Thursday, May 21, 2020

Public Challenge to All Rabbis

Dear Rabbis:

There is much ignorance about the so-called mandatory vaccine schedule vis-a-vis halacha. Let me be very clear: halacha does NOT endorse the current mandatory schedule in any way. As of this writing, there is not a single authoritative posek who has endorsed it in writing.
Banning a Jewish child from talmud Torah simply because s/he is non-compliant with this halachically-unjust state policy is a grave violation of Jewish Law. It is a given that halacha upholds every parent's right to religious exemption to the schedule.

For some strange reason, some rabbonim seem indifferent or oblivious to this fact and continue to allow the vaccine schedule to be abusively enforced in their communities. At present, or at least up until the recent corona outbreak, thousands of Jewish children were NOT permitted to attend talmud Torah in countless kehilos throughout the US.

If such is the case in your community, I challenge you to a public dialogue (or debate, if necessary). Furthermore, for the benefit of the tzibur and for these hapless children, I am willing to discuss (or debate) this urgent topic with any orthodox rabbi(s) of any community in the US, or with any serious Torah scholar for that matter.

Let me just forewarn you that I have corresponded with the gedolei haposkim on this topic and come well-prepared.

If you are open-minded and intellectually-honest, I will gladly present you with objectively-coherent halachic argument against mandatory vaccination. Needless to say, I am quite confident that your position will change significantly.

If you wish, our meeting can be just the two of us, without fanfare or publicity, so that you won't feel the defensive need to save face and be perceived as winning an argument. I'd urge you to consider the actual halachic sources with an open mind, and not as an exercise in polemics.

Please do not ignore my challenge. Surely this dire matter (i.e. bitul Torah of tinokos shel beis rabban) deserves your time and attention. I cannot think of anything more pressing.

I welcome your reply.

Respectfully yours,
Rabbi Michoel Green
Westborough, MA


aryeh_z said...

I am very skeptical about the effectiveness of most vaccines. I have read too many experts challenging vaccines to not be so. Do you have anything written? I would very much want to read your point of view. Please send whatever you have to:

Ben Marcus said...

Thank you. I sincerely hope someone takes you up on your challenge, but I suspect no one will, because they probably realize their position is indefensible for a Torah standpoint.

Caryn said...

Please check out for the info you are looking for

Unknown said...


The Rebbe was pro vaxxine.

You can read some of his support for it here. There are many other letters as well. This is well documented.

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Dear Unknown,
The Rebbe endorsed the general idea of vaccination, and expressed his approval of several specific vaccines at specific times. He was not "pro" ALL vaccines of all times.
In fact, it is clear that the Rebbe would most certainly oppose most (if not all) modern-day vaccines based on his own criteria.

Anonymous said...

What are his criteria and where can they be found?