Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Pagan Tattoos

Have you heard of "Quantum Dot Tattoos?"

They're also called "Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System" for the alleged purpose of identifying vaccinated children and adults.

No human being should get one.
It's categorically prohibited by Torah Law, as we've discussed in previous blog posts.

Tattoos are proscribed in Leviticus 19:28. In the same verse that also prohibits needle stabs or other self-inflicted wounds:

"You shall not make cuts in your flesh for a human soul [who died]. You shall not etch a tattoo in yourselves. I am G-d."

Not coincidentally, many contemporary vaccines contain human DNA that was cultured from tissue harvested from murdered babies in a horrific act of live dissection.

Accordingly, an injection of such morally-dubious product is indeed a "שרט לנפש -- seret lanefesh", a needle wound for [DNA of] a dead human being whose soul was snuffed out in a savage act of infanticide.

As I've discussed in previous blog posts [1], general vaccination is falls under the rubric of unnecessary needle stabs, prohibited in this verse as well as ibid 21:17 and Deuteronomy 14:1.

According to Maimonides, both the self-inflicted wound and the tattoo were pagan rites.

And of course, both needle wounds from vaccines and their proposed "vaccine tattoos" are present-day iterations of paganism.

Indeed, contemporary vaccinology is a modern-day pagan worship, a veritable death cult that requires its practitioners to sacrifice living babies on the altar of "public health" dogma.

Akin to the fires of Molech of ancient times, "public health policy" is the most blatant form of modern-day idolatry. Undoubtedly the "golden calf" of our times, public health policy rules by divine right which no one may question. This much-revered idol was fashioned out of gold, i.e. rich profit margins of pharmaceutical companies and their robber-baron executives. 

Everyone bows before this golden calf.
Everyone is on its payroll, especially government.

Yes, we are all summoned to pledge allegiance to the almighty deity of 'public health' and its dictates. All who don't comply are banned from society and school, subject to marginalization, ridicule, and scorn. Reviled by media, harassed by government. This deity rules by "might makes right" like all other forms of classical paganism. It doesn't matter if you're healthy. You must comply or else.

And now "public health" ideologues wish to impose tattoos on all humans worldwide. Consistent with their pagan agenda, since according to Maimonides, the function of the tattoo was to label the person a permanent subject of some polytheistic deity.

Permanent is the key word here. Just as a tattoo is an indelible mark that is perpetually embedded in the person's flesh, similarly this so-called "quantum-dot tattoo" embeds a vaccine with nanoparticles that effectively alter your DNA permanently. Indeed, this is a biological whole-body tattoo that can never be undone. Your entire being is marked for life. [2]

Most fascinatingly, the active component of the "quantum tattoo" is an enzyme called luciferase. Sounds Luciferian to me.

Speaking of Lucifer, Hitler tattooed people too. And he did so in the name of "Public Health," ironically. Jews were accused of being asymptomatic carriers of disease. They were initially shunned from the public, forced to wear identifying yellow stars, and ultimately deported, tattooed and numbered, all in the name of keeping the public safe.

Don't submit to being tattooed like a prisoner of Auschwitz or branded like livestock, as submissive sheep of the herd. And please stop blindly following the herd altogether. You're human, or crying out loud.

All human lives matter! Including newborn babies' lives.

So please avoid this satanic tattoo. And please avoid the injections that it intends to enforce.

These are no good for your soul. No good for humanity.

Remember the timeless admonition of Leviticus 19:28.

"You shall not inflict a needle wound in your flesh for a the DNA of a human soul [who was murdered on the pagan altar of "Public Health"]. You shall not etch a Luciferian tattoo in your flesh. I am G-d."

It's never been as relevant as it is today.

Heed the word of G-d. Keep your soul clean and avoid their injections and tattoos.


[1] See also:

[2] The quantum-dot vaccine involves dissolvable microneedles containing a vaccine and fluorescent copper-based ‘quantum dots’ embedded inside micron-scale capsules. These nanoparticles, as well as a new generation of modified RNA vaccines, will effectively alter the human genome as we know it. Your DNA will be altered permanently.

Please read Part 2 to this post in "Fear no one but G-d."

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