Thursday, July 22, 2021

No Useless Human

There is not a single human being on earth who is “useless.”

Every individual has a “usefulness” of infinite value.

He or she has a unique personality, wisdom, and character, that no one else on earth possesses.

This individual reflects his or her Divine Creator in an inimitable and exclusive way. Consequently, every human being is indispensable, precious, and irreplaceable. 

There is nothing “useless” in this person’s eating, drinking, or breathing. G-d did not create this individual by mistake. There is a deep, inscrutable purpose in this person’s existence that no one could every fathom. In fact, the world could not possibly exist without this person’s existence.

Every breath that this individual exhales is giving back to the Cosmos. It’s a unique act of praise to his or her Creator that no one else can replicate, and no two breaths are the same.

The only thing that’s truly useless is the depraved attitude that deems any human being as a “useless eater.” Such irreverence is irredeemably perverse. It is the most egregious form of blasphemy and rejection of the Divine. Such foolish insolence is truly detestable and intolerable.

Proponents of this skewed and utterly useless attitude are truly the closest a human can get to true uselessness, but truth be told, there is some use even for such incorrigible degenerates. 

By repenting their evil ways, they can prove their worth. Otherwise, they are useful in serving as a bad example, in demonstrating just how incredibly prone a human is to error and fundamentally-flawed thinking. Their doom is likewise useful in causing G-d’s Name to be sanctified in the world. “When the wicked perish, there is joy.” [Proverbs 11:10]

So may all Your enemies perish, O G-d.  [Judges 5:31]


sherrie.g said...

What beautiful words to read. Thank you.

Meridith said...

Agree!! Thank you.