without another antisemitic attack in New York.

What is the root cause behind the shocking spate of bloody assaults?

Besides for the actual depraved perpetrators, their inciters and collaborators.... Besides for extreme anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias in media and on campus... Besides for Democrats' failure to distance themselves from the antisemitic fringe in their own party, or from high-profile antisemites like Farrakhan and Sarsour... Besides for government policies that embolden antisemites to commit these attacks without repercussion...

All these external factors aside, let's get to the bottom of this from a spiritual cosmic perspective.
Antisemitism always existed, but why does it rear its ugly head now more than recent past? Who or what is truly responsible for this current climate in which violent Jew-hatred (and in particular, violence targeting orthodox Jews) festers unabated?

This past summer, in the wake of the draconian law passed in NY State banning unvaccinated children from school, and months after Jewish schools in numerous other states began to unjustly expel such children, I was downright exasperated. In vain I voiced my protest, but sadly, my numerous letters (listed below) fell on deaf ears. 10,000 Jewish children were barred from school, and not a single voice of public protest from the NY rabbinate. Appalling and shameful. A shanda of epic proportions.

Before Rosh Hashana, I blogged about this deplorable situation:

The "golden age" for Jews in America is now over.
A Jewish child can no longer get a Jewish education in NY State unless s/he submits to the unjust demands of government that violate his/her bodily autonomy. I'm afraid NJ and MA will soon follow suit.
This is the death knell for religious freedom in the U.S.A., once known as "Land of the Free" (but sadly no longer).
Is it now time to return to the Promised Land?*
Is G-d calling us home?
* Our sages explained that it was called the "land flowing with milk and honey" since Torah knowledge was freely available to all there. The Torah is compared to nourishing milk and sweet honey ("חלב ודבש תחת לשונך -- milk and honey under your tongue" -- Shir Hashirim 4:11). Sadly and tragically, Torah education is no longer available to all children in Galuth America. Time to return to the "Land flowing with Milk and Honey"?

And now, here we are just a few months after I wrote those fateful words, and it’s open season on Jews in New York State.

In the same regions where Jewish children were heartlessly sent out from schools and shuls, antisemites are cruelly entering shuls with weapons of death and destruction. One accursed pair of genocidal murderers in Jersey City were even attempting to target an adjacent Jewish school with fifty children, Hashem yishmor.

Every single day of Chanukah saw a new crime perpetrated against our people.

Ironically, Chanukah is a time to proudly celebrate religious freedom and our inviolable right to educate our children, chanukah from the root chinuch, education.

But alas, there is no longer religious freedom in New York State, or in orthodox Jewish communities throughout numerous other states. Even worse, chinuch – Jewish education – is no longer seen as an inviolable right that every single Jewish child is entitled to. Instead, it’s viewed as a state-granted privilege that the state may withhold at any time to enforce its unjust vaccine policy. Indeed, education has now become nothing more than a tool of cynical blackmail, coercion, and dystopian herd control.

Jewish education has been sacrificed on the altar of "Public Health Policy."

Freedom is gone. Education is no longer.

So the antisemites are brazenly emboldened to act out. It’s a natural consequence.

It's also a natural result of our betrayal of our own. Sinas chinam always begets antisemitism.

(Not coincidentally, targets of recent attacks are specifically the orthodox Jews of Rockland County and NYC, the Jews who were publicly scapegoated for this past year's measles outbreak by media and state in their contrived hysteria.)

King David observed: “מפי עוללים ויונקים יסדת עוז להשבית אויב ומתנקם” -- “From the mouths of babes and nurslings, You have laid a foundation of strength because of Your adversaries, with which to neutralize the enemy and avenger.” (Psalms 8:3)

Our Sages taught that the “mouths of babes” refers to the Torah study of young children. When Jewish children are studying Torah, that is the surest way to neutralize our enemies. When Jewish children are interrupted from their studies and prevented from learning Torah with their peers, then we are all at risk. Our foundation of strength has been compromised, and our security becomes precarious and unpredictable.

US Jewish communities are in peril, due to the reckless lack of leadership of our own rabbis.

Again, I beg you:

Stop banning healthy Jewish children from school!

How many must suffer?

How many of us need to be attacked and targeted before you get the message?

Don’t cower behind state laws. Stand up for Jewish children NOW, before it’s too late.

Be a maccabee and stand up for the chinuch of ALL Jewish children, not just the ones whom Antiochus despotically decided may enter school.

Stop being a Hellenizer-collaborator and stand up for the truth. The pure and unadulterated truth, not the contaminated version you have been fed by media, pharma, and doctors parroting the party line.

Find your lone pure cruise of truth buried within the landscape of your Jewish soul.

Use it to rekindle the flame of Torah learning in your community by getting all those children back into your schools.

Rabbis and administrators. Stop being Kaiser Juden. We have had enough phony kohanim gedolim like Jason and Menelaus. Stop perpetuating our painful history of failed leadership. Cease and desist from your abuse and neglect of innocent Jewish children. End this churban once and for all.
Instruct your schools to fulfill their duty to teach torah to ALL Jewish children.

Start being worthy of your semicha ordination that states that you are "worthy to be מורה הוראה בישראל, one who is competent to instruct his community in Jewish law, and who is guaranteed to not issue unjust rulings, שלא יצא מתחת ידו דבר שאינו מתוקן." Has there ever been a more perverse and illegitimate psak than yours that cruelly banned Jewish children from learning the holy Torah?

Woe to your communities, and woe to klal yisroel.

Heed King David’s timeless words, “From the mouth of babes...”

Neutralize those enemies at once... get those estranged and marginalized Jewish children back into your yeshivos and chadorim, in Monsey, in Brooklyn, in Jersey City, and all throughout the country.

Don’t wait for one more single Jew to be attacked or jeopardized because of your inept inaction.

Act now.

Do it for the sake of the innocent tinokos shel beis rabban you neglected -- עשה למען תינוקות של בית רבן שלא חטאו. Do it for the sake of all of us.

Do it for the sake of Hashem and His holy Torah. 
עשה למענך והושיענו

PS: in case the correlation between the recent spate of antisemitic attacks and our neglect to educate all Jewish children isn’t clear enough, consider the fact that the lawyer who was retained to defend the recent Monsey-shul attacker is none other than Michael Sussman, the same attorney who tried in vain to get a judge to pronounce an injunction on NY State’s unjust law banning Jewish children (and 25,000 other children) from school. Coincidence? Think again...

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Miriam MD said...

Thank you for so courageously and honestly coming out to fight the battle for God and his beloved children!!!

Shlomo W said...

Rabbi Green has the clarity of Mordechai Hatzadic. Of course most of the Rabbis ignored him too.