Monday, March 22, 2021

Freedom to be YOU

Are you in a dilemma about whether to vaccinate yourself or your child?

Are you conflicted because "everyone else is doing it?"

Are you confused because "rabbis are telling everyone to vaccinate?"

Relax... no need to be conflicted or confused. It's VERY simple:

Stop asking rabbis if you're required to vaccinate. You're not. Halacha doesn't authorize them to require you to.

Don't even bother asking rabbis for permission NOT to vaccinate. You don't need anyone's permission to decline any injection. It is your G-d-given right.

Instead, ask the rabbi if you are PERMITTED to vaccinate according to halacha.

If he's a competent rabbi, he'll respond that he's not qualified to answer you, but that YOU should consult independent scientists and physicians who have expertise in toxicology, vaccine injury, and vaccine safety...

And after YOU have thorough and reliable information about the actual short-term and long-term risks of the vaccine, AND the reputation and safety record of that particular vaccine maker, THEN you should discuss the matter with your own medical expert who cares about YOU and YOUR child first and foremost, not about his own profit margin, public policies, or alleged so-called herd benefit...

And that if after all that, you STILL wish to vaccinate, you may... but ONLY if it's for the actual medical benefit of YOU or YOUR child, and if the vaccine is tested, FDA-approved, and its safety is well-established.

You may NOT vaccinate your child if the only reason is state policy for school attendance or air travel, etc., if there is no actual benefit for YOUR child that outweighs the risk of the vaccine.

You may NOT vaccinate yourself or your child just because everyone else is doing so or just in order to "participate in society." Following the herd is NOT a Biblical value. Never was and never will be.

If Noah would have submitted to peer pressure just because "everyone else was doing it," there would be no humanity.

If Abraham would have complied with public policy just because "everyone else was doing so" or in order to "participate in society," there would be no Chosen People.

If Mordechai and Esther would have complied with state policies, there would be no Jewish People.

If Moses and the Children of Israel would have sacrificed their freedom in order to participate in society, there would be no Exodus. No Passover. No Torah. No Promised Land.

If there is no freedom to choose, there is no truth and no destiny.

Stand up and dare to assert your freedom.

G-d is rooting for you.

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