Thursday, October 15, 2020

Lies, Lies, and more Lies

In the name of keeping you safe, they made you unsafe.

Under the guise of concern for your security, they exploited your insecurity.

Under the pretense of safeguarding your health, they compromised your health.

In the name of boosting your immune system, they assault your immune system.

Purporting to protect the vulnerable, they made us all vulnerable.

With the excuse of shielding you from harm, they are exposing you to irreparable harm.

In the name of "science," they have betrayed science. Falsified, misrepresented, suppressed science.

They have replaced science with fear, reason with frenzy.

In the name of educating your children, they indoctrinated your children.

Professing to promote public health, they have made the public unhealthier than ever before.

In the name of caring for the elderly, they preyed on the elderly.

Under the guise of flattening the curve, they have perpetuated new curves that are guaranteed to extend indefinitely.

In the name of defending your wellbeing, they have rendered you defenseless and dependent.

In the name of promoting life, they leave death and misery in their wake.

Under the pretense of preserving your wellness, they keep you locked down in a state of perpetual unwellness.

Claiming to invoke compassion for your fellow, they have made you detached, distrustful, and oblivious to your fellow.

They have replaced empathy with apathy. Swapped concern with cruelty.

They wish to keep us divided, not united.

Exploiting your selflessness and obedience, they have trampled your freedoms and reduced you to faceless and mindless submission.

"They" are not your friend. They do not care about you. They care only about power and aggrandizement. You are a technicality.

You are a mere number, a statistic in the making.

You have been betrayed. Mislead. Misinformed. Enfeebled.

Time is running out.

Don't say you weren't warned.

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