Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Stop Trusting Govt to Keep You Safe

A teachable moment for legislators:

Yesterday the "Joint Committee on Public Health" of our Massachusetts state legislature held a public virtual hearing. Numerous draconian bills on the agenda, including another shameless legislative effort to eliminate religious exemption to vaccination in egregious violation of our First Amendment.

Of course, I fulfilled my civic duty and testified in opposition to this illegal bill.

Several days ago, when I signed up to testify, I was assured that the email address I was asked to submit would be kept private.

Lo and behold, today the entire list of all emails of people who had testified was somehow leaked, and someone sent an email to this entire list. Since that first email, I've been receiving emails from this list literally ALL DAY LONG. It seems that there are some 400 or 500 emails on this list, including dozens of legislators who were present at the virtual meeting.

Numerous annoyed people emailed the group: “PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM LIST” with some choice expletives I will not divulge.

I could not resist and emailed the following to all the hundreds of people whose emails had been breached, including all the legislators:

Dear All,

This email-list-breach fiasco is a great example why the government should NEVER be trusted to keep anyone safe.

They can't even keep our emails safe.

Keep the state OUT of our personal medical decisions. Sheesh.


Rabbi Michoel Green 

Westborough, MA

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