Thursday, November 19, 2020

Twisted Morality

Forcing healthy people to wear masks doesn't make you a kinder human being.

It makes you callously subhuman.

Forcing a healthy person to wear a mask is not virtuous.
It's criminal.

Enforcement of mask policy is not righteous.
It's evil.

Supporting a compulsory mask policy is not moral or upright.
It's immoral and subversive.

It's not selfish to not wear a mask.
It's selfish and self-righteous to force others to wear one.

It's not selfish to prevent your child from wearing a mask. It's selfless and devoted parenting.

If you force others to wear mask, you're not being a good citizen.
Mask policy is utterly un-American and a grave violation of the Constitution. You're being a traitor.

Forcing healthy people to wear a mask is obscene.
It's the most depraved form of obscenity.

Being barefaced in public is not indecent.
Enforcing a mask policy is the epitome of indecency.

Being barefaced in public is not comparable to nudity or anywhere close, but coerced face coverings are far worse than nudity. They're vile, atrocious, and repulsive.

It's not heroic to support mandatory vaccination of any kind. It's abusive and odious.

A compulsory covid vaccine is tantamount to societal rape.
Rape of 330,608,588 Americans, to be precise.

It cannot be justified for the sake of "science." It's a corruption of science.

Compulsory covid vaccine is not "good" for modern medicine.
It's a subversion of modern medicine.

Good doctors of sound moral conscience cannot possibly support a compulsory covid vaccine. It can only be endorsed by Dr. Mengele-style doctors, those who flagrantly defy the Hippocratic oath.

Compulsory vaccination is a grave violation of the Nuremburg Code. Humans are not laboratory rats.

It's not kind or responsible to expose your child to the risks of a vaccine just for some alleged societal benefit.
It's child abuse.

It's an unthinkable betrayal of your child.
It's a grave violation of your sacred parental duty to your child.

Vaccinating one's healthy child for covid is akin to sacrificing her to the fires of Molekh.

Covid courtesies are not courteous.

"Covid-era morality" is duplicitous and degenerate.

Covid policies are crimes against humanity.

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