Sunday, May 9, 2021

Urgent Shiduch Advice

We are facing a shiduch crisis of epic proportions

Attention all orthodox Jewish parents, both quaxxers and anti-quaxxers:

Please heed my urgent call for a return to sanity!

The current covid quax crisis has deteriorated to an unprecedented nadir.

Fueled by heavy funding from government and corporate interests, pro-quaxxers have unleashed a witch-hunt unparalleled in history. They seek to alienate all unquaxxed and banish them from communal Jewish life. The un and under-quaxxed children will be banned from school, yeshivos and seminaries. Unquaxxed adults will soon be banned from the workplace and from stores.

Non-quaxcinating families are becoming increasingly marginalized and regarded as pariahs. Many unquaxinated boys and girls are already getting rejected for shiduchim purposes as social outcasts.

However, there is a much more serious problem that no one could have anticipated.

Numerous medical experts are warning that by allowing your child to get quacksed, you may well be exposing him/her to significant reproductive risks.

A prominent OB GYN just cautioned the unquacksinated to avoid dating and marrying a quacksinated person if you wish to have children (!)

A leading rabbinic authority recently advised his student not to date a girl who had the quacksine due to concerns about its impact on fertility (!).

As revolting as it sounds, he does have a valid point. Would you choose a person who had survived chemotherapy for matrimony if there are other eligible individuals to choose from?

This is getting very serious. We cannot allow Klal Yisroel to be rent asunder into two camps, the quacxed and the unquacxed.

Please. Let's rethink this whole thing. We teetering perilously at the precipice of unfathomable estrangement from one another. We cannot allow this quacksine to drive such an irreparable wedge between our people.

Let’s remember the dictum “שב ואל תעשה – sit and don’t act.” You can always quax later, but you cannot un-quax.

Would you consider exposing your child to chemotherapy or radiation treatment if s/he didn’t have cancer, but just ‘for the sake of the herd,’ or so that she be able to attend a seminary?

This is not about whether you think concern over the experimental injection’s risk to fertility is valid or not. When shiduchim are concerned, it’s not about what you think, but about what OTHERS think. And it's not about what others think NOW, but what people may think in the future. Who knows what future research will reveal about this brand-new technology that manipulates every single cell in your child's body to produce an artificial spike protein ad infinitum, for the rest of his life? Who knows what the long-term future holds for children exposed to an unnatural spike protein that no human body in history has ever encountered?

Why would you wish to expose him to a procedure that might very well be a serious liability for him with regards to shiduchim for the rest of his life?

What’s the rush? Let’s delay this until long-term risk can be properly assessed.

Don't rush to quax. Just relax.

“Sit and don’t act” – keep our unity intact.


Chaya V said...

Shalom Rabbi Michoel,

Can you please give us links regarding the possible impact on infertility? And if possible, publicize the name of the "prominent OB GYN just cautioned the unquacksinated to avoid dating and marrying a quacksinated person if you wish to have children."


Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Blessings and shalom, Chaya V.
For starters, tune into tomorrow evening's event:

"The Covid Vaccine and You"
-- Weighing Pros and Cons
With focus on:
* reproductive health
* children

With renowned medical experts:

Dr Christiane Northrup, MD
Dr James Neuenschander, MD
Dr James Meehan, MD

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
7:00 PM EDT

Zoom Link:
Passcode: 3333

Telephone number (in NY):
(929) 436-2866
Meeting ID: 823 6258 9030

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Secondly, please visit and watch the videos from our events on January 4th and February 16th.

Ari Katz said...

Hello Rabbi,

Is there a recording of this?


Ari Katz

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't a remarkable person be considered for shidduchim because they survived chemo? Is this really how we wanto to paint young people who have aurvived horrible things? As broken goods? Ridiculous.

Irena said...

Chaya - Dr Sherry Tenpenny, DO
Dr. Larry Palevsky, MD pediatrician
Dr. Mercola
Children's Health Defense
The Highwire with Del Bigtree
The NVIC - The vaccine reaction

California mom of a vaccine injured son with two disabilities

Frances said...

Thank you for saying that. I was shocked by the rabbi's statement, "As revolting as it sounds, he does have a valid point." Revolting, yes! Valid, no.