Tuesday, July 13, 2021

When Doctors Parrot Policy

From a letter by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1977:

The most essential point (to put it differently):

The doctor's opinion is decisive -- according to Judaic law -- when he speaks as a doctor (based on medical factors or life-saving measures). 

If, however, he states his opinion as a state official or politician (based on political considerations), that according to his opinion, they (i.e. those political considerations) outweigh and eclipse the medical factors -- this is the opposite of the ruling of the Code of Jewish Law.

This, my friends, is the crux of the covid issue.

Doctors who endorse the covid vaccine are not experts in vaccine safety or toxicology, but are merely parroting the "public health policy" determined by state officials. Consequently, they are communicating their opinion based on POLICY, i.e. political considerations, not on actual science.

Their opinion is irrelevant from a Judaic standpoint.

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WheresNoah said...

Very well put. So much of modern medicine went astray after J. D. Rockefeller, Jr. clandestinely hired Abraham Flexner (through the railroad tycoon Carnegie) to report on medical school standards here in the US -- his report was published in '1910 and medical schools were regulated to conform with standards set by the mostly German, Johns Hopkins standard - one that called for rigorous lab-based instruction and for doctors who would be full-tme professors with little or no contact with actual patients. This system also allowed Rockefeller to expand the use of his petroleum-based, patented, synthetic remedies by subsidizing the now-standardized medical schools to teach about his new patented remedies almost exclusively. This caused the unfortunate further stifling of homeopathic and other 'sympathetic' and alternative medicine models from being taught in this country. The now advancing modality of 'allopathy' also generated greater trust in vaccination and other 'Pasteur' and 'germ-theory' based ideas that treat 'effects' and not 'cause'. The better approach was of course, holism, especially as developed by Antoine Bechamp - who even Pasteur acknowledged, albeit begrudgingly on his deathbed - he conceded then, 'the milieu [the biome - a holistic approach] is everything – germ theory is nothing'.