Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Biggest Lie of our Generation

The most pernicious, sinister, and subversive idea of our times is the fear of so-called "asymptomatic transmission" and the indoctrination and fear-mongering that feed it.

Science, reason, and logic no longer matter. This cult of insatiable panic effectively dehumanizes any individual who stands in its way.

Five-year-olds are isolated in basements.

Two-year-olds are forced to wear masks and sit in plexiglas cubicles.

Fifteen-year-olds are brutally assaulted and put in chokeholds.

Children are mercilessly separated from parents and newborn infants from their mothers.

Synagogues raided. Worshipers violently forced to disperse.

Public prayer banned (but movie theaters and bars are fine).

Passover seders outlawed. High holiday services strictly prohibited.

Schools shut down. Children forced to sit glued to computer screens all day. Millions of special-ed children condemned to illiteracy and ignorance.

Entire communities locked down with no recourse.

Vulnerable seniors forced to suffer in cruel isolation, cut off from all humanity.

Safe and beneficial therapies banned with no explanation or rationale.

Millions reduced to poverty and desperation.

Not an ounce of regard for ever-growing millions of people suffering with mental illness...alone.

Small business destroyed.

Erstwhile hard-working citizens forced into a life of shameful dependency on state handouts.

Long lines at stores reminiscent of communist bread lines.

Former liberal democracies turn into repressive police states overnight.

Authoritarian regimes worldwide exploit public health fears to tighten the noose on political dissidents.

Individuals reduced to faceless drones of conformity.

Civil rights trampled.

Individual rights usurped.

Informed choice verboten.

Medical tyranny is the "new normal."

All in the name of "asymptomatic transmission," a concept that has never been empirically proven to be a factor in any disease.

Strict scrutiny not needed. Government seizes control of our lives and our essential liberties without the slightest bit of scientific evidence. Everyone obsequiously complies. After all, it's for "our own good."

"Asymptomatic transmission" is the most prized asset of tyrants. With it, anyone can be easily eliminated and his remains destroyed. All dissent is easily silenced. Free debate is stifled.

Any opinion that differs with the state-sponsored narrative is dubbed a public health risk and censored.

Minority rights no longer matter. Children can be ripped from their mothers. Teens dragged away for the grave crime of (gasp) trying to breath without a mask. Seniors helplessly assaulted with deadly ventilators. Patients left to die in neglect. And no eyewitnesses because they've all been banned from hospitals. After all, they're "public health risks."

The Bill of Rights is a thing of the past.

"Asymptomatic transmission" is the ingenious brainchild of depraved dictators. It's their key to unrestrained tyranny.

It's all for the "greater good." Fur ehre sicherheit.

All freedom is lost. It's a risk to public health.

We survived Nazism, communism, and wars, but irrational fear of imagined "asymptomatic transmission" will effectively end free society as we know it, if it hasn't already.

This is the unmasked truth. Don't say you weren't warned.

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Anonymous said...

It was apparent since March to myself & my fellow health professionals that the government (CDC, Fauci & the Medical/Big Pharma Mafia) that the mortality rate from Covid was about the same or lower than our indigenous seasonal flu. Nonetheless an hysteria spread (intentionally) in order to force UNConstitutional restrictions on HEALTHY people, NOT to stop the spread of a relatively weak virus. In my humble opinion it is a מעשא שטן which Hashem allowed for reasons we don't yet understand.
This is the greatest worldwide scam foisted on the world's population since J.C.!