Tuesday, May 19, 2020


A bit of clarification concerning the previous post:

1. The letter was written by my brother, Rabbi Daniel Green, a resident of Crown Heights. Yes, we bear resemblance, but don't let the photo fool you. I am NOT the author.

2. Yes, I agree with the sentiments expressed, although I might have articulated them a bit differently. My own position on this matter has remain unchanged since the beginning of the outbreak. Yes, I agree that the rabbis of that neighborhood (and of many kehilos elsewhere) made a grave error, and need to correct it, and the sooner the better.

3. No, rabbonim are NOT inerrant or infallible. They are human and capable of making a mistake. No, we may NOT obey or defend a faulty psak din, nor may we ascribe it any authority. Yes, we must hold them responsible when serious mistakes happen, as they did for the past two months. In fact, this error began over a year ago when these same rabbis enforced unjust public health policies and betrayed 10,000 innocent Jewish children, as I have protested extensively in previous posts.*

4. Kovod haTorah is always important, but the kovod of the Torah learning of a hundred-thousand Jewish children (or more, כן ירבו) is far more important. No personal disrespect was implied to any one particular rabbi. This was not about personalities or natzchonus, but about standing up for tinokos shel beis rabban and for the very kiyum of klal yisroel.

5. My brother is NOT responsible for making any one rabbi look bad. If anyone "looks bad," it's because the individual had discredited himself with his own actions. My brother merely stated the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it must be stated nonetheless. Hasha'ah tzricha l'kach.

6. Yes, my brother's letter has been effective. In the past 24 hours since it was posted, he has received an outpouring of support from community scholars, rabbis, and chasidim. The rabbi who has been primarily responsible for these rabbinic abuses has already retracted his position and agreed to no longer enforce medical policies of any kind. Boruch Hashem.

7. Yes, the letter was necessary in asserting the truth in Crown Heights. Its message was reviewed and approved by rabbis competent in Jewish law.

* Examples:
And many more letters.


Chaim Yitzchok Vogel said...

my question would be if there was an attempt to contact or communicate with them personally first

Michoel Green said...

Unfortunately, the beis din has not responded to any of my private letters or calls since this past summer. The particular rabbi rejects my emails, and his online ask-the-rabbi site has refused to communicate my questions to him either.
In fact, the beis din hasn't opened the door for my brother (the author of the post we are discussing) when he has rung the bell for the simple reason that he bears too much resemblance to me!
Sad times we are living in.

Anonymous said...

This particular Rabbi lost a lot of respect from Covid.